Trudeau Family Ties To Chinese Government Exposed In New Book

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Canada’s national broadcaster CBC News cannot contain its enthusiasm for what critics of the Beijing Olympics are calling the Genocide Games.

According to Terry Glavin of the National Post, CBC News are indulging in “non-stop, round-the-clock advertorials and gleefully enthusiastic promotional features. It’s nauseating.”

Canadians agree– pollster Ipsos has found that eight out of 10 Canadians want a total boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

Nothing of the sort has transpired. Trudeau-government funded CBC has not waivered a fraction. No thinking Canadian should expected different. There is something thoroughly “locked-in” regarding Canada’s relationship with China. Or more specifically, the Liberal Party’s relationship with China. We reference an unspoken-of “chain of command.” CBC work for Justin Trudeau, and our PM works for China.

“Leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has followed in his father Pierre’s footsteps in assuming the high office and using it to further the interests of the Chinese Communist Party,”  Peter Schweizer writes in his bestseller Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

Degree of the book’s exposure in Canadian media? Nothing. Extent to which it is found on the shelves of leftist retail propaganda centre Indigo books? Zero.


“In an interesting coincidence, the elder Trudeau’s ideological fealty to communism, Red-Handed details, was also significantly profitable. Trudeau had benefitted from the support of businessman Paul Desmarais, the head of the company called the Power Corporation that specializes in building business ties to China.”

“In 1978, the Power Corporation formed the Canada-China Business Council with Prime Minister Trudeau’s support,” Schweizer writes, noting that the Canada-China Business Council was a key tool for Beijing to foster ties to powerful Canadian politicians to the benefit of the Communist Party.”

Degree to which the Liberal-Trudeau-China dynamic will penetrate the consciousness of Canadian society? Nothing at all. Why not? Because CBC News and corporate media are never going to expose these realities. What we have instead is exemplified by CBC’s promotion of the Beijing Olympics.

The event is so much more than one of medal winners and losers. This is China–  so it is underscored with propaganda to condition the western world to view their society as righteous and benevolent.

CBC are working for this cause. So too the rest of legacy media. An attempt to view the Canada-China relationship with objectivity brings forth one of our country’s greatest oddities:

How is it that a western democracy like Canada ended up being joined at the hip to a communist behemoth nation ten thousand miles from home?

Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win delivers some details. The action began with the election of Pierre Trudeau in the late 1960’s. It includes Canada’s forced transition to a Multicultural society. It speaks of China’s infiltration of corporate business and Canada’s education systems.

What was Justin Trudeau’s first major decision as prime minister next to importing 35,000 Syrian refugees? To establish a Canada-China Free Trade agreement. Thankfully, he failed. If he did not, our country would have become subject to the economic will of the Chinese government.

Yes, that’s how serious the untold story of the ingratiation of China perpetrated by the Trudeau family of Quebec.

8 thoughts on “Trudeau Family Ties To Chinese Government Exposed In New Book”

  1. If we had an election right now, anyone who would vote for the liberal comminist party are not Canadians. This fool should have never been elected. PERIOD!!!!!

  2. His father was openly supportive and admiring of China and their way of doing things – admiration of a country practicing many oppressive policies, mistreating it’s citizens and interfering regularly to impose communist influence around the world.unwilling to denounce behviour incompatible with Canadian beliefs – or basic human rights. certainly did little to revent Chinese misuse and thef of canadian intellkectual property – wait – trudeau doesn’t believe in private propety and fought to keep protection out of the bill of rights with red eddie broadbent.

  3. And there have been no efforts under trudeau to protect strategic mineral deposits and mining concerns from Cineses pedatory business dealings, even though they are critical to meaningful efforts to find alternative power generation

  4. Pierre Trudeau was a CARD CARRYING MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY AND PROBABLY BRAIN WASHED HIS KIDS ON COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG…and with them being of limited intelligence, it was very easy

  5. You quote from Peter Schweizer even though Schweizer has been criticized for reporting inaccuracies and for making conclusions not supported by facts. Two Sunday Times reporters following up on his reporting in his second book, Friendly Spies, discovered that meetings described by Schweizer did not check out, that named sources did not exist or could not be found, and that there was no Paris Sheraton Hotel during the time period when the meetings allegedly took place.[21][49][50]

    Schweizer admitted he overreached in attacking Hillary Clinton’s purported role in approving a Russian uranium deal and falsely claimed that then-Secretary of State Clinton “had veto power” to stop the Russian State Atomic Nuclear Agency (Rosatom) from purchasing Uranium One. During a May 5, 2015, Politico podcast interview, Schweizer admitted that “veto is probably not the best word” and “what I meant by veto power was as we explain the process, you know, if somebody objects it kicks in the special investigation.”[51]

    In a 2015 NBC interview, Schweizer said that Hillary Clinton did not support a nuclear deal with India in 2006 and that she voted for it in 2008, after donations to the Clinton Foundation. PolitiFact rated Schweizer’s claims false


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