PM Trudeau Facilitates China’s Take-Over Of Gold Industry, Prices SET TO SOAR

The other day, China quietly gobbled up another Canadian company.

On May 8, 2020,  TMAC Resources announced they’d accepted a deal to be acquired by the Shandong Gold Mining Company.

What only gets mentioned in passing is that Shandong Gold is a Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE). It’s a company that is owned by and ultimately answers to the Chinese government.

Meanwhile, CSIS – Canada’s intelligence agency – warns about this situation.

“Corporate acquisitions by these entities pose potential risks related to vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure, control over strategic sectors, espionage and foreign-influenced activities, and illegal transfer of technology and expertise.”

Salient Question Time: Seeing as Canada’s top security organization informs our government that this situation is shot-through with myriad risks and warnings, why does the Trudeau government continue to approve China buying up Canadian gold?

Another query not addressed by media: Why did Justin Trudeau–upon securing his “Canadian Crown”– dump all Canadian government Gold Holdings?

MEDIA COVER-UP: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China

“In the past year, gold prices have surged 35 per cent from US$1,250 to US$1,696 as of Monday afternoon, which means gold miners’ margins are “set to explode.”

Set to explode? Not in Canada– our national leader took care of this by:

A) Dumping all government gold repositories.

B) Selling our industry to China so they can benefit the most.

Know what CAP call this? Simple– absolutely TYPICAL Trudeau behaviour. As CAP has opined since day one, Justin Trudeau was elected(ostensibly) by the people of Canada.

Immediately upon victory, Mr. Trudeau was hard at work– on behalf of the communist government of China, and on behalf of the geo-political desires of United Nations, Saudi Arabia, Iran and myriad other Middle Eastern and African nations.

Degree of exposure by CBC, CTV and the rest? Not one word. Therefore–logically speaking– Canadian media are also working for China and Islam.

Is this what Mr. Trudeau meant when informing 37.9 Million Canadians that ours is today a post-modern nation, and retains no core identity?

If so, then CAP predict that 37.8888 Million Canadians didn’t know about it.

Media refer to this as “multiculturalism.” CAP refer to this as anti-democratic, socialist-infused deception of the citizenship of Canada. Truly, our entire nation are capable of comprehending this grim act of Liberal-Globalist subterfuge.

Most do not–because of media. When a media entity cover-up, spin, obfuscate and work directly for the interests of government, it is a sign of an infiltration of communism within a western democracy.

Is this what Mr. Trudeau meant when informing 37.9 Million Canadians that ours is today a post-modern nation, and retains no core identity?

If so, then CAP predict that 37.8888 Million Canadians do not know this.

“Gold is not only viewed as a safe-haven investment in turbulent economic times, but it is widely used in the control systems of nuclear-power plants and nuclear-weapons facilities,”  noted Richard Fadden, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service director from 2009 to 2013.

“I think gold is pretty important for the world economy. China has enough of a grip on the world economy as it is, given its capital assets, so I would include gold,” Mr. Fadden said.

Could Justin Trudeau be assisting the government of China in their desire to consolidate nuclear power plant control on a world-wide basis?

Considering this  traitorous PM’s perpetual dedication to communist China, it certainly seems this is not out of the question.



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