Trudeau Considers Restricting Distance of Vehicle Travel For Canadian Citizens

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At the COP26 summit which took place in Europe, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted a carbon pricing conference showcasing Canada’s carbon policy. He referred to it as “one of the most stringent and ambitious in the world.”  The climate conference hosted by Scotland was a veritable who’s who of world leaders, as some 30,000 delegates descended upon Glasgow to attend.

Considering the province of Alberta— hot-bed of carbon tax controversy– no emission mandates had thus far been established apart from a maximum output of 100 megatonnes per year. At Cop26, the Trudeau government mandated a 100-megatonne reduction for Canada’s entire Oil and Gas sector by 2030. 
It shouldn’t come as a surprise. What should make the ears of Canadians perk up is one of the proposed restrictions to accomplish the task. Among other considerations in the proposal we discover the following, as reported by the Calgary Herald on November 8th, 2021.
“Limit personal consumption of hydrocarbons by individual Canadians, in terms of allowable miles travelled by motor vehicle, train or air.”
Let us understand the potential of what is presented in the Calgary Herald article: it is possible a time will arrive when the distance Canadians can travel in their vehicles includes a hard cap on mileage travelled. Not only would this apply to personal vehicles, but also to the time they spend idly reading a newspaper while riding a bus. In this capacity, the impediment does not apply to the vehicles– it applies to individual citizens.
All of which conjure up a collective yawn from legacy media. As a result, it is likely they will never juxtapose this “progressive” policy with that which Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms has to say about the matter.

6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

(2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right:

  1. to move to and take up residence in any province; and
  2. to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.
What would occur in a case where Charter-based mobility rights were violated by Trudeau’s restriction on distance of travel? A simple question it is. The answer, of course, is nothing at all. Just as it applies to current Charter breaches that result from Covid mandates.
Result: an extreme, draconian measure for the loss of personal freedoms. Predicted extend of exposure from establishment media? Nothing. Witness as Canada continues to morph into a reasonable facsimile of the authoritarian nations of the world.
“Baby, You Can Drive My Car”— as expressed by those idealists of 1960’s liberalism, The Beatles. How things have changed. In 2021, the liberal ethos is personified by a potential limit on how far you drive your car down a country road.
 “None of these options can be dismissed when Canada now has a federal environment minister that doubtlessly believes that there is infinite value in the elimination of any Canadian carbon emissions.”
And who could be more effective at cracking the carbon whip than the person PM Trudeau appointed  Minister of Environment, Stephan Guilbault? Witness as the woke globalist agenda falls into line to reshape the destiny of Canadian society.
As Cultural Action Party said the day Justin Trudeau was appointed prime minister, Canada circa 1867-2015 is over and done with. We expect nothing less than a succession of stones laid in our pathway toward Canada’s conversion into an authoritarian state.

148 thoughts on “Trudeau Considers Restricting Distance of Vehicle Travel For Canadian Citizens”

  1. I, drive from the West coast to the East Coast every year, I always go through the USA and then back into Canada in New Brunswick, and the same route going home, I save well over 2,600 dollars in fuel, and drive on better routes to my destination , I can assure you no government is going to limit my travel, no matter what.

      • Don’t include Me in Your description of ‘We’ – I have never voted because they are all crooks, I have never consented to being governed.

        I am not ‘Canadian’; though perhaps Canadians Will get what they deserve for their complacency and arrogance for believing that voting is the be all, end all of a citizen’s duty to uphold and restrain their government. It’s not about voting, it’s about holding the elected officials accountable to their campaign promises and removing them if they breach that public trust (criminal offence).

        When was the last time an elected official was removed for failing to keep their campaign promises? When was the last time an elected official kept their campaign promises? Canadians set a precedence.

        They let government know they can win elections on false promises and never be held accountable. Trudeau is seeing just how far he can push the complacency of Canada’s People.

          • Who voted for him at all ?? It’s just crazy!! Did he win after his men threw stones? Everyone hates him!! Dominion machines voted for him, as did Biden

          • The people of Canada voted him out but he placed all the right people in the right area so the seats are won for him..The seats are the power that get them in when the third world people are brought over there placed where he needs then.

          • Such an under-explored point. Canadians are not voting for a prime minister, we vote for an MP. Media rarely if ever allude to this.

          • I am not looking to overthrow the government but Trudeau needs to go! The mandate that I must comply is not in alliance with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
            It goes so much deeper as we are finally seeing. I’m very tired of being lied to. Trudeau is not for the people. He won’t even listen to them. Instead he spews hate speech publicly to create a deeper wound.
            This is not democracy.

          • Exactly!! All the refugees he brought in were his votes. Just crookedness to the highest level😡
            And it’ll be same thing next time around with all the Ukrainian people coming in.

          • I don’t think there is any integrity in the voting systems, I believe their are higher ups that make sure certain leaders are put in place to elect like minded people to be put in positions they have no business being in! For instance how can they call an election before all the ballots are counted? How can they let people not from this country vote? It’s right on elections Canada’s website how many mail in ballots are sent out to people not living in Canada? Would that not be foreign interference? Or how many countries bought and used Dominion, voting machines, from Canada in their elections? Again, foreign interference in an election? 🤷‍♀️

          • No actually it was mail in ballotts + now election Canada has come out + stated his win by 20.3% does not match those ballotts , The actual ballotts are showing way lower , which i think is why he formed a coalition with ndp , we need to get on the phone to elections can + tell them to decertify all of it , No win for him or any of them , all cheated + meedia complacent calling him the winner when polls hadnt closed in Toronto

        • I agree with you 100 %. complacency is destroying our civil rights and liberties.
          Most Canadians just go to work, watch movies and TV shows, and never watch the news from both sides.
          One day they’re going to have a very scary awakening. In the US at least they impeach, but never in Canada. If you do a bad job at the factory or wherever you get fired. But not politicians and government officials.
          Instead they’re awarded with a golden pension.

        • You could have voted for the PPC. They stand for our charter and Canada. This would not be happening if they got in. Apathetic people like you are not helping the cause.

          • Really? How much was your mouth worth when you have a PM who does what he wants when he wants and has no interest in what you or I have to say about anything? If people do not speak out whether they voted or not then they become a huge part of the problem.

          • Really? How much was your voice worth when you have a PM who does what he wants when he wants? Just because you voted does not give you a voice in anything. Do you really believe that he cares one iota about what you or I have to say about anything?

        • I agree 100%. There needs to be a process where we the People can force an Election when Politicians don’t keep their Election promises. Long over due!

        • Yes so true !Government has to be accountable for wrong decisions and we are the people who supposed to demand that from our leaders !!

      • Canadians voted Trudope and he and globalist friends brought this! Till this pos we were free country! Once again still are unless we allow him to change that….

    • Unfortunately, the banks will limit your money if you go over your “allowable carbon footprint.” MasterCard has already announced their new approach to tackling climate change. Welcome to the social credit system. 😬

      • Only if we let them
        Everyone has to vote Trudeau ,Freeland and the liberals OUT .
        NDP AS.WELL .

        New.laws.and protection rights of Canadians need to be written .

      • tout à fait d’accord, ça fait 2 ans que nous implorons la majorité des très très et trop bons citoyens à se joindre aux manifestations pacifiques pour simplement conserver nos droits et libertés mais de par le conditionnement dont ils ont été victimes par les gouvernements et médias, ils ont et encore aujourd’hui rit de nous et nous méprisent sans comprendre qu’ils s’en font jouer toute une au nom de la putin de sécurité que ces mêmes peureux et naifs recherchent tant et vraiment à tout prix. Quand au nom de ta sécurité tu approuves qu’on limite tes déplacements, qu’on décide de ce que tu peux dire ou non, qu’on choisissent à ta place des traitements que tu prendras, qu’on t’interdise de manifester pacifiquement, qu’on t’interdisent de travailler si tu ne t’as pas soumis à un traitement expérimental, ton t’inderdisent d’aller faire tes courses où bons te semble pour les mêmes raisons , qu’on te dit que si tu n’entres pas dans telle ou telle lignée de pensée politique le gouvernement pourra prendre en charges tes enfants, qu’au nom de cette sécurité, tu acceptes qu’on te surveille partout ou que tu ailles en tout temps chez ou ailleurs, que tu acceptes que les policiers violent la charte en utilisant la violence sur des citoyens pacifiques, que le gouvernement ferme ou gel des comptes bancaires sans qu’il y ait procès, qu’on interdise les débats publiques, que le gouvernement fasse des décrets à volonté pour t’empêcher de déroger à son discours, sa dictature, que les médias discriminent en pleine tv tes semblables parce qu’ils pensent différemment et qu’il t’incite à la haine, c’est que tu es quelqu’un de très insécure qui a un grand besoin d’aide et tu ne devrais pas privé les gens normaux de leur droits et libertés pour cela.

    • They wont make it illegal, it’ll be taxed or some dumbshit so you put in your mileage report with income tax info and get nailed or assisted accordingly.

    • Except your car won’t start when they link your digital ID with your vehicle and a satellite in space will not allow the car to start. Digital ID is the way government will control where you go, what you buy, access to money, etc. This government needs to be removed. No one in Canada wants the social credit system of China

  2. I will not have any respect for Canadians until they get tyrant our of business. I am a Canadian citizen and I demand my right.

    This is still a free country but if the fool running the gov’t continues we will all have to learn Chinese. I hate him and his party so much. They are ALL TRAITORS to our country.

    Jail them, exile them, get rid of them. We must save Canada from a drama teacher in blackface and a young uneducated smug girl. They are the enemy.

    • You are so RIGHT! I don’t know how he was re-elected , but yes he has to GO and soon — before he destroys our freedoms , our constitutional rights. He’s got his nose so far up China’s Ass he can’t see daylight, just like his daddy who was a communist lover. The liberal caucus should all be tried and put in a prison.

    • Way to go!!! I totally agree however how do we do this? Who is going to stand up to this pretty faced tyrant and offer an alternative?
      Bernier is the only alternative who says anything to truly oppose All the others say the same thing.
      Anyone know of a better way?

    • YOU ARE SO RIGHT !!! The Draconian Government who make false promises need to be held accountable and removed from office for treason and breach of our Charter of Rights amongst many other crimes. Crimes again humanity and violation of the Nuremberg Code is another ! The list is endless ! We need an ORDER of PROTECTION to be placed when anyone becomes a Political Leader to enforce and protect our rights ! If not, we need to create a NEW LAW that the leader can be removed from power and lawfully convicted of their crimes ! AND take away their damn high salaries and end their forever pension. Strip them of all their rights while you are at it ! I am SO DONE with these corrupt leaders in power.

    • God gives us our rights & not the government! We should be able to remove them if they violate our god given rights. The charter of rights is our only protection against government violations. I believe it is time to support a class action lawsuit against Trudeau & his gang members. That also includes the leader of the NDP!

  3. Disgusting. There are no words to describe how oppressive these measures are. No doubt there will be a class of people exempt from this tyranny who will continue to travel by private jets and limos at will. Wake up people.

  4. Because he is rich, he can buy credits to offset his carbon footprint. Part of the Great Reset where the rich get all the perks and the rest of us are strictly controlled.

    • I’m still trying to figure that one out . I don’t know one person who voted for him. I believe it was rigged. There’s absolutely no way that piece of sh** should’ve won.

    • Trudeau continues to bring in more and more refugees, giving them voting rights which is off-setting Canadians votes.

      The entire West has no say in elections, only those in Quebec and Ontario.
      By the time we vote in Western Canada the Election is already decided.

      That’s the way the Rigged system works. We are already servants to the French Canadians and now to new Canadians(Refugees).

      • A lot of the older new Canadians from other countries that came here to be free are realizing that they are not going to stay free if they vote Trudeau. Hopefully they will change their votes to help get him OUT!! Saw a lot of videos from the convoy with people saying they came to this country to be free and wanted to keep that. If the election is not rigged there may be a good chance to oust him!! Here’s to hoping.

    • He was elected by the GTA, if not for them he would be a footnote in Canada’s history. He lost the popular vote by over 300k votes. This is exactly why the very first “promise” he broke in 2015 was to change our electoral system. He knew once he was elected with a large majority that the current “first past the post” system actually benefitted him and changing it would mean certain failure once his popularity decreased after people actually had to live under his rule.

    • He was placed in power by the CCP , and the dominion voting machines! No one in their right mind would vote for him. Canada hates him

  5. We have rights in this country Mr. PM
    And you will NOT infringe on those rights for us to freely travel, or move to another province in this country.
    We have God given rights Mr Trudeau something you no longer have because you sold your soul to damnation so you have given yours away.
    You wont take mine or my fellow Canadians rights away.

    • Problem is we’re a minority who think this way. Canadians can’t be saved. If they were awoke they would not have put him back in power. Equally troubling Legault unveiled a green plan. Who knows what these utopian cynical parasites have in store. Canadians need to seriously wake up.

      • He wasn’t elected. He was appointed by the elite. This is what they do. They appointed Donald Trump and once he was in, he screwed the elite by not going along with their tyranny. He duped them and this is why they rigged the US election and Biden got in. Makes sense.

  6. So now we know that our pm has an intellectual disability and needs to work with special services to find suitable employment at the foodbank.

  7. “The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government” Franklin D Roosevelt

  8. Think back to the days or the Great Depression! We will be mostly traveling hobo’s. That’s what the Liberals (communists) want.

  9. This has GOTTA BE the most bone-headed idea piped into that retard’s earpiece since 2015.
    So many things I want to say right now, but I will leave with one quote.
    “A country who elects an idiot for a leader, is WELL REPRESENTED.”

  10. And how easy would this be to add to an existing passport system?! Will people finally start waking up to the purpose behind so-called vaccine passports.

    The time to stand up for our freedom is NOW.

    • The problem is everyone is quick to “Stand Up” while typing on social media. But no one can hear you! It’s all written words and no actions! No one actually making NOISE so people who aren’t in these online groups will hear the alarm and actually wake up.

  11. We’re leaving “dystopia,” and entering the fringes of “nightmare.”

    Are you (1) Unvaxed (or insufficiently vaxxed; up to the gov’t “mandated” nth booster shot?)–No? You are soon to be a prisoner in Trudeau’s N. Korean version of Canada. (2) Planning a road trip; or long distance travel? Whether one is vaxed or unvaxxed–You will possibly become a prisoner within your own province. Maybe gas will become $30/gallon. No trip/moving for you!! Checkpoint Charlie at every border.

    Drive through the states? If only it was that easy. Does this apply equally to other forms of transportation? Maybe just “non essential” travel. That would be yours, and mine. It doesn’t apply to Trudeau; or his turbaned twin. (Disregarding the specious “carbon footprint” blather.)

  12. They arent filling us with graphene for nothing folks
    Look around you at the insane amount of new 5G towers
    Still people won’t believe that canada kept the Chinese 5G lady in canada for a reason.

  13. I see Turdeau’s face and all I want to do is introduce him to a baseball. He might like it, then he can play his games on his terms. No, instead I’ll pray he grows in love and wisdom.

  14. I have tried to find the article in the Calgary Herald on Nov 8th that talks about Trudeau’s idea of travel restrictions and I can’t find it. I want to send it to some people. Could anyone send me the link for the news article or anywhere Trudeau says this? Thank you.

  15. Welcome to hell .. life is soon over .. get ready .. I told my kids 15 years ago.. we live in chianada.. now we soon will.. good bye to freedom .. embrace life in hell .. just ask anyone from behind the iron curtain..

  16. Prime Minister Trudeau is absolutely the most psychotic leader of all time. Everything is a mandate with him he wants to see this country driven to the ground it’s very obvious what him and many liters around the world are trying to do Canadians need to wake up

  17. Justin Trudeau is the most psychotic leader of all time everything with him is a mandate he wants to see Canada driven to the ground he certainly wants to make this country a communist country it’s very obvious Canadians need to wake up

  18. The Hunger Games await us IF we continue to be apathetic. The bullet train is gathering speed. What say you CANADA? Live free or die??? For die we and our children surely will under this tyranny. Only a matter of time before we will “have nothing and be happy”.

  19. Unfortunately I think it will take something like this for people to push back. Maybe it’s what is needed for people to see what’s really going on.

  20. And remember Justy makes money with every jab administered! He has shares, and or owns the so called vaccine! Check it out, tied in with the University of British Columbia! He has bought more jabs than any other country with OUR tax dollars! Transfer of Wealth? It’s time fellow CANADIANS!

    Say NO to MORE mandates! And one more thing has anybody heard or seen the opposition? They are all the same, we actually had no leader to vote for that would represent us the PEOPLE!

  21. Sociopaths understand only one language and that is that of force.

    The only thing that will stop this government is physical force, teaching them to be afraid of the people they’re supposed to serve and to get the hell out or live with some actual consequences.

    Until people get that through their thick, rock-hard, empty skulls, they’ll keep getting screwed and whining about it.

    So keep crying, Canadians. Keep acting shocked and outraged, and then sitting on your ass and doing absolutely nothing. You asked for this, you’re unwilling to defend yourselves, your rights, and that of future generations.

    Until that changes, you deserve everything that’s coming your way.

  22. This is what the Digital ID is for…..I live in Eastern Ontario and it takes 24 hours to travel from the south to the north points This is not Europe where you can travel to 6 countries in 6 hours if need be…

  23. I’m afraid within 3years time they will leave us with a done deal, digital id,social credit ,all will be done…the way they handled the Convoy speaks a lot on how they govern…

  24. I ask you to pray with me dailey.
    Dear Father is what our leaders want is in our the peoples best interest bless them
    If they want to harm us deal with them appropriately. Thank you.

  25. if you don t vote you have no say if you vote you still have no say why bother whom ever is voted in don t give acrap about the people ther just lookin out for themselveswe as canadains are FREE just as long as we do what wer e told

  26. This would most definitely affect our economy. I love to travel to the city to shop a few times a year. Our tourism would suffer as well.

  27. I never voted for Trudeau and i believe he is the worst prime minister ever he is so corrupt and i hope he is held accountable for what he’s done to Canada and the Canadian people.

  28. True and I agree.
    Trudeap must be held accountable and charged with treason and much more.
    More Canadians need to wake up, this guy and his World Economic Forum cronies must be removed from Canadian office.


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