Trudeau Endorses Transgenderism For Canadian Children Of All Ages

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It’s no exaggeration to state that a wave of parental backlash against LGBT propaganda in Canadian public schools is rapidly gaining grass-roots momentum.

As reported by Post Millennial News, “over one thousand concerned parents, children, and allies gathered in Ottawa to take part in the Education over Indoctrination protest against the promotion of LGBTQ content in schools.”

“Organizers Josh Alexander and Chris Elston managed to draw in a diverse group of supporters, including many Muslims who joined their Christian neighbors.”

Mainstream media breathe not a word about it– for good reason. The Canadian press function as a monolith of pro-transgender promotion to a point of absurdity. Joining them in their vehemence is PM Justin Trudeau.

This week, Premier of New Brunswick Blaine Higgs took a bold stand against the LGBT-for-youth movement being promoted by our federal government, media and Canadian academia.

“Ruling conservatives in the Canadian province of New Brunswick this week made changes to rules for schools as they sought to ‘recognize the role of parents’ in questions around gender identity.”

New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative Premier Higgs stated that “the policy change recognizes the role of parents.”

Provincial Education Minister Bill Hogan announced the changes: from July 1, 2023 forward, children under 16 “must have parental consent to alter their names and pronouns at school.”

PM Trudeau immediately came out of the bag against Premier Higgs’ common sense decree. CAP can understand why. Mr. Trudeau has a strange and twisted attitude toward the Canadian family unit.

“Right now trans kids in New Brunswick are being told they don’t have the right to be their true selves, that they need to ask permission,” states Trudeau.

“Trans kids need to feel safe, not targeted by politicians.”

So far out-to-lunch is this Trudeau character he must be ordering sandwiches from a take-out restaurant on planet Mars. Each and every day, our children are targeted by federally-funded LGBT indoctrination programs, backed by the Liberal government.

As if on a woke factory assembly line, our children being forced to endure drag queen dance performances, while being read stories like “Adam and Steve.”

Cultural Action Party attempt to understand the logic perpetuated by PM Trudeau, along with pitbull LGBT-pusher, Liberal Minister of Gender Marci Ien.

16 years old to drive a car. 19 years old to purchase cigarettes. 18 years old to vote. 19 years old to consume alcohol.

No minimum age for sex-change transition and hormone therapy.

“The New Brunswick debate reflects similar ones being held in the United States, where it has become a cultural wedge issue between the two main parties heading toward the 2024 presidential elections.”

“Indiana has enacted a law requiring teachers to tell parents when students ask to be called by a new name or different pronoun. North Dakota has approved a law that lets public school teachers and state employees ignore a request to use a transgender person’s preferred pronoun.”

All over the United States, the parental push-back movement against LGBT propaganda has gained momentum. Of course, you wouldn’t know it by way of Canadian media. CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail. All are hiding this piece of reality from the eyeballs of Canadian media consumers.

Why? For what reason is institutional Canada– government, media academia– so vehemently dedicated to maximizing the quantity of youth transitioning from boy to girl, and vice versa? Is it not the mystery of the century, or what?

To be forthright, CAP do not know why it is the case. Our best guess is that– against the will of the people– our Liberal government are working to position our country as the LGBT-Transgender capital of the world.

Apart from this, we stand mystified. Minister of Gender Marci Ein may have an answer, as well as former “Minister of LGBT,” Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault. In CAP’s books, both qualify as “Pink Fascists,” a term we coined to describe politicians and educators who believe that the state should retain jurisdiction over our youth communities.

If so, it wouldn’t be the first time. Authoritarian governments of history indulged in a similar practice. Socialist revolutions of the 2oth century specialized in such methodologies.

Communist China, Soviet Union, Nazi Europe— with each socio-political revolution came a systemic program of youth indoctrination. Perhaps it is here that clear-thinking Canadians can discover Justin Trudeau’s motive for ubiquitous support of all things transgender.

CAP call it the “Woke Revolution,” a play of words on Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960’s. Legacy media call it nothing at all. In turn, they employ a catch-all phrase to shut down all debate on the topic. Any element of public dissatisfaction with the LGBT-Pride assault on society constitutes an act of “hate.”

“I think this is incredible. I did expect at least a thousand people to be here; I think we achieved that.”

“Everyone on our side of this has been too afraid to speak up, but those days are over. People are learning about this, they’re learning how to speak about this, and we’re never gonna be quiet again.”

Too afraid to speak up? Is this not a daily condition within the authoritarian and communist nations Mr. Trudeau so admires? And what of the battle lines?

Government, media, academic intelligentsia versus “the people”– a hallmark of social structure within authoritarian nations present and past.

Truth is, LGBT is not a sexual movement– it is a political movement. To say its purpose is one of “inclusivity” is Canada’s most pathetic joke.

“When asked about the large presence of Muslim families, Elston said he was extremely pleased to see that they came out.”

“I made some good connections with them today, and we’re gonna work together in the future, because the Muslim community is not having this.”

Oh no, Justin Trudeau. Take it from CAP-– our PM will hate this development. The last thing communist agitators wish to see is inter-community harmony between Christians and Muslims, or any other form of cross-community solidarity.

“Hands off our children,” Justin Trudeau. Even better, hands off our country– forever and ever, amen.

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  1. “Right now [two] trans kids in New Brunswick are being told they don’t have the right to [permanently mutilate] their [confused] selves, that they need to ask permission,” [wept] Trudeau.” That’s the Trudopian way; the state tramples parental rights. Perhaps this execrable; loathsome chucklehead should practice what he preaches–Become a pseudo woman. No more nasty; “toxic” male parts. Words are cheap; walk the walk. But first–Talk it over w/ your imam. Lol.


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