Trudeau Flounders As Florida Bans Chinese Land Purchases

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Governor Ron DeSantis is banning Chinese citizens from buying land in Florida, accusing China of taking up swathes of farmland.

“We don’t want the CCP in the Sunshine State,” says the Florida Governor. By all accounts, a smart move– unless a person shares the mindset of PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada.

“Russian, Cuban, Iranian, North Korean and Syrian citizens are also banned from buying property within 10 miles of military bases.”

Justin Trudeau is not Ron DeSantis, who stands in direct contrast to Canada’s prince of wokeness. Naturally, mainstream media hate him as a result. To find the closest Canadian equivalent, CAP turn to current Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith.

Ms. Smith is not hot on woke liberalism. Therefore, Canadian media are cold-as-ice toward Danielle Smith:

“Danielle Smith, the UCP leader, in recent days doing her job as premier during the wildfires, is in hot water. Again. On the video, Smith speaks about a Netflix series on how to become a tyrant. The first episode starts with Hitler. Right then, you know there could be trouble.”

Danielle and Adolph. Political death by association. Astute Canadians observe the pathos inherent in the Canadian press. They’re a sick bunch, attempting to ruin Premier Smith’s chances of beating NDP challenger Rachel Notley in a quickly-approaching Alberta provincial election.

“Our food security is also national security, and so we don’t want the CCP in charge of any food production,” stated the Florida Governor this week.

Smart– as it’s well understood that the behemoth communist nation is currently on a rampage to buy up the world’s natural resources. Affected by rampant pollution, arable land in China is disappearing. Minerals and critical natural resources are dwindling at an accelerated pace.

“A trio of U.S. lawmakers are blasting Canada’s approval that allowed the sale of a Toronto-listed lithium mining company to a Chinese state-owned firm, and are urging Biden administration officials to investigate the acquisition.”

In a letter to U.S. Cabinet secretaries  Rep. Michael Walz (R-Florida) describes the takeover of Neo Lithium Corp by China’s Zijin Mining Group Ltd. as “highly concerning.”

“Walz accuses the Canadian government of underestimating the threat imposed by the Chinese Communist Party. The lawmakers question if U.S. government officials were aware or notified of the transaction.”

“I was astonished that this was approved without much scrutiny from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government,” Rep. Walz told  CTV News.

Astonished? No wonder people say Americans don’t know much about Canada. If they did, they would recognize that Justin Trudeau is fairly described as China’s patsy. The Liberal Party of Canada has been facilitating their infiltration of Canadian society for decades. Canadians might have known about it, if mainstream media didn’t protect the partnership by down-playing it for the past half-century.

Until the point that it couldn’t be held back anymore. that is. Incredulous it is that CBC and corporate media have down-played an event bordering on the treasonous:

159 out of 160 Liberal MPs have voted against an official public investigation of Chinese election interference. If this doesn’t lay the truth of the Liberal-China dynamic on the line, what does?

“Dozens of Chinese-American and green card holders protested the new bill at Florida’s capitol, saying the legislation’s language is too broad and could open the door to discrimination.”

Too bad for them. CAP doubt that Americans are any less sick of the playing of the “race card” each time opposition to the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) rears its  head.

In 2022, the Parental Rights in Education Act was signed by Florida’s Governor, the intention being to limit talk of gender and sexuality among children in kindergarten through third grade.

“We’re going to make sure that parents are able to send their kid to kindergarten without having some of this stuff injected into their school curriculum,” stated Gov. DeSantis.

Justin Trudeau: “Trans women are women.” 

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) signs “Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality” legislation.

“The legislation will protect unborn children from abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, except for severe fetal anomaly or to save the mother’s life or prevent a serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment.”

Established by Pierre Trudeau in 1969, Canada shares an “unlimited term” abortion policy with stalwarts of freedom China, Indonesia, and North Korea. The result is approximately 90,000 abortions in Canada per year, for the past 30 years. No wonder we suffer from an aging population, remedied by the highest per-capita immigration intake on the planet.

As Florida’s own living will statute indicates, physicians are not authorized to permit any affirmative or deliberate act to end life other than to permit the natural process of dying.”

Justin Trudeau? He has converted Canada to world leader in Euthanasia. Number two on the list is China. Additionally, our PM has blessed Canada with a designation as number one in organ transplants on a worldwide basis.

Regular readers will know what all this means to Cultural Action Party. Ron Desantis is downright heroic; Justin Trudeau a weak-willed globalist puppet.

Back in Canada, an unthinkable event took place this week. Trudeau and hottie-on-the-side Foreign Minister Melanie Joly signed off on the deportation of a Chinese diplomat, as related to intimidation of the family of Canadian Conservative MP Michael Chong.

Miracles can happen, runs our line-of-thought. Though it is essential to point out a piece of truth. If CSIS didn’t expose the Liberal-China political corruption scenario in the first place, not a damn thing would have changed.

We speak of that which has eluded Canadians for the past 50-years. Beginning with former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau in the early 1970’s, the Liberal Party has over the decades transitioned to China’s political representatives in Canada.

Make no mistake– China wants Justin Trudeau as prime minister. Part of the reason he attained his position in the first place relates to the government of China’s support. This is how a part-time drama teacher rose to the position of pseudo-dictator in a land stamped by its national leader as a “post-modern” society.

Media won’t go there. Like the Trudeau family in totality, the Canadian press are globalist in orientation. Like Justin, they hate nationalism. Patriotism is anathema; they hate it. Therefore, they loathe Danielle Smith, as well as Ron DeSantis.

Mr. DeSantis wants a China-free Florida. He wants schoolchildren to be freed from LGBT and Transgender propaganda. The Governor passed a bill to restrict Syrians, Iranians and North Koreans from buying land adjacent to military bases.

This, in CAP’s eyes, makes him a hero. For Canadian media, DeSantis is a pariah. USA Today thinks so, as does CBC News in Canada. Their dedication to woke liberal globalism, branded by CAP as “neo-communism,” becomes clear as crystal.

Mainstream media want what the Democrats in the USA and Liberals in Canada want. Ideologically aligned, the woke globalist machine drives a stake into the heart of both nations.

A sad condition both nations find themselves in. Forever dedicated to the communist ethos, one deportation doth not make an anti-China Liberal Party of Canada.

It’s a token move, established for political optics, and nothing more. It’s  the tip of a communist iceberg in Justin Trudeau’s neo-communist Canada.

Ron DeSantis is everything Justin Trudeau is not. As a result, media are out to crush him like a bug.

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  1. DeSantis should consider himself extremely fortunate that he is not operating in the rotting carcass of a system that Smith is. First past the post is not embraced for nothing.


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