Trudeau Family Approve Chinese Language-Only Version Of Father’s Book

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“They stand, conspicuously Western, in the vast expanse of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square: Eighteen-year-old Justin Trudeau seemingly at ease, confident. His smaller, blonder 16-year-old brother Alexandre more guarded.”

In what seems like ancient political history, Toronto Star speak of the Trudeau family of Quebec’s journey to communist China in the year 1990. In what would be blacklisted today in terms of media exposure, middle brother Alexandre(young son Michelle Trudeau died under mysterious circumstances in 1998), “Sasha” Trudeau speaks candidly:

“China is with me,” states Alexandre. His recent trip is his 10th, but will not be his last. In 2023, China is not only with middle brother. As reported by CSIS, China is also with 11 Canadian member of Parliament candidates for office.

“Cheuk Kwan, co-chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, told MPs holding hearings at the House of Commons ethics committee, that the Communist Party has been reaching out since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.”

“In addition to engaging friendly academics and business people to advocate on its behalf, China also spreads its tentacles to cultivate elected officials and infiltrate political institutions at all levels of the Canadian society,” Kwan told MPs.

Did ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau serve as a catalyst for China’s penetration of Canadian society? If so, you won’t be hearing about it from mainstream media in Canada. CAP encourage readers to consider the following: despite tangible evidence, legacy media in Canada have rarely– if ever– spoken of political affinities between current PM Justin Trudeau, and so-called father.

As far as Alex Trudeau is concerned, the press has all-but shut down his influence on Canada-China relations. If they did not, it would be understood that middle brother signed off on a $200,000 donation to the Trudeau Foundation from a wealthy Chinese businessman in 2015.

“I wonder how the Chinese authorities will look at me now. I’m prominently connected, but the place of (Dr. Norman) Bethune and Trudeau the father in China … a lot of them say that’s the old mythology.”

Cultural Action Party bet our bottom dollar that the Liberal Party wish the current Chinese election interference scandal was mythology. It isn’t– not that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest aren’t attempting to transition the scandal to such a condition. Only Canada’s National Post dares to delve into the covert Liberal-China relationship, like this:

‘How China Allegedly Spent The Last Ten Years Trying To Influence Trudeau’

“As far back as 2005, Chinese state-owned companies were publishing Pierre Trudeau memoirs in a suspected attempt to curry favour with the younger Trudeau.”

Long-term is the name of the game– a game that our Liberal government desperately want to keep away from the knowledge of Canadian citizens.

Along with this tid-bit: in 2005, Alexandre Trudeau approved publishing for a Chinese language-only version of Pierre Trudeau’s book “Two Innocents In Red China.”

Written in 1968, the Trudeau family don’t mind if the Chinese read the book–they’re already communist. As for Canadians, the book’s contents are a no-go.

‘Chinese Canadians Tell MPs Foreign Influence Is Widespread, Has Been Happening For Decades’

“The Communist Party has been reaching out long before new revelations about the 2019 and 2021 elections.”

Beginning to see the light, fellow patriots? The entire structure falls into the category of “long-term.” The idea that the commie influence began with Justin Trudeau becoming prime minister is a falsehood. Not that government and media aren’t desirous of a collective conclusion of this nature. They bloody well are.

We move to the modern-day. A vote takes place in the House of Commons based on a motion called for an official public inquiry into Chinese election interference.

Every Liberal MP but one vote Nay. What, pray-tell, does such a situation indicate?

CAP will go first: that truth, justice, democracy and national sovereignty are meaningless to the Liberal Caucus. Media say nothing of the sort. Funny, that’s the same structure as government-media relations in China. What a coincidence this is.

You tell CAP— has Canada been entirely hoodwinked regarding a 50-year history of Trudeau-Liberal-China relations? Does this history include a form of “covert partnership” devoid of exposure to general society?

And even more ominous: is the long-game not just a matter of China’s influence, but rather a conversion of Canada to China’s style of governance?

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  1. CAP: “[I]s the long-game not just a matter of China’s influence, but rather a conversion of Canada to China’s style of governance?” That’s the preliminary step. Unlike Bananada; the Chinese are forward looking. They covet what we have–Land mass/natural resources/abundant fresh water/clean air. Thanks to the two (three?) “Alex-awnnnnndruh” Trudope’s, and the so-called Laurentian “Elite”–Canada is low hanging fruit–almost ripe for their taking. I wager that they will one day come in like a giant cloud of locusts–to take a spoil. They aren’t interested in having a branch plant; they want to replace the covert communist red (Pearson Liberal) Maple Leaf flag….with their own. Takeover or no takeover: Is this not the most treasonous act in history?


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