Trudeau Funds New Chinese Museum Amidst Election Interference Backlash

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May 23rd, 2023:  Liberal Minister of International Trade Mary Ng  announced an investment of $5,179,000 in a Chinese Canadian Museum to be built in Downtown Vancouver, B.C.

“Minister Ng made this announcement on behalf of the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage, and the Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of International Development and Minister responsible for PacifiCan.”

Talk about impeccable timing. It’s as if the Chinese Election Interference investigation never happened. It did– but it died. Close family friend and former Trudeau Foundation member David Johnson saw to it this week through a refusal to endorse a public inquiry into election interference from the Chinese government.

Welcome to “born-again” Canada. China-born Liberal Cabinet Member Mary Ng announces $5 million dollars funding for a Chinese Museum on behalf of Argentinian-born Liberal Cabinet Member Pablo Rodriguez and India-born Liberal Cabinet Member Harjit Sajjan.

Ever get the feeling your country is being stolen from you from beneath your feet? Cultural Action Party has maintained this position since the day Justin Trudeau was placed into office in 2015.

The Liberal government has provided $179,000 under the Commemorate Canada program for the museum’s inaugural exhibition ‘The Paper Trail to the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act.’

First up on the museum exhibit list: bad, bad whitey and the damage done to Canada’s “minority” communities. Sounds right up Justin Trudeau’s alley, not to mention Anglophobe leader of the New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh.

Say sayonara to your country. “So long, it’s been good to know ya” is the familiar refrain as socio-political control of Canada transitions to anti-Canadian hands.

“Funding for the Chinese Canadian Museum supports an essential space to honour, celebrate, and preserve Chinese-Canadian culture. As we near the centennial of the Chinese Exclusion Act, it is more important than ever that we reflect on the important, complex, and layered history of the Chinese-Canadian community and create opportunities for education and learning.”

— Pablo Rodriguez

Translation: An Argentinian-born communist is working to divest Canada of its Anglophone heritage. Transitioning our “Old Stock” communities to so much trash, the dynamic will be infused to the point at which political power is found only in the hands of woke whites and 3rd World-migrant Canadians.

Think it can’t get worse? Watch, wait, and it will:

‘Coming Soon From The Liberals — Woke Museums’

“Public funds will support a tailored political cause, rather than education,” says the National Post. Straight outta China it is.

Lessons From The Chinese Cultural Revolution:

In the years between 1966 to 1968, what remained of old religious practices,  superstitions, festivals, social practices were attacked and suppressed. Visual evidences of historical objects were destroyed, museums were torn down, and books were burned.

Lessons From The Woke Liberal Revolution:

“Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez is looking to shift the mission of Canada’s 2,700 museums (and art galleries, archives, heritage sites, botanical gardens and zoos). While they focused on cultural preservation in the past, their new mission will likely involve climate change and identity. History would be rewritten to include modern politics — all with the support of public taxes.”

Three cheers for Chinada? Justin Trudeau is pushing revolution in Canada, but not one of the public variety. The solution being to for our ruling government to introduce democratic ruination in bits and pieces so as to not alarm the general public.

What can CAP say about all this without venturing into the hyperbolic? Traditional Canada is finished, but as citizens, what choice do we have? Conveniently, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has locked the Liberals into office until late 2025.

Two years of national dissolution will be the end result. At this stage, a majority of Canadians despise Justin Trudeau. Authoritarian societies despise their leaders, and in truth, Trudeau is Canada’s prototype dictator.

“As we celebrate Asian Heritage Month, we also celebrate the resiliency, endurance, achievement, and progress of Chinese Canadians,” says China-born Mary Ng.

As we do regarding Blacks, Sikhs, Muslims, Aboriginals and Homosexuals. Holy Cow, Canada even has a Tamil Heritage Month.

But never, ever do we celebrate the heritage which provided “special interest” Canada with an ability to run down our nation. It’s called freedom of speech. Naturally, Trudeau’s Liberals are in the process of killing this off via internet censorship legislation.

You know what Justin Trudeau has really done to our country? The Liberals have made a massive deal out of racism, xenophobia, homosexuality, transgenderism– for a purpose.

CAP call it  “creating social chaos for the purpose of controlling society to re-define it as a socialist dictatorship.” Funny, Chairman Mao Tse Tung did the same in his day.

Since the day he made the statement, our organization has maintained suspicion regarding PM Trudeau’s “post-modern society” proclamation. What is he thinking here? Our reaction was swift and smooth— its meaning is two-fold:

First, an incremental erasure of democratic governance in Canada. Secondly, the transition of Anglophone and European-derived Canadians to the back of the woke political bus.

The Liberal’s funding of the Chinese Museum fits the narrative to perfection.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Funds New Chinese Museum Amidst Election Interference Backlash”

  1. Anglophobia? Christophobia? Heterophobia? Whiteyphobia?

    If you’re telling me to ask myself how and why I let all of this happen, you are either asleep… or an accomplice.

    Now it’s a question of preparing this new generation for the imminent fight.

  2. lying again , get China the hell out of Canada, that money not going for a museum that money is going for trudeau foundation or for his next election, why are they taking money from animal that what that chinese leader is.

  3. “Liberal Minister of International Trade Mary Ng announced [Chinese drug money laundering] of $5,179,000 in a Chinese Canadian Museum to be built in Downtown Vancouver, B.C.”


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