Trudeau Commits To Passing On Pro-China Politics To His Children

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A recent controversy surrounding Chinese government interference in the past two Canadian federal elections continues to dig up dirt on alleged illicit behaviour.

Curated by the National Post, First Reading is a Canadian political newsletter published on a weekly basis. This week, they dropped several bombs on the Liberal-China controversy, including exposure of one million dollars in funding to non-profit organization the Pierre Trudeau Foundation:

“The prime minister[Justin Trudeau] was the star attraction at this exclusive cash for access event with Chinese billionaires,” stated Conservative MP Blaine Calkins during Question Period.

“Zhang Bin is a political advisor to the Chinese government, and after attending the event, he and his partner donated $1 million, including $50,000 to build a statue of former prime minister [Pierre Trudeau].

According to the National Post, foreign donations to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation began to skyrocket after Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister in 2015. Between 2014 and 2016, donations from non-Canadian sources increased from $53 million to $535 million– an increase of one thousand percent.

The Conservatives requested at the time that the Lobbying Commissioner investigate whether Liberal fundraisers used donations to the Trudeau Foundation to gain government influence. According to the  Canadian Lobbying Act, financial donors are prohibited from lobbying a federal government.

“Given that Prime Minister Trudeau is a former member of the Trudeau Foundation,and that his brother Alexandre Trudeau is a member of the board of directors, any efforts by Mr. Trudeau to use his position as Prime Minister to encourage donations may be a violation of the definition of a conflict of interest.”

Net result? Not a darn thing– although that was then, and this is now.

PM Trudeau did not provide a direct response to MP Calkins insinuations. In response, the prime minister was quoted as follows:

 “I am pleased with the representations we have made in Davos and elsewhere to demonstrate that Canada is a good place to invest,” Trudeau said.

The Trudeau family has always maintained a curious relationship with the People’s Republic of China. As prime minister, Pierre Trudeau paid regular visits to the country, often bringing his children with him.

 Second son Alexandre “Sacha” Trudeau wrote a book in 2016 praising China. He titled it  “Barbarian Lost,” a reference to Pierre Trudeau’s 1970s-era advice that China rightly used to see Westerners as barbarians. “It’s[China] a place that’s unique. It’s separate,” the younger Trudeau brother told the CBC in 2016.

Trudeau the elder earned the affection of China’s leaders by recognizing the People’s Republic of China in 1970 — nine years before the United States. He made an official visit in 1973, meeting with Chairman Mao after marathon talks with with Premier Zhou Enlai. 

As reported by the Washington Post in August 2016, Pierre Trudeau “praised  Mao and his heirs for creating a system that strives to provide human dignity and equality of opportunity for the Chinese people.” 

Clearly, it’s a family affair. One that is multi-generation in nature, as the following statement  confirms:

“[Justin] Trudeau framed the whole thing[trip to China] as a kind of family reunion — and made sure to note that he had brought his own kids along.”

“The friendship and the openness towards China that my father taught me, I’m certainly hoping to pass on not only to my children, but to generations of Canadians in the future,” stated our current prime minister.

From generation to generation. Upon which Canadians witness the fervent dedication the Trudeau family have toward the communist nation of China. So Mr. Trudeau is raising his children to admire communist China as does dad, brother, and ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau before them.

Will one of three children grow up to continue the communist link-in-the-chain as perpetrated by the first family of Canadian politics? The mere thought should make Canadians recoil in horror. If this hypothetical ever occured, it is certain that Canada would transition to a full-blown communist society.

To deflate the sensationalism, CAP will state that we believe such a scenario to be unlikely. That said, we must acknowledge what mainstream media in Canada has up to this point time buried from the knowledge of our citizenship.

“In my very first trip to China, I was just a young boy and I was travelling with my father when he was prime minister, and that’s why it is so important to me that on this first trip to China as prime minister I bring my daughter Ella-Grace,” he said.

The Trudeau Family-Liberal Party-Communist China connection is a multi-generational political reality. It’s time the entire charade is fully exposed, bringing an end to media obfuscation that has surrounded the Trudeau family for the past five decades.

7 thoughts on “Trudeau Commits To Passing On Pro-China Politics To His Children”

  1. Not enough Canadians have their eyes open. Ask around.
    Most of the people in your immediate circle are unaware of what is happening because so far it doesn’t directly affect them.
    We need to change that attitude.

  2. “I am pleased with the representations [I] have made in Davos and elsewhere to demonstrate that Canada is a good place [for facists like myself] to invest,” Trudeau [belched].

    The Turd line. Useful idiots for China. It’s time to castrate the Castreau family. Reduce them to Canadian political eunuchs; nothing more. It’s also high time for Canada to grow a pair. Trudeau; the late, and his alleged spawn–The Castrators.

  3. I dislike this … effeminate effete master of the tongue as muchan anyone but:

    “Between 2014 and 2016, donations from non-Canadian sources increased from $53 million to $535 million– an increase of one thousand percent.”

    UIs incorrect, there was no 1000% increase, you can go to the Foundation website and see for yourself.

    Also, it will be discovered that many Vancouver Chinese gave identical amounts to Justine’s last constituency campaign.

  4. How can anyone deny the PM’s obsession with China! They have made him rich beyond his dreams through the Trudeau Foundation! Selling out the people of Our Great Nation! Voting interference is real and must be investigated by someone not affiliated with Trudeau or the Liberal Party of Csnada! A TOTAL INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION THAT IS TRANSPARENT THROUGH AND THROUGH!


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