Trudeau Commits Canada To $9 Billion Program To Assist Sub-Saharan Africa

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The Sahel Alliance seeks to help stabilize the five Sahel countries—Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad—facing chronic insecurity, rising extremism and terrorist threats, lack of economic prospects and access to education, jobs and essential services such as water and electricity. The alliance also includes the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme.

It’s unclear what Canada’s observer status at the Sahel Alliance will entail and whether it will require additional funding announcements to support the organization’s projects in Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad.

The alliance plans to implement over 600 projects by 2022, with global funding of €9 billion ($13.5 billion Cdn). Benefit: Third World, United Nation, Nation of Islam. Loser: Canadian tax-payers.  Under King Justin, isn’t this ALWAYS THE WAY?

Once again Justin Trudeau goes to bat for “his people.” Unfortunately for the Canadian-born, Justin’s people are of the NON-CANADIAN variety.  Mr. Trudeau is very concerned about the health and welfare of the people– Africans, Muslims, Sikhs, Gays, and Transgendered. A most curious collection of disparate peoples if there ever was one

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Justin Trudeau ran for prime minister based on a campaign to work to benefit the people of Canada. Then, once achieving victory, he went to work supporting and funding the people of Africa. Trudeau ran for office on a platform for the legalization of marijuana. Then, post-election, he worked to integrate the Nation of Islam into Canadian society.

What does establishment media have to say about all this? NOTHING. Are sensible Canadians to believe Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert, Jonathan Kay and other leading establishment journalists are UNABLE to recognize the lies and hypocrisy inherent in Trudeau’s behaviour? They recognize it, alright–they just REFUSE to inform the public of the cold, hard truth.

Justin Trudeau has DECEIVED the Canadian people. NO ONE–apart from Canada’s immigration and multicultural industries–  asked for what Mr. Trudeau has delivered to our nation. Based upon the establishment of a majority Liberal government, Justin proceeded to TRANS-form Canada into an ELECTED DICTATORSHIP.

This is the true outcome of the “post-modern” Canada of which our Supreme Leader speaks. Old Stock Canadians would be wise to smarten up about this right quick, and vote according on October 21st, 2019. 






15 thoughts on “Trudeau Commits Canada To $9 Billion Program To Assist Sub-Saharan Africa”

  1. This PM is pathetic, he throws away money everywhere and its not even his money. He’s the worst prime minister this country ever had and that’s a fact.

  2. Enough is enough, does this moron think that our taxes come from an endless well? We have homeless people, vets, health, education, infrastructure and the list goes on. I’ve had enough of this mutton head, he is not CANADIAN, a socialist yes, he is in love with our enemy’s, one world order. We must keep our tax dollars in CANADA, Canada first then maybe we can be a little generous to the worldly people in need.

    • Canadian tax payer dollars function as a giant piggy bank for Justin Trudeau. He has no sense of the value of money, coming from a wealthy trust fund background. Yes, he is a socialist–his father was and his brother is today.

  3. What is the liberals end game here? Are they planning to use abortion as birth/population control that is just a sick thought. These are muslim nations that are probably prolife, what kind of shit is Justine getting us into?

  4. We don’t need to be supporting third world countries at the moment. Canada has major issue with in our energy sectors, agriculture, pipelines .
    A lot of us are just or not getting by. No more taxes … your killing us . We need a change . It’s called the blue wave 🌊. Vote right this October Canadians. Our children will be the ones that suffer .

  5. screw off Trudeau already fix Canada our Military needs the god damn money you asshole stop throwing our money away Stop with Mr Dress up and Mr Fix the world Fix CANADA


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