Trudeau Family Establish Highest Inflation, Largest Deficits In History

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Since the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015, a curious phenomenon has existed within Canadian media– perhaps more accurately referred to as an “anti-phenomenon.”

We speak of the degree of political synergy between former PM Pierre Trudeau, and current PM Justin Trudeau. For establishment media, it’s as if the two aren’t related– a thought-provoking concept in itself.

By ideological standards, these two should be considered thick-as-thieves. Pierre Trudeau is Canada’s original globalist– a prototype worker for a “woke revolution” being enforced on society by so-called son Justin.

If media refuse to make a connection in this capacity, they are bound to omit so-called family synergy on a pragmatic level.

Deficit Increase under Prime Minister:


Lester Pearson 1963-68, 19.6% increase


Joe Clark 1979-80, 18.3% increase


Brian Mulroney 1984-94, 67.7% increase


Jean Chretien 1994-2004, 1.8% increase


Pierre Trudeau 1968-79 1980-84, 738% increase.


In 2019, PM Trudeau promised to deliver a $1 billion surplus. By the end of the fiscal year, he had delivered a $39.4 billion deficit. In fact, our current PM has plunged our nation into the greatest federal deficit in history. During the time Pierre Trudeau was prime minister, he did the very same up to that point in time.

Media say nothing. Enter, economists from Globe & Mail, National Post and the rest. To CAP’s knowledge, not one has ever connected the dots to paint a portrait of the Trudeau family as administers of unprecedented debt accumulation.

Mainstream economists have a rationalization for national deficit accumulation. This is known as “Debt-To-GDP” ratio:

 Debt-to-GDP ratio is the ratio between a country’s government debt and its gross domestic product (GDP) A low debt-to-GDP ratio indicates an economy that produces and sells goods and services is sufficient to pay back debts without incurring further debt.”


In fiscal 2020, Canada recorded a Government Debt to GDP of 117.80 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. In 2014, the figure was 32.5%. Over a six-year period, Justin Trudeau increased our national deficit by approximately 300 percent. No big deal,  say legacy media.

Toronto Sun, June 22nd, 2022:“Inflation spikes to highest level since 1983, Trudeau government says they’ve done enough already.”

Come on– this can’t possibly be true. You mean to say that Justin Trudeau and Liberal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland cannot dig a deeper pit of debt than what currently exist? How impossible to believe.

“The monthly inflation rate for May, 2022 was 7.7% up from 6.8% in April. The last time inflation was this high was in 1983. And Justin Trudeau was an 11-year-old living at 24 Sussex as his father ran the country, unsure how to deal with out-of-control inflation.”

“Now seven years into another Trudeau as prime minister and we are back in that spot once again.”

Intentional or otherwise, Toronto Sun overlook a pertinent fact: Pierre Trudeau was at the end of his career at the time of the highest inflation rate to date, retiring in January, 1984. Forty years later, Canada reaches another peak in inflation under Justin Trudeau. Do tell– what does debt accumulation do for our country– other than enslave us to international banking?

Translation: Two Canadian prime ministers, both named Trudeau, are responsible for the both the highest rate of deficit, and the highest rate of inflation in Canadian history. Degree of objection from state-funded CBC? Not a darn word.

Economists agree on the following: inflation hurts those who keep cash savings and workers with fixed wages.

These workers are Canada’s working class–the type of which show up at Trucker Convoys in Ottawa. They are those of the “Old Stock” variety. Call CAP obsessive, but we simply cannot hold back from placing these developments within the context of Canada’s progression toward a socialist society.

Cases of political transformation toward communism include a hollowing out of the Middle Class. Inflation pulls fixed wages, as well as personal savings, out of the bank accounts of middle income citizens. Now, let’s add a second component– home affordability.

In spite of two years of Covid, housing prices in Canada have skyrocketed. Meaning that middle class Canadians are deprived of a build up of home equity. Footnote: Marxist theory is 100% anti-home ownership.

In the meantime, the Liberals expand the size of government. In the former Soviet Union, “practically everyone” worked for the government. Only the very wealthy could afford a home. The middle class was almost non-existent, while the upper class(government class) held all wealth and power.

Is Canada headed for this unfortunate fate? Can it be that a tag-team of Pierre and Justin Trudeau— communist enthusiasts of the highest order– have facilitated a set-up for the this structure?

CAP will hold back our conclusion, even though any long-term reader will know where we stand. Are Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau conduits for a pre-meditated transition from democracy to communism?

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Family Establish Highest Inflation, Largest Deficits In History”

  1. ”In the meantime, the Liberals expand the size of government. In the former Soviet Union, “practically everyone” worked for the government. Only the very wealthy could afford a home. The middle class was almost non-existent, while the upper class (government class) held all wealth and power.”

    It’s because there’s no history about us as vigilant citizens to tell .
    Only politicians got monuments, flags and the medias. It always been like that.

    I noticed the Freedom Convoy are those who took all risks. They fought for us as true Canadians. There should a day in Canada for these hero truckers to remember every year. This could be ”Citizens of Freedom” or this could be other names.

    Freddy Mercury (Rock singer) got his own monument.
    Michael Jackson got his own monument.
    The same for some Hollywood actors.

    We the working class must rewrite history and take back what governments took from us.
    We should create monuments of Freedom for the truckers. We need physical profs to exist.

  2. Ex PM Jean Chretien. Deficit=1.8%. Interesting. The “little guy from Shawinigan.”(Quebec.) I detested him. Also one of P. Trudeau’s proteges. Maybe I should have a grudging admiration for him. That is; Apart from his dirty ways, and his hand in the Chinese pie. Imagine–Relatively speaking–Those were “good” times. The dollar was 62 cents US; people referred to it as the Canadian peso. And now: Trudope is burning Canada to the ground; one room at a time. Unlike the fable; Canada will not rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.


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