Trudeau Defies Democracy As Majority Of Canadians Want Immigration Reduced

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“Out of the 1,500 people surveyed, 57% said Canada should limit the number of immigrants coming to Canada, with “very few” believing there weren’t enough immigrants.”

In October,2020, Liberal Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced that the annual immigration quota was being raised from 341,000  to 401,000 in 2021. 

The take-away is indeed simple: The ruling Liberal Government of Canada has no interest in public opinion, or the democratic principle of the “will of the majority.”

“In a democracy, a government “of the people, for the people” should govern for the greatest good of the greatest number.”

— Laws Of Government: Legal Foundations Of Canadian Democracy

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Witness as the  Trudeau government toss an axiomatic component of Canadian governance into the trash bin. Follow this up with a recognition of a cover-up of this political dynamic from establishment media.

The result is concrete evidence of an erosion of democracy under the rule of PM Trudeau.

“In June, 2020,  a study commissioned by True North News found that 76% of Canadians want a total pause on immigration until a vaccine is developed for COVID-19 and the unemployment rate drops down to pre-COVID levels.”

“A total pause on Immigration was supported by the majority of Canadians across all regions, ages and political party preferences — including 67% of Liberal voters.

Even Canadians who support the Liberal government want a reduction in immigration intake. Think this motivation for change via Justin Trudeau?

Forget about it– Canada is in 2021 a false democracy. One day in the future, our citizenship will wake up to find democracy no longer exists, and our nation has transitioned into a full-fledged dictatorship.

This will occur around the same time that it has become impossible to reverse the process.

— Brad Salzberg, Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. 2016)




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