Trudeau Establishes Elite Class As Canada Moves Toward Communism

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Marxist philosophy argues that the most significant part of a person’s identity is their social class. According to the tenets of communism, a person’s social class determines the way that a person views the world around them.

Meaning that class definition is largely influenced by one’s ideological beliefs. It comes as no coincidence that Justin Trudeau is the most ideology-oriented prime minister in Canadian history.

What else could he have used as a foundation for his leadership? Having no formal background in law, economics, or any other necessity, Trudeau had little choice but to take on the position of an ideologue.

Unfortunately for 38 million Canadians, our PM’s ideological beliefs are rooted in a favourite family pastime– a preference for communism. As it happens,  brother Alexandre Trudeau received the nickname “Sacha” based on father’s  admiration for a high-ranking official in the former Soviet Union.

As far as class systems are concerned, astute Canadians may notice a recurring theme. Turns out a post-modern elite class is being whipped into shape in Canada as we speak.

It’s foundation is based on a synthesis of government and media. This we  witness in the absurdist media coverage of the Truckers Protest. Government and media collusion having leveraged a tactic co-opted from authoritarian governance.

Accuse the other of that which you indulge in. Invert reality to skew the circumstances in your favour. We select a quintessential example:

“The truckers are a threat to Canadian democracy.”

As if. The truckers, in fact, represent an exercise in democracy. It is Justin Trudeau who represents a threat to democracy. One way he is doing so is through an establishment of an elite class in Canada.

Along with government/media, we have what may be called the “woke liberal” contingent. Outraged by every existential threat to the political ethos, they simply want things to remain static. As hard as it is to fathom, PM Trudeau serves as a globalist god to these factions. The idea that our PM is systemically stripping away individual freedoms in the name of Covid never seems to penetrate their consciousness.

And what would contemporary Canada be if the pompous 8% didn’t have a nemesis community? The agenda wouldn’t be a covert emulation of a communist society without it.

Ostensibly, the target of their vitriol are Canadian truckers. In reality, it goes much deeper. Beneath the media message is another form of attack– that which is perpetrated against “Old Stock” Canadians. As in, working class citizens. Conservatives, Westerners, Anglophones, Christians, Pro-Lifers.

In other words, everyone the elite despise. Extrapolating from the social dynamic, Cultural Action Party deliver a hypothesis. Canada is at war. In this war, there are no guns and tanks. Nor is it manifested in the form of one nation doing battle with another.

This is “post-modern” warfare. It is perpetrated from within. It is a form of class warfare, or at the very least, shaping our country into a class-based society in communist fashion.

To win a war, soldiers are needed. This element comes in the form of Canadian immigration policy. Let us be clear: this has nothing to do with new arrivals picking up guns. There is no militancy at play. New citizens are more like pawns than soldiers. They are brought in to add ideological support– in addition to the momentum perpetrated by government.

How useful these people are. They don’t know Canadian history. These people lack an awareness of a time when our country was an authentic democracy. Arriving mainly from non-democratic nations, an absence of perspective assists the Trudeau government in achieving its goals.

No wonder they are a divine presence for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Cabinet. Minister of Diversity MP Ahmed Hussen is thrilled– and why wouldn’t he be? Living in Canada for decades, he doesn’t give up his dual Somalian citizenship. The former Liberal immigration minister is himself a refugee. What’s not to like?

Thus, the shaping of a brand-new Canada. On one side, an elite class sneering at Old Stock Canadians. On the other, government, media, academia, and  media-brainwashed Liberal snowflakes.

Under the auspices of Justin Trudeau—  largely by way of Covid— our country has transitioned to a pseudo-communist state. Whether or not anything– or anyone– can come along to break the socialist spell remains to be seen.

13 thoughts on “Trudeau Establishes Elite Class As Canada Moves Toward Communism”

    • Sorry but this isn’t COMMUNISM it is FASCISM. Everyone needs to stop believing all the bullshit the Capitalist education system taught them and learn the real definitions of economic systems! If you are an adult it is long past time for you to wake up and realize that a lot of what you were taught is simply Capitalist propaganda. It would behoove you to learn what the advantages and disadvantages of the various economic systems are. Specifically you need to learn the real details of Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Marxist-Leninism, Mao-ism, Fascism, Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism. It couldn’t hurt to also know what a Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Monarchy and Democracy are. If you knew the correct definitions of those terms then you could express your opinions for or against issues clearly and concisely. Anyone interested in learn should try these, or pretty much anything else by Professor (of Economics) Richard Wolff:

      Of course that’s only for those who aren’t afraid of ideas and prefer knowledge and facts to propaganda, eh!

  1. There are endless examples of how this runs and ends. It’s a re-run of an old story.
    The choice is simple: accept the boot on your neck or be prepared to lay down life and liberty fighting it.

  2. It’s now time to bring the fight to them They have destroyed people’s lives livelihoods now injecting our children and systematically took out our old. When all your left with is a wheelbarrow and a handful of change alittle late to fight back.
    Wake the fuck people

  3. Why are there so many good Canadians who can NOT see what hell is going on right before their eyes. Trudeau is destroying Canada. He is taking this country to a very dark place. Please wake up NOW before it is too late..

  4. When I was growing up, Canadians used to pride themselves on doing things differently from the USA. Now it seems everything the Liberals do is directly from the same Communist-influenced playbook used by the current US Democrats.

    Race, gender, reparations, the insistence that we all need to hang our heads in shame because of things done hundreds of years ago – all with the two obvious goals of dismantling our identity as a nation and distracting the masses from the malfeasance and incompetence of the government. COVID is just climate change with a new face: we’re all doomed unless you obey! This is the beginning of literal “1984” tyranny, as planned by the Soviet and Chinese propagandists who penetrated our media and educational institutions decades ago. We really ARE doomed unless more of us wake up and throw these bastards out of power.


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