“Trudeau Didn’t Do Enough”: Government, Media DECEPTION On U.N. Council Seat Loss

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An old gospel refrain goes like this: “wherever there’s a will, there’s a way.”  

How fitting this is when considering Canadian mainstream media, and their endless methods of spinning political news to cover-up the inequities of “bossman” Justin Trudeau.

After nearly five years of the most anti-nationalist, globalism-pushing leader in Canadian history, CBC and corporate media believe the have found yet another “silver bullet”” to once again deceive 37.8 Million Canadians. 

According to the communist media cabal of Canada, Mr. Trudeau lost out on his coveted United Nations Security Council Seat because–get ready for it– his foreign policy has not been “globalist enough” to deserve a victory.

These media assassins know absolutely no limits to their calculated agenda of political obfuscation and subterfuge. CAP think this situation is downright sick.

“We’re supposed to have a feminist foreign policy. To me, that means that every single decision that’s relevant to Canadian international relations should be examined through its gender dimensions.”

Bollocks. After five years of sending BILLIONS to Africa and Muslim nations for the purpose of instituting mass abortion within these nations, the “experts”(insert laughter here) — media and human rights authorities– inform Canadians that what Trudeau has done “isn’t good enough.”

Insatiability is integral to the leftist-liberal agenda of globalist seduction. Never enough–never GOOD ENOUGH–more is always required. Canada’s tax-payer funded “multicultural” organizations say so. Please– someone, anyone– kindly point out an example of where this leftist social justice warrior movement are ever satisfied with progress in their goal of disempowerment of “traditional” Canada.

“Trudeau said Wednesday’s loss will not deter Canada’s engagement on the international stage on issues such as climate change and gender equality.”

So can you hear it, brother and sister patriots– Trudeau has no plans to change his political positioning. What a GIANT shock this is. And such irony as this Trudeau character plugs the “progressive” ideologies of the Liberals “until the cows come home” on an Alberta Beef farm.

Immutable, unchanging, inflexible–written in STONE. This is the reality of the man Trudeau. Guess what? For CBC and the rest, it simply isn’t good enough.

“But the reality was, coming in five years later than them gave us a delay that we unfortunately weren’t able to overcome. I was hoping we would, and we certainly worked hard to do it” said PM Trudeau.

Know what CAP call this? a bald-faced lie–that’s what. Now, we will point out what may be a peripheral, yet significant element of the equation.

Canada’s “King of Kings” lost in the first round. We won only 108 votes from the member-states of the UN General Assembly, while Norway took 130 and Ireland grabbed 128.

Done deal. No second ballots, no controversy on the count– a straight-up “stonewalling” of Trudeau. 

CAP Interpretation: Uber-powerful U.N. member China despise Justin Trudeau. Strange to think that CAP concur with a conclusion out of this communist pariah nation. No surprise– we have an “alternate theory” here.

Within Chinese numerology, the number “8” represents financial success. The number “3” means long-life. These are the two primary aspects of their numerology beliefs.

Canada recieved 108 votes— for CAP, a “diss” of Mr. Trudeau. Ireland got 128 votes. Is this an “in-your-face” moment for China’s most hated Canadian PM in history?

Coincidence? If so, then it must also be a coincidence that Parliament in Canada has 338 seats. Additionally, it is by pure “chance” that the Trudeau-family driven Multicultural Act of Canada was instituted in the year 1988. CAP believe this was done to motivate Chinese nationals to flock to Canada en masse.

From Global News Canada: “The prime minister also said the campaign allowed Canada to deepen relationships across the globe and he said the country will remain engaged as the world faces unprecedented challenges to international institutions, which include the United Nations.”

More, More, More–How Do You Like it?

See Justin Trudeau never change. See media omit placing this statement in proper context. For CAP, relations across the globe and international institutions are all that Trudeau cares about.

Trudeau’s top concerns as prime minister read like a laundry-list of globalist intentions. A few priority concerns:

United Nations, Middle East, China, Abortion, Homosexuality, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Open Border Societies, Carbon Taxation, Eroding Democracy, Limiting Freedom of Speech, — not to mention branding Anglophone and European-derived Canadians as ubiquitous haters of all non-white Canadians.

Yet– according to the purveyors of anti-Anglo sentiment, Mr. Justin simply has not done ENOUGH.

Buried By Media: Justin Trudeau Establishes Islam As Canada’s MOST POWERFUL Religion

“Canada lost for many reasons. One of them was because of our government’s timidity. It chose to say as little as possible on many of the most emotive issues of the day, lest it offend a country and lose its vote” emotes mainstream media.

Like hell this is the truth. No PM in history has ever prostrated themselves on the global stage like King Justin. The man is so extreme, one would think he  qualifies for a bulk discount on knee-pads from Sportcheck of Canada.

But you what? It isn’t good enough. Witness as our nation’s media puppets spin the entire scenario into a non-sensical pile of political slop.

It’s a sad state-of-affairs as Trudeau’s globalist machinations remain in place no matter what trans-pires within society. Without doubt, this is validation of CAP’s original hypothesis from the very week Justin became our country’s so-called “national leader.”

Without media in his pocket, Trudeau would have been finished long ago. The perpetual partnership between our Liberal government and their post-modern media partners continue to deceive the good citizens of our nation.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder Of Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. 2016)



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