Trudeau Election Scam Revealed: Lloyd Fornier

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How effective was the Liberal outreach? Out of a municipal population of 500,000 over 300,000 are NOT of South Asian origin. When the votes were tallied on Election Day all five of Brampton’s sitting Members of Parliament were first or second generation Canadians from India.

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1 thought on “Trudeau Election Scam Revealed: Lloyd Fornier”

  1. I don’t know the statistics of how everyone voted but it may be safe to assume that the majority of Asians voted for Justin after all of his ethnic pandering, a trick liberals learned from his fortunately now dead father Pierre. Add to that a lot of women who voted for him because they thought he was cute or adorable as two women friends described him to me and who also believe that in this dangerous time in history it’s time to have a PM who has a vagina. Add all the folks who voted liberal because all of their families for generations have voted liberal since PM Alexander MacKenzie even though they haven’t a clue what they stood for. Add the young people through to middle aged Canadians all of whom have been indoctrinated by the liberal education establishment to believe that liberals are saints and conservatives are servants of Satan. Add to that all the losers who want free stuff and you win the election. If Hillary whose qualification to be President is being married to a President who hated her guts and who could blame him and is nothing less than a proven incompetent pathological lying witch wins in November after two terms of a President who has proven himself to be the worst President in American history then it’s all over. If a pathetic ignorant twit can win a huge majority in Canada he likely will be PM until his son whatever his name is becomes PM assuming of course that he’s cute and adorable and promises to spend half his time pandering in mosques.


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