Trudeau Declared “Pin-Up Boy” For World Economic Forum Agenda

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While the Liberal Government of Canada are funding over 1000 media outlets in Canada, it appears at least one of them has been overlooked.

CAP are guessing that the Niagara Independent is one of them. Otherwise, there’s no way in Hades that a scathing article focused on our federal government’s relationship with the World Economic Forum would gain exposure.

Chris George is a Canadian government relations advisor. As president of a public relations firm established in 1994, Chris provides counsel and management skills to CEOs/Presidents, Boards of Directors and senior executive teams in executing public and government relations campaigns.

Prior to this, Mr.George spent seven years on Parliament Hill on staffs of Cabinet Ministers and MPs.

He says:

“Although it is not openly explained to Canadians, the Trudeau government is diligently introducing policies and programs authored by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF global initiatives are championed in Canada by PM Justin Trudeau, who is a celebrated national figure by the Forum’s Chairman Klaus Schwab.”

That’s pretty direct stuff– enough to add fuel to the rocket the Liberals have launched in pursuit of a replica 0f internet censorship found in China, Russia, and other authoritarian, non-democratic nations.

It’s an anomaly, to be sure. Chances of such sentiments being expressed by CBC and corporate media in Canada hovers between nil and nothing.

“For WEF proponents, this was another rough week as news broke that the Dutch government had collapsed. PM Mark Rutte has held office since 2010 and is one of the senior-most statesmen in the European Union (EU).”

“Rutte is also recognized, along beside Justin Trudeau, as one of the twin ‘golden pin-up boys’ for Klaus Schwab and the WEF’s globalist agenda,” according to Australian Sky News network.

CAP pick up on the game-plan. As funded by the Feds, legacy media in Canada has been instructed to “go light” on the Rutte retirement. They did the same thing upon the departure of Angela Merkel as chancellor of Germany.

Pourquoi? Because to over-emphasize the departure of the two globalist leaders might suggest that Justin Trudeau should go gentle into that political good night.

As far as Schwab’s World Economic Foundation, media in Canada have obviously been instructed to respond in one of two ways:

— Don’t mention the organization at all.

— If they must appear in print, always include a caveat stating that a connection between Trudeau’s Liberals and WEF qualifies as “conspiracy thinking.”

Fortunately, Mr. George doesn’t think so:

“Rutte’s rebuke is but the latest in a string of political set-backs this year for national leaders who are attempting to institute the WEF agenda in their countries.”

“In January there was the shocking resignation of New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, a fevered supporter of the progressive globalist agenda and graduate of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program.”

Are we picking up on a pattern? Merkel, Ardern, Rutte. Upon which we fantasize about a headline from the Globe & Mail:

‘Woke World Leaders Fall Like Flies– Is Justin Trudeau Next?’

Coming back down to earth, we witness words printed in the Niagara Independent:

“An international news story receiving little coverage and analysis in Canadian mainstream media is the mayhem in France resulting in hundreds injured, thousands arrested, and property damage and theft totaling nearly a trillion dollars.”

“Some Canadian commentary pushed a social justice narrative about the riots, focusing on police abuse of ethnic minorities. However, Canuck op eds have been hollow, steering clear of the larger, more complex issues regarding the societal tensions caused by a country ill-prepared for a mass influx of racially diverse migrants.”

Refreshingly direct, is it not? CAP offer a caustic response. “So long, it’s been good to know ya,” as culled from one of Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot’s most popular songs. The future looks rocky for Niagara Independent, who off-load every piece of political correctness to deliver frank commentary on Canada’s relationship with World Economic Forum.

Here’s a real zinger:

“Canadians, as a whole, are blissfully ignorant of these world events and the ensuing debates that are tilting against the globalists’ designs found in international bodies such as the WEF and United Nations.”

“Even though the policies are not identified as originating in the WEF, the Trudeau government is laying down, piece by piece, a WEF agenda for the country.”

Bingo. We get to the essence of why, for one thing, Cultural Action Party despise Trudeau and the Liberals.

In an authentic democracy, the will of the public matters— in particular the will of the majority. Under Justin Trudeau, the Liberals have transitioned these concepts to the category of null and void.

In theory, a political party runs for office based on a published platform, and the ability to implement these policies remains central to a grading of government by the people, as well as among the press.

What Justin Trudeau has done stands in direct contrast to the tenets of democratic governance. Ostensibly elected “by the people,” our PM works an ideological blueprint directly drawn from the World Economic Forum.

As a result, Canada transitions to a hi-jacked nation. As well as a society in which media are paid to hide these realities from its 40 million citizens.

Enough to make a patriot’s blood boil? It is for CAP, upon realization that Justin Trudeau has sold out the political foundation of our country. Of course, he’s not the first, nor is he the founder of the phenomenon.

In this category, the award goes to ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. Opening our doors to an international ethos, this man created the template for Canada’s globalist seduction.

Media won’t tell you, but it was Trudeau Sr. gave our country the building blocks in which to do so. Mass immigration. China’s penetration of Canadian society. Multiculturalism. Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

All of which set the foundation for Canada’s journey toward post-modern status. And guess what? The Trudeau family aren’t done with us yet. The final nail in the coffin hangs in the balance.

Our current PM’s successful transition of Canada toward the socialist political ideal Pierre Trudeau so deeply believed in. Standing in the shadows is Klaus Schwab, WEF and their neo-communist re-imaging of western nations.

Justin Trudeau, agent of World Economic Forum? CAP wouldn’t put it past him for all the farms in Cuba.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau Declared “Pin-Up Boy” For World Economic Forum Agenda”

  1. How do you fight a corrupt international cabal when the karens around us don’t even know what is happening in their own house? sTUPIDITY REIGNS SUPREME IN CANADA!

  2. Chris George: “Although it is not openly explained to Canadians, the Trudeau [puppet] government is diligently introducing [perverted] policies and programs [hatched] by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF global initiatives are [imposed on] Canada by [lackey] Justin Trudeau, who is a [penetrated] figure by the Forum’s Chairman Klaus Schwab.”

    One wonders….Schwab has an unusual interest in Canada. (Perhaps b/c Trudeau is putty in his hands.) What is Swab’s end game? At what point will Canada be “sewn up” and gift wrapped? And then? It gives one pause–This heretofore unknown; butt ugly little creep (Schwab) has immense power way beyond his station in life. It’s interesting that all Western leaders have been curiously subservient to this creature for quite some time–and then all of them sprang into (lockstep) action when C-19 made a “happenstance” appearance. The curtain opened; all the (cloned) actors knew their roles, and parroted rehearsed lines. It ain’t over….This is just an intermission. Act II will follow.

  3. As a headsman for the New Country, kanatan, a detention order has been made for these treasonous.
    As we know there is no crown on this land.
    The original peoples were here and has always been on this land.
    The world will be told soon


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