Trudeau Family Hero-Nation: China Sentences MORE Canadian Citizens To Death

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A Canadian citizen has been sentenced to death after being charged with manufacturing ketamine, as tensions run high between the countries, reports Global News.

As reported by Post Millennial News, local Chinese media noted that it was nearly four years ago, in October 2016, that Xu Weihong  started making ketamine after collecting tools and ingredients.

In a separate case in 2019, Canadian citizen Fan Wei became the  second person to be sentenced to death.

In yet another case in 2019, Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg had a 15-year jail term increased to a death sentence – prompting condemnation from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Beijing rejected his comments, saying that Canada was practising “double standards”.

End of story? Not quite– because CAP hasn’t even got to the most “celebrated” case of China’s sentencing Canadians to death– the “two Michaels”–Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor

According to Global News Canada, China jailed the ‘two Michaels’ because it regards Canada as a ‘pushover.’

As is typical from Canadian media, they put a spin on the situation in order to keep PM Trudeau in his pseudo-dictatorial perch on Parliament Hill.

The reason Trudeau and the Liberals do nothing at all regarding all these pending dead Canadians is because our government has in 2020 become an “instrument” of China’s international policy.

Justin Trudeau and his government have been 100% ineffectual regarding China choosing to murder these Canadian citizens. Trudeau accomplishes nothing, nor does his “mini-me” globalist tot of a Foreign Minister, Liberal MP Francois Philippe- Champagne.

Let’s face it, fellow patriots– China OWNS Trudeau. Meaning, in some respects, China owns Canada— as does the United Nations and their geo-political Islamic nation membership..

 Therefore, the prime minister of Canada can do nothing. Truly, this man is caught in a major dilemma— support actual Canadians, or support the Chinese government politburo.

In truth–away from his CBC “Propaganda Protection Division”– Trudeau is presently battling another major dilemma. This is related to the Uyghur Muslims in China. Remember them? They are now simply referred to by CBC as Uyghurs– the “Muslim” element being dropped completely.

Either way, Trudeau is caught. Support the millions of Muslims in China’s concentration camps, and anger the Chinese government. Do nothing, and anger geo-political Islam.

What a trap for Comrade Trudeau!  A wise man once said “thou canst serve two masters”–which Justin Trudeau does not. Rather, he serves myriad masters, as in truth he works for the following entities:

China, Islam, United Nations, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, George Soros, Open Society Foundation, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, WE Charity, and the like.

Holy Cow– so much nefarious information for CBC to hide from 38 Million Canadians. No wonder Trudeau bought them in 2017. That’s one heck of a lot of lies and deception-– a large budget must be required to accomplish this goal.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: How Government, Media COVER-UP Canada’s Transition From Democracy to Dictatorship

What to do when the prime minister of Canada places the needs of Canadians at the bottom of his social “totem pole?” Turns out that King Justin’s nation-state is one in which Canada is 100% subservient toward globalist forces.

Justin Trudeau has transformed Canada into a veritable slave-nation to the forces of the 3rd World globalist politics. The man has literally “PIMPED-OUT our country to the highest international bidder.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)






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