Trudeau Creates 3rd World MP Dominated Immigration Committee

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A recently established standing committee oversees matters relating to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB).

The committee is made up of elected Members of Parliament from each recognized political party. In Canada, a party is only recognized if there are 12 or more members in the House of Commons.

The 12-person committee is 25% Anglophone. Statistics Canada’s most recent study(2016) tell us that 68% of our population is comprised of Anglophones.

The irony arrives in no-uncertain terms. In any situation where “racialized” Canadians are under-represented, multicultural advocates scream for equal representation. For any case of over-representation, so-called equality advocates are silent as the lambs.

Within the committee, we have NDP critic for immigration, Jenny Kwan. She is quite the critic. When there exists the slightest impediment to immigration or refugee intake, Ms. Kwan is wailing like a banshee in opposition. In her books, there is no such thing as an inappropriate migrant, be they illegal, criminal or otherwise.

Salma Zahid has been the Liberal MP for Scarborough Centre, Ontario since 2015.  Zahid is a hijab-wearing three-time MP winner holding office in the “bread basket” of Wokism, the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

Other committee members include Shafqat Ali, Sukh Dhaliwal, Fayçal El-Khoury, Jasraj Singh Hallan, Arielle Kayabaga, in additional to two Francophones.

The Anglophone community of Canada is obviously headed for a major transition. In our opinion, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is knowingly and with intent transferring our communities to a second class condition.

It will only be a matter of time. In truth, everything is going the way of “New Canadians.” Apart from demographics, a comprehensive program of propaganda is pushing Anglophones toward disempowerment.

We are racists, bigots and xenophobes. We stole the land we live on. To accomplish the goal, we committed genocide against Aboriginals.

In terms of treatment of historical migrants to Canada, Justin Trudeau has a catch-all phrase to define the experience: “we failed them.”

Mr. Trudeau, three-time PM winner, believes Canada is a failure. He wants this rectified. He has been conveniently assigned as overseer to complete the task.

CAP has a question for the woke warrior brigade:

How do you reconcile the fact that those being punished today are not responsible for the original crimes?  The answer is simple enough: they don’t– because they don’t have to.

Why not? Multiple reasons exist. One is because government are partnered with media in pursuit of pre-meditated objectives. Our controlling institutions are working a program of societal inversion. Multiculturalism, diversity, woke culture– these are smoke screens for an ultimate objective.

It is behind the veil of “equality” that the truth resides. The agenda is one of payback– the pursuit of a “pound of flesh” for the transgressions of historical predecessors of modern-day Anglophones.

It contains no logic– and it doesn’t have to. Looking to the history of totalitarianism provides a clue. Mid-20th century philosopher Hannah Arendt spoke of the use of propaganda and manipulation of the masses as instruments of totalitarianism.

“The force possessed by totalitarian propaganda lies in its ability to shut the masses off from the real world.” Enter Canadian media’s shut-down of all anti-woke sentiment.

The woke reformation cherry-picks from the “best” of these historical movements. One is Mao Tse Tung’s Silent Revolution, so dear to the hearts of the Trudeau family. An inversion is applied to disguise a pseudo-totalitarian agenda as a pursuit of social equality. This is referred to as “subterfuge”— a tactic utilized in the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Step by step– as turbo-charged by the pandemic– Canada is headed for permanent social and political transformation. CAP refer to this as the Woke Revolution.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Creates 3rd World MP Dominated Immigration Committee”

  1. “We are racists, bigots and xenophobes.”

    Yep. This “fact” is now being drilled into the heads all Canadian youngsters, especially white kids, from kindergarten to post-grad. Straight white cisgendered males are the villains of history and the present, uniquely responsible for all ills and inequities in our society.

    So, you 50 to 60 year old guys out there, how do you think society is going to treat you in another 20 years or so when all the politicians, business people, physicians, caregivers and general holders of the levers of power will be from this new crop of uber-woke young people?

    What services will you be denied because you’ve already enjoyed too many unearned advantages in life? Will the leaders of tomorrow think you deserve CPP and OAS (assuming those benefits still exist for anyone) or will they claw them back on a points scale based on your “privilege”? Will the politicians think you even deserve to vote, let alone pay any heed to your needs or wishes? Will the antiracist doctors try very hard to save your hateful, bigoted old self when you’re stroking out or having a heart attack or will triage be based on skin colour?

    Given the degree of contempt and resentment already being shown for Boomers by many from the younger generations, the prospects for the current aging demographic cohort aren’t looking very encouraging.

    • Degree of contempt is as high as you can get it. These are dangerous people with a more dangerous agenda and most dangerous ideology.


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