Trudeau Empowers Muslim Canada With Special Interest Appointment

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“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the appointment of a special representative on combating Islamophobia that will advise the federal government on how to better fight discrimination against the Muslim community.”

Combating “Islamophobia,” or providing a licence for religious activists to decide what constitutes racism? A slippery slope it is, in light of the Liberal political figure responsible for the appointment of former National Council of Canadian Muslims executive Amira Elghawaby as “Minister Of Islamophobia.”

“A spokesperson from Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen’s office told CBC News she will sit for a four-year term and that her office will have a budget of $5.6 million. The budget says that funding would cover the first five years of the office’s operations.”

In other words, Canadians are going to be hearing a lot more about Islam throughout the decade. The elevation of Ms. Elghawaby to a prime position as “Chief Islamophobia Police Person” all-but guarantees it.

No one should be surprised it has occurred. In 2015, a freshly-minted PM Trudeau began his tenure as champion of Syrian Refugee intake. A few years later, he graduated to repatriating ISIS terrorists. Currently, Mr. Trudeau is working to import ISIS member “Jihadi” Jack Letts to our country.

Throughout the process, our PM pumped up Islamic migration intake to its highest possible level, while pandering for votes by touring Canadian mosques from coast to coast.

The result has been a growing animosity from those who do not fall into Trudeau’s “special interest” communities. By way of perceived ethnic community favouritism, those outside the fold developed feelings of resentment.

The result is a rise of what the Liberal government, media and academia refer to as “Islamophobia.” PM Trudeau’s exacerbation of the social discord is nowhere to be found within mainstream media narrative.

Instead, all of it is rolled up into a ball of racism, bigotry and xenophobia– with the blame placed squarely on the shoulders of “Old Stock” Canada. With the appointment by Minister of Multiculturalism MP Ahmed Hussen, regular Canadians are bound to pay the price.

The  degree to which Amira Elghawaby will be lording it over Old Stock Canadians remains to be seen. Will the initiative be fair and balanced? Or will it play out in the form of “racist witch hunt-time” in Canada?

At the rate of power accumulation for 4% of the Canadian demography, the latter is the anticipated outcome.

It was in the year 1990 that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that a town council’s recitation of the Christian Lord’s Prayer prior to its meetings is unconstitutional. In a 2015 Toronto Star article, current executive of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network Bernie Faber informed readers that:

“The Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously agreed that imposing the Lord’s Prayer as part of Ontario public school opening exercises infringed the right to freedom of religion as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

In 2017, a Toronto Star article informs us that “the Peel Public [School]Board is providing space for Muslim students to pray as a group. The practice has been going on for two decades — as it has in some Toronto public schools.”

In June, 2020 Liberal MP Sumeer Zinbari tweeted out that the Liberal Muslim Parliamentary Caucus is deeply concerned about threats made to a downtown Toronto area mosque.

Turns out that a religious-based Islamic caucus has been established within Parliament. Liberal Muslim MP’s Omar Alghabra, Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid and others meet on a regular basis to address Muslim community issues.

Liberal-Muslim Caucus meetings typically begin with the following prayer:

“In the name of of God the most gracious I want to welcome everyone to the Muslim-Liberal caucus meeting.”

Followed by another person who states that “seeing you all together on the Liberal Muslim Caucus is heart-warming. We see a team by definition representative of the community.”

In terms of hate crimes against religious communities in Canada, the Catholic Register reports that in 2022, “international observers are condemning media, politicians and other leaders for turning a blind eye to a startling new report that shows a 260-per-cent increase in anti-Catholic hate crimes in the past year.”

Chances of confessed “Catholic” Justin Trudeau appointing a Minister of Christophobia? Begin at zero, and don’t stop till you get enough.

What a wonderful Canada it could be. Turns out an institutional body exists within our federal government for the promotion of the Islamic faith. Now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, an institutional body exists to fight what Ms. Amira Elghawaby subjectively considers to be “Islamophobia.”

It’s all going their way by way of Trudeau’s Liberal government. But of course, it won’t be good enough. For “special interest” Canadian communities, it never is.

6 thoughts on “Trudeau Empowers Muslim Canada With Special Interest Appointment”

  1. “Islamophobia?” Meaning?? Brmshstyllzetl has more inherent meaning. Fear of the tooth fairy would be more believable. If (actual) “Islamophobia” were a gas; one could fit it entirely into a small pill bottle. Politically; It’s certainly a lot of hot; noxious; anti-White gas. It originates in the lower bowels of Trudeau and his ilk. BTW–I wonder how much of the (likely much higher) $5.6 million will find its way into Muslim terrorist organizations? Death to the (Christian) infidels!!!

  2. When are we going to get a government agency for the protection of Hard Working CANADIAN Families that are paying taxes to support all this s&$t?????

  3. What an a**hat Turdoo is, pandering to Muslim grifters in Canada. Bending the knee as usual at the expense of real Canadians, all the while radical Islamic ideology flourishes in mosques chanting death to the Jew and the Christians, the people of the book. While Christians and Jews are the most persecuted group on the earth!!! More tax dollars will find their way to support islamic terrorists no doubt!!!

  4. Will she begin her reign by modernizing the Koran and bringing it up from the 7th century? Fear of Islam has to be dealt with by removing the threats of death and violence from that book.

    Where did JT get the $5.6 million figure from? It is an odd number.

  5. Terror attacks in Canada, Hindu temples desecrated, churches burned to the ground, old ladies going for a walk have their brains pulverized and this evil p.o.s. thinks it’s a good idea to pander to the devil. Wonder how much he made for this little appointment?


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