Trudeau Gives $700 Million Annually For GLOBAL Abortion, Canadian Household Debt At ALL-TIME High

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Canadian household debt is at record levels, while the savings rate has fallen to nearly its lowest level in 14 years. A recent Abacus Data poll found 56 per cent of Canadians put cost-of-living as one of their top five issues heading into the vote.

“Affordability for middle-class families is a key issue,” Jean-Yves Duclos, Trudeau’s social development minister, said in a recent interview.

Okay then, if it is a key issue why not take the $700 Million Justin Trudeau is providing to destroy fetuses in Africa, and apply it toward debt for millennials in Canada.  Did you know? In many of the Third World nations Trudeau is throwing our tax-dollars at, abortion is ILLEGAL. Read this in the National Post recently? Not quite.

So let us get this straight– Justin Trudeau extracts $700 Million from the Canadian tax-payer base, and hands it to despotic African governments for the purpose of illegal mass fetus destruction. Obviously, this initiative is of ZERO benefit to the people of Canada–therefore we know King Justin will be all-over the initiative.

Conversely, Canadian households–as well as the Liberals precious liberal millennials— are in debt up to their eyeballs. According to the source article, it is not only housing and mortgages creating this situation–many young Canadians are borrowing money to pay their day-to-day living expenses. Now, this is something truly “post-modern.”

A job well done, says Gerald Butts. “Way to go, Justin Trudeau,” exclaims the CEO of BMO. After all, the Trudeau Liberal’s cosy relationship with BMO executives/ Canada-China Business Council began with father Pierre Trudeau back in the day. Debt is interest, and global banking institutions are plenty interested in interest– it’s how they make their money, after all.

Justin facilitates the entire affair. The more money he spends/borrows to facilitate personal and house debt–in tandem with fiscal deficit–  the more money he makes on behalf of his banking and Laurentian Mountain buddies.

This is what goes on behind the scenes — have not heard much from CBC or Globe & Mail on this one, have we? Furthermore, the highest immigration quotas in history also assist in the agenda.

According to government statistics, in 2010 the number of recent immigrants (since 1985) was about 3.7 million. Multiplying this number by $5,300 brings the estimated fiscal burden that year to $20 billion. Since then the stock of immigrants has increased by 250,000 a year and raised the annual fiscal burden in 2018 to over $30 BILLION.

Getting the picture, folks? Let CAP lay it on the line like no other: Justin Trudeau has followed globalist orders to the letter, ramping up both the “MICRO” element of economic debt– household debt– as well as the “MACRO” component with the larger societal debt.

Mission accomplished, say CAP. Justin Trudeau belongs to what may be termed the “George Soros Globalist School of National Destruction.”  Mr. Soros, banking billionaire and founder of Open Society Foundation– the world’s premier border-eroding, sovereignty-destroying organization.

What does this organization advance?  Open borders, of course. Mass Third World immigration to western nations. The entrenchment of Islam within these societies. Enforced multiculturalism. Anti-Christian rhetoric. Diversity. Abortion, Homosexuality and Transgenderism.

What a coincidence! Justin Trudeau supports every one of these concepts to the MAX. PM Trudeau is now attempting to fire up his base by announcing that another $300 million of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars will be used to fund abortion overseas. He had already committed $400 million annually to a global abortion fund in response to the Trump administration’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy (which BANS the government funding of overseas abortions), but that has now upped that figure to $700 million.

Generous, eh? Yes– when it comes to issues which have nothing to do with Canada, and provide no benefit for Canadian citizens. Yet, when  queried on an increase in funding for our veterans, Justin announced that his government does not have the funds to do so.

Advantage: Despotic African Nations. Disadvantage: Canadian citizens and Military personnel. How JUSTIN this is! Isn’t this always the way? Case after case, situation after situation, the same dynamic plays out ad nauseum: Justin Trudeau works to benefit non-Canadians, while inflicting punitive damages upon Canadian tax-payers and citizens.

What a trouble-maker. “While other countries are stepping back on their investments and playing politics with it, Canada is stepping up.” He did not explain why “investing” in developing countries meant ensuring that fewer children are born and more end up in dumpsters behind abortion clinics.

Check out the transparency: Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has refused to say whether the Canadian government is funding abortion in countries where killing pre-born children in the womb is still against the law.

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What an awful government the Liberals are. What a complicit establishment media to prevent knowledge of these goings-on from public consciousness. Yes, CBC may allude to some aspects of these situations. Toronto Star may deliver a slice of the pie–but never is the high-level agenda spelled out so Canadians can properly understand what Justin Trudeau and his Mighty Gang Of Cultural Assassins are really up to.

Debt, Deficit. Illegal Fetus Destruction in Africa. No-term limit abortion in Canada. Sikhism. Islam. Homosexuality and Transgenderism promotion. Communist-infused media control.

Having fun yet? CAP certainly are not. After all, the Grand Canyon does not suffice as a metaphor from the giant gulf between the true Trudeau government, and their presentation within establishment media in Canada.

As the federal election nears, the whole affair is degenerating into a political pig-circus. Accusations of racism and homophobia from the Trudeau clan toward all dissenters. All this was inevitable, of course. When a narcissistic, hollow-shell like Justin Trudeau becomes PM of our nation, you know we are in major trouble.

Trudeau is trouble. So let it be written, so let him be voted out of office, never to return to the Canadian political arena.







4 thoughts on “Trudeau Gives $700 Million Annually For GLOBAL Abortion, Canadian Household Debt At ALL-TIME High”

  1. So,We keep talking about how the military are being left out in the cold,and JUST-TIN TRUE-DOPE is spending the money on abortion in the 3rd world to the tune of millions but we,or the military are doing nothing to protest this! WHY?? are they,we that asleep that they,we cannot see how JUST-TIN has thrown them,and us under the TANK?
    It is way past time the military marched on Ottawa and arrested the COMMIE TRAITOR!!
    and took over till we as a people sit down and have a constitutional convention,and put together a REAL CONSTITUTION FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE!!!


  2. Never heard one word of this in any of the townhall meetings or platform policy speeches ….the people have voted..he got in…now the fight begins..make certain your representatives in Ottawa talk about these things and openly discuss them


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