Trudeau Gives $41 Million In Foreign Aid To DEFICIT-FREE China

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According to data uncovered by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Liberal government of Canada gave China $41 million worth of foreign aid in 2019.

According to Council On Foreign Relations, global data shows a significant increase in the U.S. deficit, and a major increase in China’s fiscal surplus. In other words, the nation of China is flush with cash– likely holding more of it than any country on earth.

Meaning China has no economic or fiscal deficita fact Cultural Action Party has yet to see articulated within Canadian media.

At the present time, the Canadian Parliamentary Officer estimates Canada’s deficit for the 2020-21 fiscal year will be $363.4 billion, while the C.D. Howe Institute forecasts it at $388 billion dollars.

It is under circumstances such as these that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a decision to extract over $40 million from tax-payers,  and hand it to China on a silver platter. Degree of scrutiny from establishment media? Not a darn word.

Enter Liberal Cabinet Member Catherine McKenna to offer the rationale:

Canada and China continue to build on a long-standing history of collaboration on the environment and climate change,” then-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said. Pollution knows no borders.”

That may be, Ms. McKenna–but carbon taxation certainly does. How many Canadians are aware that in 2016, China’s greenhouse gas emissions accounted for 26% of total global emissions.

Yet, there is no carbon taxation in China. How many times has Justin Trudeau advocated for this country to implement a carbon tax? The answer is zero. Yet, our PM is more than willing to suck billions of carbon tax dollars out of the pockets of Canadians.

What percentage of world-wide fossil fuel emissions does Canada generate? In 2016, our greenhouse gas emissions comprised a mere 1.6% of worldwide emissions.

China–the biggest polluter on the planet– is devoid of carbon taxation, while Canadians and their minimal output are taxed to death. 

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Enter mainstream media to put all this in its proper perspective– not. Frankly, one could wait a lifetime, and it will never occur. In the carbon game, China emerges a winner. Except, of course, for the millions of residents choking on polluted air in their largest cities–another piece of reality shunned by Canadian media.

Who are these people working for? Justin Trudeau hands $40 Million to the most cash-flush country on earth. Next to American banking, Chinese Banks are the most powerful in the world.

At present, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is throwing cash at infrastructure projects from Algeria to Zimbabwe. Dozens of African nations are today infused with communist cash. Likewise for Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, our Liberal government hand China tens of millions of dollars–for no good reason. Can it really be true that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals work for communist China as the so-called conspiracy theorists suggest?

Whatever the circumstances, the ruling Liberals are dedicated to the health and welfare of the behemoth nation of the Far East. The citizens of Canada–not so much.

— Brad Salzberg, Cultural Action Party Founder (Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Gives $41 Million In Foreign Aid To DEFICIT-FREE China”

  1. When will we reach the bottom of this outhouse? Trudeau and the Liberal Cabinet: The ugliest; vilest; most flatulent bunch of politicians in Canadian history.

    Maybe we’ll get rid of Trudeau when Xi Jinping Pong calls him over to be his personal assistant. May as well put Turdo’s natural predilections to good use. He’s already got lots of the unmentionable stuff coming out of his lying mouth.

  2. When will the sheeple see through the Liberal BS?

    I’ll tell you when: When their media accomplices like the Toronto Star, CTV, CBC and the Big Tech monopolies receive enough pushback from an enraged citizenry who finally wake up and scream, “We ain’t gonna take it anymore.”

    When the sheeple are so dumbed-down and apathetic that they can vote, not once but twice, for a doofus clown who cannot resist the authoritarian impulse, they will get what they deserve: a fascist Big Government tyranny that forces vaccinated people to wear masks. Think about it.


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