Trudeau-Controlled Media Refuse To Cover Annual Anti-Abortion March

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Campaign Life Coalition is Canada’s national pro-life and pro-family political lobby group, largest pro-life organization, and the sole organizer of the March for Life, Canada’s biggest annual pro-life event.

This year’s May 9 march commemorates 50 years since Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s Liberal government legalized abortion on May 14, 1969, and the four million children killed by abortion in Canada since that time.

That’s FOUR MILLION potential Canadian citizens. This, within a nation with serious problems of a rapidly aging demographic and workforce. To remedy the situation, government choose to import an unprecedented number of migrants from the Third World. After all, they have larger families than the Canadian-born. We can understand why. Third World folks do not indulge in abortion to anywhere near the same extent as long-term Canadians.

In 2018, Somalian refugee immigration Ahmed Hussen announced Canada would import three million people into Canada.  In doing the math, we find 1 MILLION Canadian fetuses have been destroyed within the past decade, while approximately 1 MILLION children have come to Canada from nations such China, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Iran and Syria.

For a segment of society, this is music to their ears.  It should concern all Canadians that part of this segment is found within the Trudeau government. Ahmed Hussen is  no fan of English Canada, nor is boss-man Trudeau for that matter. Their vision of Canada is  devoid of concern for the welfare of Anglo-Canadians.  Fact is, other than running down Anglophones with accusations of racism,  neither politician has ever expressed a positive comment on these folks within their political rhetoric. Nor have they once expressed pride in Anglo-Canada, or referenced  positive contributions to society.

As for abortion policy in Canada, the topic has been all but BURIED within establishment media. Are Canadians aware that our country arguably has the most indifferent abortion laws on earth? Did you know a Canadian woman can have an abortion at ANY POINT in her pregnancy–even at FULL TERM? Are Canadians aware we share abortion laws with North Korea and China–a nation of 1.3 billion inhabitants? No, because media have never informed Canadians of such.

No surprise, the founder of the movement is Pierre Trudeau. It was he who placed a sketchy, mentally unstable refugee named Henry Morgantaler in charge of Canada’s mass abortion industry. The man was a fanatic. As it happens, as a child Morgantaler spent time in World War 2 internment camps. Not the best environment for developing quality mental health.

Canada has killed off four million potential Canadians since PET seized control of the abortion issue in Canada. Forty years later, son Justin mandates that all Liberal caucus members MUST vote pro-choice in all government matters. 

When questioned on the subject, Trudeau perpetually claims a woman has the “right to control their bodies.” Control takes on many forms–including an ability to control the demographic element of Canadian society. In the case of Justin Trudeau and Somalian sidekick Ahmed Hussen, what they desire a Canada devoid of Anglophone Anglophone identity. With abortion as a major weapon in their globalist arsenal, our current government continue to make tremendous progress.



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  1. You can’t View the movie Unplanned either.. We are subjected to Canadians being uninformed and ill informed by the Liberal Dictator


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