Trudeau, Eby Leverage Indigenous Rights To Dismantle English Canada

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In 2007, the United Nations adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), declaring that Indigenous people own the land and resources of the countries in which they live.

“They have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired… to own, use, develop and control.”

Canada’s ruling Conservative government at the time voted “no,” along with the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2016, Justin Trudeau’s government reversed Canada’s objection. Thus began a process of disempowerment that has rapidly accelerated under our current Liberal government.

Trudeau adores this kind of thing. Any opportunity to stick it to “mainstream” Canada, and our PM is there with pink bells on. His Liberal government are big on empowerment– as long as its outcome damages communities for which he holds scorn.

Our Liberal government are precise about which communities “make the grade” in post-modern Canada. If one cares to delve into the matter, they will discover a clear delineation. In the pocket of the prime minister, media in Canada obfuscate the circumstances.

CAP take one step beyond:

Accepted communities in post-modern Canada: Quebecois, Sikhs, Muslims, Homosexuals, Transexuals, First Nations, as well as the general 3rd World diaspora communities.

Pariah communities in post-modern Canada: Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives, white working class, in addition to non-Quebecois citizens of European heritage.

If one looks deeply at the dynamics, validation of this form of social division comes leaping out of the Canadian woodwork. Media say nothing, because they are being paid to keep their mouths shut.

A corollary comes in a deep-dive into Liberal Party-New Democratic Party relations. Since Trudeau became national leader eight years back, the two parties– both on a federal and provincial level– have been quietly amalgamating their forces.

On policy, for certain. A perfect example being something called a “supply and confidence” agreement designed to lock in Mr. Trudeau’s neo-socialist coalition for as long as our Constitution permits.

Even more impactful– and entirely dangerous for our rapidly shrinking Anglophone communities– is found in ideological alignment. Carbon shenanigans, advancement of Islamic political power, support for Sikh nationalism, Euthanasia, advancement of transgender surgery for Canadian youth.

Back to UNDRIP. Historically speaking, there are several pacts signed by government whose social impact is misunderstood, for good reason. Their impact is not tangible at the time of the sign-off.

The 1951 Refugee Convention

“Refugees are among the most vulnerable people in the world. The 1951 Refugee Convention, supplemented by its 1967 Protocol, help protect them.”

“The 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol are the key legal documents that form the basis of UNHCR’s work. They define the term ‘refugee’ and outline their rights and the international standards of treatment for their protection.”

Seventy-five years ago, Canada was controlled by the Liberal Party under Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent.

Seventy-five years later, Canadians experience its deferred impact in this year’s protests against the war in Gaza. We open our eyes to a profound truth eschewed by mainstream media:

It is Canada, and not 3rd World governments, which are today responsible for the problems of the Middle East. At present, we have Liberal MPs in Parliament exerting more energy toward the plight in Gaza than that which they owe to their Canadian constituents.

Another example: Multiculturalism(1971); Multicultural Act of Canada(1988).

CBC won’t whisper a word, but  long-term ramifications of this Pierre Trudeau-founded ideological imposition results in systemic disempowerment of white Canadians. Multiculturalism has no “ceiling.” Therefore, it can steamroll right over English Canada and its communities, inverting Canada’s social order for all-time.

As obfuscated by media,  at this moment both the Liberals and NDP are on a rampage of empowerment for First Nations communities. Sniffing the air of political downfall, the two parties are madly rushing toward another impediment intended to decimate English Canada and its peoples.

“The B.C. government plans to share management of Crown land with First Nations. The scheme will apply not to limited sections of public land here and there, but across the province.” 

“According to the scant materials, the government will amend the B.C. Land Act to incorporate agreements with Indigenous governing bodies.”

As we stated, a deferred impact. UNDRIP was signed in 2007. In 2024, we come to understand its social impact. Acting as little brother to Big Brother PM Justin Trudeau, B.C. Premier David Eby has gone and “sold the farm” to First Nations.

Truth is, this provincial party has morphed into a bastard version of the federal Liberals. Like team Trudeau, it’s chock full o’ Canada-bashers, “special interest” MLA’s, eco-warriors and religious supremacists.

Like the federal Liberals, Eby’s NDP are in the process of transitioning power away from “the people.”  Like the Feds, the party is over-represented in terms of ethnocentric 3rd World politicians.

“NDP MLAs Banned From B.C. Mosques After Selina Robinson’s Comments”

“Representatives from more than a dozen British Columbia mosques and Islamic associations have sent a letter to Premier David Eby calling for the minister of post-secondary education to be removed from her role.”

Bang zoom– she’s done. Illustrating the power currently held by ethnocentric political forces. Selina Robinson dared to defy the “woke God on high.” For that, she is to be cast into the desert of politically correct non-conformity.

Returning to the ramification of UNDRIP, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] offer the following media quote:

First Nations will have a veto over how most of B.C. is used.”

What can one say to this? How about the following hypothesis:

2034: “First Nations will have a veto over how all land is used in all 10 Canadian provinces.”

It’s already the case in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon. Know why this is not widely understood among Canadians? Because media never told us as much.

See how the Liberal Party, together with the NDP, are covertly transferring Canada to First Nations control? Okay, so a few thousand Canadians will come to know this. With luck, perhaps 10 or 20 thousand will gain an understanding.

Fact is, all 40 million Canadian citizens could comprehend this reality, if legacy media didn’t hide the truth from the knowledge of general society.

“Federal Liabilities Owed To Indigenous People Grow To $76 Billion Under Trudeau”

“The Canadian government likely owes Indigenous people almost $76 billion for currently filed land claims and lawsuits, recent official reporting says — a sum that’s nearly seven times greater today than when Justin Trudeau became prime minister.”

Is Canada being stolen away as we speak? It can well be argued that this is the case. In fact, it’s been the plan since a spoiled rich kid with a giant chip on his shoulder named Justin Trudeau was installed as prime minister.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau, Eby Leverage Indigenous Rights To Dismantle English Canada”

  1. Will Indigenous people be granted a seat at the table when it comes to Immigration ? If the Indigenous are in control of the land in this Country, why are they allowing immigrants to pour in by the millions to buy up their land and NOT pay them a penny ?
    You would think the Indigenous would be tired of newcomers coming to Canada and take ( or buy ) more of what it say’s belongs to them ?
    If the Indigenous are accepting this, then is it not discrimination against ” old stock ” Canadians, or are they happy because it affects the white person ?
    When it comes to the ” 76 Billion ” we owe Indigenous people, does that figure include what has already been paid ?
    If we signed a promissory note for the rest, can we expect them to start paying taxes like the rest of us ?

  2. Wow. Trudeau had better pick a side. Islam wants to dominate the West. The First Indigents want to take back “their land.” Trudeau and his like-minded puppets are handing it to the latter on a silver platter. If we had another fifty years; it would be war between the Indigents, and Islam. No contest.

  3. “The [Quebec] government plans to share management of Crown land with First Nations. The scheme will apply not to limited sections of public land here and there, but across the province.” No?? Why not? Give us a solid reason. These people were there to greet the first French settlers. What (falsely) applies to BC–Also applies to Quebec.

  4. It’s a crock of nonsense. Just a ploy to use the “Indians” to transfer all that nice wealth to the globalist sheisters licking their chops, anticipating taking the suckers for a few new strings of beads. The “Indians” did nothing with the land for 10,000+ years, never believed they “owned” it, ridiculed the idea that anyone could “own” “Mother Earth”, and had no concept of “Sovereignty”, which is a western idea they have been encouraged to usurp by sly Zionists pretending to be constitutional lawyers with sympathy for the “Indians”. The “Indians” of these northern climes never invented writing, the wheel, mathematics, architecture, or anything much beyond the smoke signal. Historian James M.S. Careless described the transition of the “Indians” after the whites arrived as follows: “Indian hunting life was only preserved in the fur-trapping far North, or on the reservations, the tracts of land guaranteed at last to the remaining tribes by white governments. And even here, on eastern reservations, the Indians have largely adopted the same ways as neighbouring white farmers. Thus, for better or worse (for remember that the ‘noble red man’ had often lived a life of squalor and near-starvation) the Indian world gradually but inevitably collapsed, as Europeans entered the Canadian scene.”

    If the “Indian world” of the “noble red man” had been so grand as the modern myths allege, it would not have “collapsed”.

    Notice how everything the “Indians” have today they acquired from the “white man”, and are in no hurry to live up to their lying cries of cultural or physical “genocide” by stripping off their jeans and their Reeboks, jumping onto the backs of their ponies and cantering off to live and die in their teepees. No, they will not give up their welfare cheques and their ATVs.


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