Trudeau Decimates Housing, Healthcare Through Excessive Immigration

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A common theme runs down the river of woke liberal globalism in Canada. Not that Canadian media would ever allude to it. They are being paid by our Liberal government not to do so.

Beneath the current of federal government policy flows an ominous social dynamic. Every policy decision made by PM Justin Trudeau undermines quality of life for Canada’s Old Stock communities. Not only this, it can be argued that specific policies–Euthanasia and Abortion– impede not quality of life, but life itself.

Two issues burning a hole in our national psyche speak to our commentary: Healthcare and Housing. Considering these vital elements from the vantage point of generational, Canadian-born citizens– something media never do– we witness the fall-out.

Statistically speaking, Canada’s giant 3rd World import communities are much younger than our current caucasian population. Though media never allude to it, this means that the majority of white Canadians fall into “aging population and workforce” bucket.

What does this entail on a demographic basis? It tells us that, for example, Justin Trudeau’s assisted dying regime affects whites more than other identifiable communities. The same applies to a need for healthcare. As accelerated by immigration intake–the city of Vancouver being our finest example– affordability for long-term residents has become out-of-reach for middle income citizens.

It is on this basis that we realize that Trudeau’s choice for Minister of Multiculturalism and Housing(?!) is none other than Somali citizen, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen. Arguably Canada’s greatest political ethnocentric, the myopic Mr. Hussen is known for taking care of his own, while branding the rest of us bigoted racists.

Even more damaging is the impact on national healthcare. It is where CAP crossover into the so-called “conspiratorial.” Away from media presentation, the trajectory of the demise in the availability of healthcare follows along these lines:

First comes Covid from China. Next, an enforcement of Digital ID, also from China. While the pressure on our Healthcare industry rapidly ramps up, Mr. Trudeau increases immigration to its highest level in modern history. Did the PM understand the dynamics at play? Was there a conscious choice to be made in this regard?

If immigration goes through the roof, the obvious outcome– particularly in the pandemic era– is an erosion of quality healthcare. Did PM Trudeau choose immigration over quality of health for Old Stock Canadians? Did his mad scramble to establish a Liberal Party dictatorship take precedent over the health and welfare of long-term taxpayers?

Of course it did. In fact, Cultural Action Party are paranoid enough to say it has been done with full intention. The mystery of Liberal government policy unfolds: Justin Trudeau is tasked with creating a brand-new Canada. To accomplish his goal, the Liberals appropriate demographic manipulation from the government of China.

Shape the country into a government-complaint population, and your problems are over, or at least minimized significantly. That Anglophones and other Canadians of European heritage have no role in this ultimate destiny is being hidden away by legacy media.

Housing. Healthcare. Immigration. Multiculturalism. Transgender. Carbon Tax. Abortion. Euthanasia. Let CAP lay it on the line: there is no identifiable community in Canada that is more adversely affected by these policies than our Anglophone communities.

Globe & Mail. Toronto Star. National Post. CTV. Global News. Not one of these media entities has entertained even one element of this assault on our communities. Seems they are on-board with the agenda, rendering them nothing less than a woke Liberal-funded globalist propaganda machine.

Sunny ways are here again? Not quite, fellow patriots. Hear ye, hear ye: Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party have established the greatest social swindle in Canadian history.

To which CAP add a corollary.  The province of Quebec is fully exempt. Pourquoi? Because a Liberal government is a Quebec-supremacist government. Who are making the decisions on behalf of all Canadians?

Justin Trudeau of course. MP Jean Yves-Duclos, Minister of Health. MP Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing. François-Philippe Champagne, Mini-me of Trudeau globalism. Marie Claude Bibeau, Agriculture. Melanie Joly, Foreign Affairs. Pablo Rodriguez, Quebec MP. Omar Alghabra, Transportation. David Lametti, Quebec MP.

Did you know? Out of a total of 39 cabinet positions, just 9 are held by Anglophone males. Some white privilege we have, eh? All of this falling on deaf ears in Canada– because media refuse to articulate even a drop of this information.

With a gang of Quebecois supremacists controlling critical federal files, quality of life for Anglophones— if not life itself– systemically heads down the drain of a dying democracy.

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