Covid Time In Canada: 33% of Unemployed To Receive NOTHING From Liberal Government

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CAP have noticed a most curious phenomenon within the spectrum of “post-covid” politics in Canada. It is almost daily where we read about all the “good will” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is providing on behalf of 37.7 Million Canadian citizens. 

Naturally, they refrain from pointing out an obvious fact: No Canadian citizen alive has done more to advance Coronavirus in Canada than Justin Trudeau. Indeed, this person is Mr. “Open Borders” in no uncertain terms.

Yet, invariably, we also discover tangible evidence that contradicts government/media messaging to the public. For example:

“Immigration is on hold in Canada, for the time being, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

“A federal government official confirms the immigration program is suspended while travel restrictions remain in place, but some wonder whether we might need to keep the program on pause a little longer.”

Now, kindly contrast this with the following information:

“Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) tweeted that Express Entry rounds are STILL HAPPENING and they will be accepting and processing applications.”

After Canada implemented special measures to slow the spread of coronavirus Canada held an Express Entry draw on March 18,2020  that only invited provincial nomineesCanada held another exceptional draw five days later on March 23,2020 only inviting candidates from the Canadian Experience Class immigration program.

CAP Opinion: The Trudeau government has once again lied to the people of Canada. Now, subsequent to this very recent development, it turns out another act of deception has occurred:

According to a new analysis from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives–

One third of unemployed Canadians will receive no income support from employment insurance or the federal emergency benefit, according to a new analysis from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, an estimated 862,000 Canadians will receive nothing from EI or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

“A total of 1.2 million Canadians were unemployed heading into the crisis. These jobless individuals have already been joined by an estimated 1.5 million people in layoffs from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Degree of exposure from CBC? Nothing, nada, zip. Just imagine a headline such as CAP is offering on the front page of the Globe & Mail. Then wipe the concept from your memory bank–because it has not occurred-– and never will occur.

After all, we are now living in “post-democratic” Canada. What percentage of Canadians are clueing in to the transition Justin Trudeau & Co. have made within society? Pretty hard to do when Covid-19 is eating up every bit of space found in Trudeau’s puppet establishment media.

 “More than two million Canadians, or one in ten workers, have applied for jobless claims (non-Canadian media source)since the start of nationwide lock downs last month to slow the spread of coronavirus.”

One sign of a nascent socialist society is found when media and government function as a single entity. Favourite form of society by way of Justin Trudeau? Same as father and brother Alexandre Trudeau-– that old stand-by, communism.

By what rationalization does government legitimize the gouging of former Canadian workers? They were unemployed before Corona “came to town.”

This CAP can believe. After all, if you were a federal government who decimated the Alberta Oil Sands, thereby benefitting oil producing Trudeau hero-nations such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, you would be unemployed too.

Fact: Pre-Corona, or post-Corona, the federal government of Canada’s job is to minimize unemployment within society. Therefore, bollocks to the Liberal “rationalization.”

HIDDEN BY CBC: Trudeau Approves 25% Increase In Economic Class Migration Intake DURING COVID CRISIS

What we really have here is a ruling government which maintains a singular priority within present-day society: to fool Canadians into believing their behaviour is rooted in benevolence toward the citizens of Canada.

It is true that specific segments are top priority for Trudeau. Immigration from China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria and dozens more is number one with a bullet.

Obviously, nothing will prevent Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of globalist cultural and economic assassins from setting Canada up for its transition from a liberal democracy to a socialist nation-state.

Within this dynamic, some will win and some will lose. Based upon King Justin’s ubiquitous dedication to the decimation of 153 years of national existence, CAP predict the dying Great White North has perhaps 30 years remaining as an actual democratic nation.

The founder of our downfall is a fellow named Pierre Trudeau. The executor is a fellow named Justin Trudeau. Media remain SILENT as traditional Canada– as well as “traditional” populations, are buried in the historical sands of time.










3 thoughts on “Covid Time In Canada: 33% of Unemployed To Receive NOTHING From Liberal Government”

  1. imagine that knew it all along he is a pos lier and does not care for Canadians he wants us to fail and is using this virus to get away with it to pave way for his people what do ya liberal voters think of this pos now.

  2. Many unemployed Canadians can’t get the EI or CERB but if you’re a non-Canadian temporary foreign worker or an international student that made $5000 by whatever means, in whatever country (doesn’t have to be Canada) last year then you qualify for the $2000 per month.
    If you’re an unemployed foreign worker then what the hell are you doing here? If you’re an international student then go home, stay wherever your from and do your studies on line like the rest of the world!!!….and take Trudeau and Hassen with you.


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