Trudeau, Foreign Environmental Groups CONSPIRE To Land-Lock Alberta Oil: Report

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A public inquiry into allegations that foreign-funded actors are conspiring  to besmirch the reputation of Alberta’s oil and gas has spent more than $900,000 in its first four months, government records show.

Alberta’s database of sole-sourced contracts shows since July 15, 2019, the government has paid law firm Dentons Canada $905,000 for work on the Public Inquiry into Funding of Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns.

The commission has interviewed environmentalists, he said, along with Vivian Krause, an independent researcher who said she has uncovered evidence that foreign organizations are conspiring to land-lock Alberta’s oil and gas.

Allan is tasked with investigating whether foreign organizations that intend to harm Alberta’s oil and gas industry have provided money to any Canadian organizations publishing “misleading or false information” about the industry.

CAP certainly believe is reality. Yet, the source article spins away from the idea that it is Justin Trudeau himself who is working to land-lock Alberta oil. Another omission is, of course, the fact that the less Alberta oil which is cultivated, the greater the amount of Saudi Arabian oil that is imported in Canada. Advantage– Middle Eastern nations– a Justin Trudeau specialty.

Another purposeful omission– the names of these environmental non-profits. CAP will mention just one of them– Tides Corporation of America.  In 2015, Tides Foundation donated $1.5 million of U.S. money to Canadian third parties in the election year, according to the report.

Who became prime minister in 2015? Why, it was King Justin of Canada. Coincidence? Of course not–there is no such thing within the sketchy, back-room agenda of Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts— a dedicated environmentalist from way back.

“Most Canadians would be very alarmed by this,” added Senator Linda Frum. “This happened in the 2015 election.”

Of course we would be alarmed--the very reason the situation was buried until after Trudeau gained victory. CAP Warning Sign: This is always the way within Globalist Canada–the damage is done first, and the public find out the truth after the deal is done, when it is too late to do anything about it. Classic Liberal -Globalism, straight-up.

CAP Scorecard:

Winners: Trudeau, Butts, non-Canadian environmental groups, Saudi Arabia, Middle East.

Losers: Canada, Alberta, Canadian workers, Oil industry employees, Canadian tax-payers.

Now please–how many times has this scenario played out within Justin’s post-modern Canada? Answer: Every frackin’ day. Truly, this dynamic never ends. It’s obvious as heck–blatant, tangible and there for all Canadians to comprehend.

Yet, we never read about the Saudi Oil factor in mainstream Canadian media. CBC, Globe & Mail never speak of the domestic/ Middle Eastern oil consumption dynamic, now do they?

Yes, they may allude to the situation, but why has an article with this type of headline never appeared within establishment media:

“Trudeau’s impediment of Alberta Oil results in an increase in importation of Saudi Arabian oil?” Why hold this back? CAP doesn’t:

READ MORE: Justin Trudeau Increases Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia 66% Since Taking Office

We don’t hold it back–but CBC News certainly does. Why? Is CBC working for Saudi Arabia, or Canada? Perhaps a good question for half-Saudi citizen, MP Omar Alghabra.

CAP find this entire situation to border on the surreal--and dangerously so. At present, Canada has a ruling government who work for every non-Canadian identity they can find:

American environmental organizations. American media. United Nations. International Banking. Saudi Arabia, China, Punjab, Sikhism, Pakistan,  as well as Canadian  homosexuals, the transgendered and the abortion industry.

How on earth did Canada find itself saddled with our nations first anti-Canadian ruling government. How can Justin Trudeau win a second term on this basis? Did he not just spend four years working for every nation on the planet other than Canada?

At the same time, did he not just spend four years running down Anglophone Canada by way of a series of vote-pandering ethnic community apologies? Then what trans-pired?

Enough Anglophone and Christian-Canadians voted for this political charlatan for him to win a second term in office. CAP have a word for this: “Insanity.”

Well, either this, or total and absolute manipulation of society. In other words, Trudeau-Butts style pseudo-communism. These two specialize in this kind of thing–so much so they have turned our nation upside-down in terms of government priorities.

Within this “upside-down cake” of a nation, the descendants of those who founded our country are treated like so much trash, while poor, uneducated Somalians are the apple-of-government’s eye.

Anything else? Yes, there is. Take another glance at the entities CAP have listed as those which Justin Trudeau has dedicated himself to. Every one of those items are anti- Christian.

Abortion. Transgenderism. Sikh Nationalism. Nation of Islam. You name it, and its anti-Christian. Then, this curious hustler of a PM informs Canada of his dedication to “Christian principles.” If this be the case, then Osama bin Laden was unjustly overlooked in his bid to become the leader of the Vatican.

Are we facing a dying nation under King Trudeau? Perhaps, and perhaps not. Yet no matter what– majority or minority government, rain or shine–Justin Trudeau remains 100% cast-in-stone regarding his decimation of “Old School” Canada.

One more generation of this political malarky, and we are finished.













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