Canadian Govt Choose CHINA’S MILITARY As Partner In Covid-19 Remedy Solution

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“When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced last month that Canada would soon be holding human trials of a new COVID-19 vaccine, there was a lot of excitement, and some confusion.”

“The developer of the would-be vaccine was a Chinese company called CanSino Biologics, hardly a household name in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Okay fellow patriots–thus far we understand that the company leading the Covid-19 bid is a secondary Chinese pharmaceutical entity. The plot now thickens:

“Not only is CanSino a leader in the international race to find a preventive solution to the pandemic — working alongside the Chinese military’s medical-science division — it has surprisingly deep roots in the country.”

“The vaccine is based on a cell line developed by the National Research Council. The company has worked with the NRC previously on an Ebola vaccine, and with scientists at the council and McMaster University on a tuberculosis shot. More recently, it partnered with a Vancouver-based bio technology company that came up with its own COVID-19 vaccine candidate.”

Note how this National Post article includes the term “National Research Council”— but not NRC of the country of Canada. This is done to dilute the impact, and minimize a connection between Canada and China’s governments.

“At a time of historically sour relations between Canada and China, some experts are questioning Ottawa’s decision to invest in the project.”

Right– some experts are questioning.” Kindly consider that when Trudeau, Liberals and their media servants use the term “expert” it means a mentally-tweaked globalist academic from a plethora of Marxist-infused Canadian universities.

It is within these confines that the greatest group of self-hating Canada bashers are to be found. Seems all one has to do is attend courses in Law and Journalism within McGill, U Of T, York or WLU, and you are well on your way to “multicult-heaven.”

CAP readers know the spot– its a nation where government are today transitioning Canadians of European heritage to the bottom of our society’s “social order.”


“Why would we not choose to be affiliated with those efforts, and instead pick as our preferred partner the Chinese military and a Chinese company?” asked Amir Attaran, who has a doctorate in immunology from Oxford University.

“This vaccine candidate is nothing but a dead man walking now.”

Interesting choice of words, Professor. As it happens, CAP believe in the “dead man walking” theory, and its relationship to the Covid-19 pandemic. We shall leave it to readers to take a crack at our thoughts.

Still, the ultimate question comes down to the following two elucidations:

  1. Why PM Trudeau chose to work so intimately with the communist government of China on a ostensible “Covid Cure.”
  2. Why Canadian media do NOT call this out in direct terms.

CAP Response: Because the truth of the matter is that a decades-long political, social and economic partnership exists between the Liberal Party of Canada, and the communist government of China.

CAP consider this immutable and irrefutable. CBC consider this non-existent. After all, this is the role of mainstream media within present-day Canada– to cover-up all signs of our country’s transition to a 3rd World-dominant, pseudo-communist nation.

There are myriad signs. Here is one–how Covid-19 has created a situation where Trudeau’s “cash-grab” give-aways are positioned as pure altruism.

Everyone likes receiving free money, right? So how can Trudeau’s pseudo-socialist cash hand-outs be criticized? This way, CBC’s propped-up “King of Kings” goes up in the polls.

Yet, on the downside, Canadians become conditioned to the fine art of receiving their income from government--NOT private enterprise. In other words, Covid results in “incremental socialism”–the exact goal of Trudeau and his Liberal cultural assassins.

Media do their job by burying these ideas and observations. The PM of Canada has issued a green light partnering with China’s military to create their “Covid Solution.”

CAP wouldn’t touch the thing with a 10-foot poll. We say that if Trudeau is such a dedicated evangelist for this so-called “remedy,” he should be the FIRST citizen to receive an injection of his Canadian-Chinese “elixir” of health.




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  1. Well, it seems to me that Canadians suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They love the idea of the ‘social-credit’ scoring system that China has – Trudeau has openly stated he admires China. So, get ready folks – we’re headed in that direction.


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