Media Downplay Justin Trudeau’s Horrendous Governor General Appointment

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All the usual media suspects have spoken out regarding the “resignation” of ex- Canadian Governor General Julie Payette. Unfortunately, a glaring omission in  presentation is permeating the media picture– the horrid details of the personal history of this ex-astronaut.

Was she not a poor choice from day one? A few of Ms. Payette resume “red flags”–

Payette was charged with second degree assault in Maryland, on November 24, 2011. At least one  source alleged that the victim was her then-husband, Billie Flynn.”

Despite full public awareness, Justin Trudeau made the appointment. In July, 2017 a government statement was issued: “We’ve got no comment on this,” said Kate Purchase, Trudeau’s Director of Communications at the time.

“In 2016, Julie Payette was given severance of  $200,000 when she resigned from the Montreal Science Centre  following complaints about her treatment of employees. In 2017, Payette left the Canadian Olympic Committee after two internal investigations into her treatment of staff including verbal harassment, sources said.”

In 2016, Toronto Star reported that as she was driving home one day, Julie Payette struck and killed a pedestrian.  Payette was proceeding on a green light and the woman appeared suddenly in front of her, crossing the street illegally.  After eight months of investigation, police closed the case.  

Subsequent to Justin Trudeau’s appointment of Julie Payette as Governor General of Canada in October, 2017, the PM skirted the controversy over her relationship with Rideau Hall staff.  Mr. Trudeau referred to Payette as an “excellent” Governor General, and said he had no intention of replacing her. Fair to say his judgment was 100% off-base.

Moving forward to her recent departure from office, Gov.-Gen. Julie Payette and her secretary, Assunta di Lorenzo, claimed they are resigning after an outside workplace review of Rideau Hall found that the pair presided over a toxic work environment.

As of Jan. 5,2021,  Rideau Hall had spent more than $150,000 in public funds on legal representation in response to the toxic workplace allegations, and had hired a former Supreme Court justice to represent Payette.  

Why did Justin Trudeau select Julie Payette in the first place?

Her checkered past was in no manner “top secret” material. If CAP can find the  evidence with a basic internet search, are Canadians to believe government, as well as media, incapable of such?

Let us now face the facts: Ms. Payette was a terrible choice. In order to receive the appointment, Justin Trudeau had to have signed off. There has to be a reason for his selection, and in this case, CAP can only speculate:

 Trudeau selected her for a very specific reason– she was completely incompetent. Not unlike the appointment  ketchy Liberal Immigration Minister John McCallum in 2015, Trudeau knew one thing for certain. Julie Payette will do exactly what she is told to do.

Let’s think about this for a moment–  the role of GG relates directly to government interaction with the Crown. Here we speak of merry “Old England,” the Commonwealth, the Queen and Canada’s constitutional relationship with Britain.

CAP Opinion: Justin Trudeau does not like Canada’s connection with Britain. Neither did his father, Pierre Trudeau. This area smacks of the unholy topic of “colonialism.”

Does  Julie Payette have a background in constitutional law? No, she does not. Julie Payette’s background is travelling around in space. She is an ex-astronaut. Was this a case of space cadet Justin Trudeau launching an unqualified Julie Payette into the stratosphere of Canadian governance?

CAP has no evidence this was the case, but we sure as heck do not deny it either. Julie Payette was nothing short of a “yes-person” for the Liberal government.

In truth, the lady likely screwed up more than  Trudeau would even imagine. Yet, the idea that our prime minister  has no culpability in this fiasco should be too rich for any common sense Canadian to accept.

Yet, the geniuses at CBC, the intellectuals at Globe & Mail, and the rest of mainstream media cannot manage to offer a single sound-bite of criticism regarding this appointment.

While mainstream Canadian media are touch upon Trudeau’s responsibility for the Julie Payette appointment debacle, they steer clear of the details of the ex-GG’s personal inequities. For a purpose, of course– they are paid to minimize all screw-ups emanating from Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).





2 thoughts on “Media Downplay Justin Trudeau’s Horrendous Governor General Appointment”

  1. Last year I came across a document that Payette signed and that subsumed the Canadian Parliament under the UN Parliamentary Assembly…it was dated early 2019. I also saw an early 2020 document indicating that Payette had accepted a high profile position with the UN Parliamentary Assembly.

    Shortly thereafter there were rumors of her abuse of staff and I felt something was being planned so that she could take up her new position without the public noticing she went from what is supposed to be a sovereign country to working for a foreign state.

    Since the UN is a foreign state that has invaded Canada using Trojan-horse environmental and peace-brokering as a front, that the GG has made such moves should be concerning. At the time I saw those documents, I was not in a position to save them as PDFs and when I went back they were purged from the Internet.

    Her office refuses to provide a copy…they don’t deny they exist, the just refuse to provide a copy.

    I was wondering if your readers could help me find these two documents…they are important to my research.

    Thank you.


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