Trudeau EXEMPTS China, Iran Nationals From Covid-19 HEALTH SCREENING

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Biometrics are used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

Examples include, but are not limited to fingerprint, palm veins, face recognitionDNApalm printhand geometryiris recognitionretina and other characteristics.

On March 16,2020, Canada announced that it will close its borders to most inbound travel.

“Specific measures have been set out by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) to address situations where the applicant is a citizen or resident of China, Iran or South Korea, and where the applicant is affected by service disruptions or travel restrictions related to COVID-19.”

Stop The Press: If you, dear reader, were to choose two nations which would NOT qualify for this form of immigration-related excemption,which nations would you choose?

If you were the current Immigration Minister of Canada like Liberal MP Marco Mendicino is, would you choose China and Iran? Fact is, the nations of the world with the most number of Coronavirus cases–as well as deaths— on planet earth are China, Italy, Iran and South Korea.

So why on earth has Trudeau & Co. let loose the “slack” for Chinese and Iranian nationals to get their feet upon Canadian soil, likely to never leave Canada except to visit family back in the homeland?

Wouldn’t these nations be number one on your list? Not if you are Justin Trudeau. And certainly not if you are 3rd World migrant and refugee pusher, Somalian citizen and MP in the GTA, Ahmed Hussen.

In China and Iran, “the VAC locations (Visa Application Centres List from IRCC) may have been closed due to the COVID-19 situation and therefore it is not possible for foreign nationals in those countries to obtain biometrics.

Providing biometrics is a requirement of any temporary resident visa (TRV) or work permit application filed.”

CAP Interpretation: Rather than create an alternative form of bio-health screening for these folks, the Trudeau government choose to SCRAP the program completely. Smart thinking, eh?

So how desperate is Trudeau, Mendicino, Hussen and company to pack Canada with Iranians and Chinese nationals?

Simple Response: Pretty damn desperate. Then again, a form of desperation is near and dear to the ruling government of Canada.

CAP Opinion: Neither snow, nor hail, not sleet, nor deadly globalist pandemics, will prevent Justin Trudeau from fulfilling his role as Canada’s pseudo-dictator in residence.

For some reason, Justin Trudeau simply adores China. Indeed, his father was the same. Commie brother in the shadows, Alexandre Trudeau, has published a book on China which heaps praise upon the communist behemoth nation in no uncertain terms.

Degree of media focus by way of CBC on the ubiquitous veneration of China from the family Trudeau? Nothing–not a darn word. What are they protecting here?

CAP will go first: A covert, incremental trans-ition of Canadian society from a free and democratic nation to a socialist-infused dictatorship. The first sign of this was government/media symbiosis. Media transition from objective news reporting to a propaganda instrument of the ruling government.

This is what Justin Trudeau accomplished during his first term as pseudo-dictator of Canada.

“It remains to be seen whether these special rules will be expanded to cover residents of other countries (beyond China, Iran and Korea) who may be affected by service or travel disruptions due to COVID-19.”

Okay, so what do Trudeau & Co. appear to value more:

A) Protecting the health of Canadian citizens by preventing those from the top Covid-carrying nations to enter Canada and pass the virus on to our people.

B) Pleasing the United Nations, Iran, China and various other nefarious globalist players working to undermine national sovereignty within western democratic nations.

Remember when CBC put this poll to the people of Canada, and the fascinating results which transpired? Blink, and you missed it–because it never happened– and never will.

What Media Refuse To Confess:

From the first day Justin Trudeau seized control of society, our PM has consistently worked for the benefit of “the foreign.”

–Largest immigration and refugee quotas in history-– benefit, the “foreigner.”

— Illegal Refugee Border Jumping, and subsequent welfare checks— benefit, illegal 3rd world “refugees.” Detriment–Canadian tax-payers.

— Citizenship for ISIS terrorists— benefit, ISIS terrorists, geo-political Islam.

—  Decimation of Alberta Oil Sands— benefit, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Islamic governments.

— $10 Billion Dollars to Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and dozens more– benefit, 3rd World citizens, Sikhism, China.

— Largest deficits in Canadian history–benefit, international banking, George Soros banking cabal, Africa, Islam.

Could CAP go on? Of course we could-the examples are myriad. These facts are not complex, or difficult to discern–unless Canadian media make a conscious decision not to expose this reality–which most obviously, they are doing “with bells on.”

BURIED BY CBC: Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered JUST DAYS AFTER Justin Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

Hate to break it to you, fellow patriots, but for everyday Justin Trudeau remains prime minister, Canada dies another “mini-death.”

Every day with with this Trudeau character controlling our society is a day whereby another piece of our freedoms disipates into thin air. Each “Trudeau-Day” includes an incremental loss of freedom of speech, as well as the dilution of Canadian sovereignty.

King Justin of Canada: Always backing the wrong horse–the globalist horse as demanded by a cabal of shadowy international figures currently controlling the destiny of your nation.

CAP predict 30-40 more years of a democratic Canada, and then a full trans-formation to a quasi-communist dictatorship.

Winner: 3rd World governments, 3rd World nations, and 3rd World peoples.

Loser: The post-modern Anglophone community of Canada–surely to be lost in the great “globalist shuffle” currently transitioning the dying Great White North into a geographic entity not a single Canadian asked for, or voted for.

And here CBC has the nerve to label Comrade Trudeau’s nation a “western democracy.”









6 thoughts on “Trudeau EXEMPTS China, Iran Nationals From Covid-19 HEALTH SCREENING”

  1. If one were to purposely bring a life threatening disease into the country and kill a bunch of people that would be considered terrorism… correct? Biological warfare if you will. So shouldn’t our prime minister be held accountable as if it were anyone else they would be? Any human with a brian would have closed the doors to travel to and from the second this virus was detected in China. They new for months about the virus. JUSTIN! When your going over the amount of deaths this virus has caused I want you to picture each person, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister… why you ask? Cuz their blood is on your HANDS!!!

    • Trudeau should be held accountable, but he is not. CBC, Globe & Mail do not even hold CHINA responsible– puppets of globalism that they are.


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