Trudeau Dedicates Himself To Sikh Culture, Religion In Canada

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To the casual observer, and even those who closely follow his political orientation, PM Justin Trudeau has always been a strange cat. Bogged down in woke lava from day one, Canada’s prime minister clings to the globalist ethos like crazy-glue on paper.

With Canada’s economy crumbling and community anger at its apex, Trudeau chooses this moment to dedicate himself to a tiny sliver of Canadian society.

Of 41 million citizens in our country, Sikh communities comprise 800,000 citizens, or 2% of our demographic. Considering the PM’s dedication to the community, one might believe Canada is Khalistan. Based on Liberal immigration policy, perhaps one day it will be. Or at least, a section of Canada carved off[Brampton, ON] and converted to a Sikh state.

Lack of home affordability, high interest rates, fiscal debt, outrageous food prices and rent costs be damned. For Trudeau, it’s Sikhism that counts:

“We have to remember and get reminded on days such as this and every day, that Sikh values are Canadian values.”

More accurate it is to state that Liberal Party values are Sikh values.

Trudeau made these remarks while addressing the gathering at the Khalsa Day Parade in downtown Toronto this past weekend:

“To the nearly 800,000 Canadian of Sikh heritage, we will always be there to protect your rights and freedoms and we will always defend your community against hatred and discrimination.”

So says Canada’s Prince of Wokeness, after spending the past eight years undermining freedoms for the rest of us. Covid restrictions, Emergency Acts, Internet Censorship flavour the food of Trudeau’s “dedication” to our freedoms. As far as discrimination is concerned, the PM has played a game of “pick and choose” since the day he adorned his globalist crown in late 2015.

What transpired over the the years is what mainstream media eschewed from day one. Trudeau and the Liberals have little problem with prejudice against Christians and Jews. In fact, in somewhat subtle forms, they encourage prejudice against these communities.

“Your right to practice your religion freely and without intimidation, is exactly that, a fundamental right guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that we will always stand up and defend you for.”

What a hypocrite. After government inundated Canada with reports that “215 Indigenous children’s bodies has been discovered in mass graves,” the National Post delivered information negating the story:

“International news outlets published claims that Canada has fallen for one of the biggest hoaxes in its history.”

“Alleged mass grave of Indigenous children at Catholic schools across Canada contains NO BODIES,” declared Britain’s Daily Mail. “No human remains found two years after claims of ‘mass graves’ in Canada,” headlined the New York Post. 

The response, as many Canadians are aware, was mass burning of Christian churches across the country:

“A series of vandalizations, church arsons, and suspicious fires in June and July 2021 desecrated, damaged, or destroyed 68 Christian churches in Canada.”

Not a problem for Justin Trudeau, who responded with a shug of his woke shoulders, claiming the arson attacks are “understandable.”

It is under this hypocritical spell that 41 million Canadians have been taken political hostage. In this regard, we turn to Sikh-Canadian leader of the New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh. A staunch Khalistani[independent Sikh nation] supporter, the NDP leader defies democratic will with his signing of a “confidence and supply” agreement.

No wonder Mr. Trudeau continues to grovel to the powerful Sikh political lobby. With one signature, Singh has ensured that our current PM can continue his political charade until the end of his current term in October, 2025.

What all this has to do with a benefit for 99% of our population who are non-Sikh, only the the globalist gods know. Inversion of priorities is the name of the game for our ruling government.

Bringing about a question CAP has posited time and again: why would our federal government prioritize 2% of our demographic above the 65% of citizens who fall into the category of  “Old Stock” Canadians?

There has to be something to this, though media never speculate on reasons why. On this basis, they are freed from speculating that the source of the inversion is also a Trudeau-family member.

Pierre Trudeau is the founder of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Seemingly egalitarian in nature, special interest communities, multicultural non-profits and immigration pundits grabbed hold of the document like there was no tomorrow.

The result is a morphing of society away from dedication to the majority, a democratic standard, and toward empowerment of 3rd World communities, 3rd World religions, in addition to Canada’s uber-powerful LGBT lobby.

The outcome should be understood by all. It isn’t, for one reason– legacy in media refuse to place the progression in historical context.

In 2024, we witness the outcome:

“The venue, Nathan Philips Square, witnessed numerous Khalistan signage attacking the Indian government, as the secessionist group Sikhs for Justice (SF)J announced it will hold the next phase of the so-called Khalistan Referendum in Calgary on July 28, 2024.” 

“SFJ’s general-counsel Gurpatwant Pannun described Trudeau’s speech as ‘reassuring’ and said the referendum will be dedicated to Nijjar.”

What the benefit is for general Canadian society can be spelled out with a single word: nothing.

This is what the Trudeau family has done to our country. Not only them, of course, but when considering the catalyst for Canada’s transition to a 3rd World-dominated society, Justin and Pierre are the major political players.

It’s all so very sick. How one family came to decimate everything our nation stood for in its first 150 years of existence has never been properly articulated by media. Monolithic in presentation, paid-off by the Liberals, the press in Canada tow the globalist line in perpetuity.

Cultural Action Party [est.2016] has said it before, yet under these circumstances, it’s worthy of repetition:

When Trudeau branded Canada with his “no core identity” proclamation, he knowingly opened the door to a post-modern phenomenon. The empty void at the core of our nation has opened a door to a mad race by “special interest” communities to fill the void.

Each day, we witness the dynamic playing out: China and their election interference. Islam’s political asperations. Sikh-Canadian political posturing. Everything but a preservation and promotion of traditional Canadian values and political identity.

It’s what makes Justin Trudeau a radical, as it did Pierre Trudeau before him. God save Canada? Not likely. We stand witness as systemic degeneration of Canadian society continues through neo-communist control of PM Trudeau and the Liberals.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Dedicates Himself To Sikh Culture, Religion In Canada”

  1. Justin the Trudeau; Defender of Democracy: “[You] have to remember and [be constantly] reminded on days such as this and every day, that Sikh values are [my] values, [and therefore a ‘no core values Canada’ core value.]” “Get it? Got it? Good.” The preceding quote is a memorable line from Danny Kaye’s character; articulated in the 1956 film *The Court Jester* . An apt title for the current Canadian version. Truly; Trudeau “The Court Buffoon” would be a more accurate title.

    “To the nearly 800,000[,000] Canadian[s] of Sikh heritage, [I ] will always be there to protect your rights and freedoms and [I] will always defend your community against [Whitey] hatred and discrimination.” Always?? Uh oh. The rest of “systemically racist” Canada be damned. This worthless fools’ endless cheap talk would almost be funny were it not so serious. Are Sikhs fooled by this guy; or just enjoying their ride on the gravy train?

  2. have you noticed how conservatives/right wing defend russia and the liberal/left wing defend china and how both left and right hate on each other but both china and russia are in an alliance against the west?

    have you noticed this at all?

  3. Trudeau knows the only photo ops that mights include a large crowd will only come from Sikhs and other East indians.
    Let them shut down universities and call for the killing of jews and for some reason that is not hate under Trudeau/Singh’s leadership.
    These individuals are what’s Canada is all about for these two buffoons.
    I’m surprised the latest group of criminals arrested for scams costing Canadians over 4 million dollars were not featured standing next to these two. After all most of this organized criminal ring all came from Brampton. Or what about the 27 pictured in a major arrest by Toronto police in the auto theft ring. Many of them with the last name Singh could fit right in.
    This is the type of immigration that Trudeau/Singh had allowed to flourish in this Country.
    It needs to stop and no more reversing deportation of these criminals by the Federal Liberal
    /NDP government.
    Enough is enough of ruining this Country.
    Out you go…… and no real Canadian will stop it.


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