Trudeau Empowers Canadian Banks To Seize Funds From Personal Accounts

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Draconian measures implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have taken another deep dive. According to CTV News, Canadian banks have been empowered with an ability to cut off services to those suspected of supporting the protesters.”

That’s supporting– as distinguished from “taking part in.” The latter is also covered off:

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced the move as part of government’s invocation of the never-before-implemented Emergencies Act. 

“The government is directing financial institutions to review their relationships with anyone involved with the blockades and report them to the RCMP or CSIS.”

“As of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order. In doing so they will be protected against civil liability for actions taken in good faith,” Freeland said.

As authorized under the Emergencies Act, our Liberal government can stick their noses into private citizen’s bank accounts. If they detect support for the Truckers Convoy, account funds can be frozen.

Isn’t Sunny Ways Canada the best? Can it be that Justin Trudeau is transitioning our country to a neo-totalitarian state? Much of the success comes in the form of an escape route delivered by mainstream media. Look to the United States, and you will see a mockery made of Canada’s ersatz dictator.

North of the border, legacy media are certain an incorrigible Justin Trudeau is doing the right thing at the right time. Antonin Artaud having rolled over in his grave, the contrast in presentation borders on Theatre of the Absurd.

Here’s the deal: Justin Trudeau is transitioning freedom in Canada to a rare commodity. By way of Covid rationalization, the Liberals have extended their reach beyond all reasonable limits.

Except if we were living in a communist state. In such a case, none of this would be abnormal. It is the standard lifestyle in countries like China. Now, we have it here in Canada.

We stand witness the transfer of democracy to its final stages. Media say nothing, because they are paid to say nothing. Objective news reporting is no longer their ball game. Media’s goal is to present authoritarian governance like it is as natural as snow in Nunavut.

“These changes cover all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as crypto currencies, states Chrystia Freeland.

The icing on the communist cake: government is bringing forward legislation which will make the changes permanent.

Recognize the methodology? Entrench measures in piece-meal fashion. Feed bite-sized chunks of propaganda to the people. Condition the public step-by-step to accept every hideous piece of freedom-eroding Liberal legislation.

Are bells of history ringing? If so, silence is golden in the world of pseudo-communist implementation.

10 thoughts on “Trudeau Empowers Canadian Banks To Seize Funds From Personal Accounts”

  1. If history is any indicator, we are in for a lengthy bout of some kind of a dictatorship. Call it socialism, communism, or some hybrid of that but the result for us the people is the same.

    Likely it will be my kids that will have to overthrow the tyrants that presume to rule over the people because these things take a good while to fester to that point. And fester they will, the country will suffer with a festering pustule in ottawa and the provinces until death seems better then allowing it to continue.
    How the hell did we get to this you ask.

    The old saying goes something like: All it takes for tyranny to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

    • Well, there’s another pretty recent saying: all successful revolutions begin with the kicking in of a rotten door. And the tyranny that is in place now isn’t going to be able to fix the hinges in time. Your kids’ day is coming.

  2. HOW THE FK CAN PEOPLE LET THIS FASCIST CARTEL GET AWAY WITH THIS?! We are living in 1939 Germany! These left-wing lunatics have badmouth President Trump and made criminals out of people simply wanting their so-called “elected “officials to uphold their constitutional oath and uphold their constitutional and God-given rights.

    The people behind ALL of this fascism/ Burning of cities, terrorizing of innocent people, killing of innocent people and police officers for the last 10 years, (you know,the Democrat party/New World order in the United States and Canada) are one and the same. They STOLE the US election, And Justin Trudeau called an election two YEARS before it was supposed to take place in order to reinsert himself dictator in Canada.

    They are the biggest hypocrites God ever created because they are actually DOING the things that they are accusing their political and ideological opponents of doing While lashing out and using their BLM and antifa morons to terrorize innocent people into going along with their lunacy and their Fascism.

    I don’t understand what the hell happened to people. DID ANYONE READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE OR OUR CONSTITUTION?! WELL?!

    If you have, you will know that we have the God-given constitutional right to overthrow this bullshit and that is exactly what we must do if you want to live in freedom, peace and security! The day has come that our founding fathers warned us about. The day has come for which they have given us our constitutional rights to free ourselves from a tyrannical and oppressive government. Dear God Almighty people, look how fast this happened. Trust me, unless we get up off our asses and EXERCISE our constitutional rights, much worse is coming much faster!

    You call yourselves Americans, yet, you stand there like scared school children in the corner with your thumb up your ass in the face of this blatant tyranny and oppression?!

    We go clear across the goddamn world to liberate Muslims that wanna freaking kill us, yet, we sit here silent and still in the face of blatant fascism that is Currently killing our Canadian brother in and threatening Americans right here at home? Are you freaking kidding me?! PLEASE!! if that’s what an American is today, I’m ashamed to be called an American!

    I’m heading back to Poland. At least in Poland, people have enough common sense to fight for the rights while they still have them!
    Polish people never had much, that’s for sure, but they have more pride in their country, more dignity and self-respect than to allow themselves to live one day under a tyrannical and oppressive government without fighting to the bloody death to the very end!

    If The lazy, apathetic, drug addled, video game playing, uneducated, morons laying in the streets In drug tents, parading around looting, burning, rioting and causing the death of innocent people during Black Lives Matter and antifa riots are the future of this country,America is doomed. I want no part of it! I’ll denounce my citizenship before I live one day under this cluster fuck.


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