Trudeau Gives $1.2 Billion As Asylum Claims Skyrocket, Five Year Backlog

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The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRRB) has given up on the possibility of reducing the current backlog and has opted for “managing” the current growth. According to Richard Wex, chairman, the cost to eliminate a backlog of 100,000 refugees would be an estimated $200 to $400 million.

That’s $200 to $400 million in Canadian tax-payer currency. Did Canadian citizens request such a thing? Negative. Did the Trudeau government receive a mandate from the people to trans-form our nation into a Salvation Army for the Third World?  Of course not. These are simply behaviours which immigration minister Ahmed Hussen and boss-man Justin Trudeau indulge in without buy-in from those who pay room and board for these so-called “refugees.”

Most don’t even fit the United Nations definition for official refugee status. This element of the equation is meaningless for the Trudeau government. They want Liberal voters, and that’s it. Their virtue-signalling human rights story is a lie. What Trudeau wants is a fundamental transformation of society away from traditional Canadian identity. In its stead comes a borderless, no identity nation which will set the stage for a New Canadian Order.

This year alone, the 2019 Liberal budget allocated nearly $1.18 billion in funding for the board to be distributed over the next five years.The recent admission comes shortly after the auditor general released a report claiming that Canada’s asylum system is unable to cope with the surge in intakes.

Whose fault is this? You would have to be a Canadian vacationing on Mars not to know the fault is found in Justin Trudeau’s tweet welcoming “ALL those fleeing oppression.” Unfortunately, the bulk of the newcomers are not fleeing oppression at all. They entered Canada from the United States of America

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Basically, Justin hosed the Canadian people. He is destroying the integrity of our borders, as well as national sovereignty. Then again, this is his job. Not as prime minister of Canada, but rather as prime puppet for the United Nations and international banking cartels.

Vote this man out of office. He has damaged our nation in an unprecedented manner. Canadians have soured on immigration. Fault–Justin Trudeau. 90% of Canadians DISAPPROVE of an increase in immigration quotas– FOR LEGAL MIGRANTS. Justin responds by increasing intake quotas by 30%.

How much more damage can Trudeau do to Canadian society? A hell of alot–which he will do if re-elected on October 21st, 2019. Make your vote count, and vote him out

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