Trudeau Destroying Canadian Energy Industry On Behalf Of Globalist Agenda

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Trudeau is inserting his divisive identity politics into the pipeline approval process and will require companies to undergo a review based on intersectional politics — a fringe far-left ideology championed by Marxist university professors and their social justice warrior students.


1 thought on “Trudeau Destroying Canadian Energy Industry On Behalf Of Globalist Agenda”

  1. In my opinion, Trans mountain pipeline was purposely bought by jihadi Justin to deter(stop) the Alberta oil for two reasons: (a) to force Alberta to jihadi Trudeau’s bidding and to complete his father’s Pierre’s distain for Alberta.
    (b) to help BC environmentalists who want nothing to do with Alberta’s oil.

    Alberta has to start looking after Albertans first and foremost before sending any monies to Trudeau radical regime. Alberta mps have to start speaking out for Alberta just as Quebec mps speak out for speak Quebec.

    Reporters who value their sell respect without being bribed have to start questioning the liberal regime even if it is to shout their questions from across the room and never accept ‘talking points’ non answered answers from them. Do not let the liberal regime accuse the previous ‘Harper gov’ for their (liberal) own disaster. PMSH has nothing to do with jihadi Justin disaster to Canada. Once these reporters start questioning Justin regime on serious issues not soft ball questions, probably the bribed reporters will realize that ‘there are other real reporters out there who taking over with tough hard core questions for their country.


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