Trudeau Cancels Canada Day, Is Cancelling Canada Next?

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Canadian Heritage announced that they will not allow Canadians to participate in the annual Canada Day celebration at Parliament Hill after two years of cancellations due to COVID.

A continuous trajectory it is. With Covid as a baseline, the Liberal government of Canada are methodically eroding the meaning of being Canadian. Once a source of national pride, Canada Day has degenerated into a viper’s pit of anger and resentment.

Under the direction of PM Justin Trudeau, it is the perfect microcosm for the transformation of our country.  From day one, our prime minister has been working a program of national degeneration– for a purpose.

Enter Canadian media, partners-in-action:

In response, right-wing political pundit Aaron Gunn gathered supporters for an Un-cancel Canada Day party in B.C. and gave a patriotic speech to onlookers.

“And I’m tired of the narrative of this country, and of its story, being dragged through the mud and hijacked by a small group of political extremists,” he said.

Note the positioning– Mr. Gunn is described as a patriot. For the Canadian press, this is zero steps short of a crime. As with nationalism, patriotism in Canada is a dirty word. Justin Trudeau thinks so, as does political partner and NDP party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

We come to understand their hypocrisy: patriotism is acceptable in the Punjab. Likewise in China, Iran, Pakistan. But never in Canada. By what premise does the woke liberal industry justify their attitudes? It is because our nation was founded on colonialism.

On this basis, it is well and good when Pakistan kills four million people upon its establishment. As long as a country wasn’t created by colonization, related atrocities are fine and dandy.

It’s an absurd dynamic– but this is Liberalism in Canada. We note media’s application of the term “right-wing.” In no core identity Canada, a person does not have to be right-wing to qualify. All they have to do is oppose government, and it’s off to the racist doghouse.

Canada has developed a case of the “self-hatred blues.” No individual has infused this social paradox within our country more than Mr. Trudeau. Step-by-step, in incremental fashion, our citizenship has been led by the hand toward national self-abasement. It’s an unnatural phenomenon– a condition millions would realize if media wasn’t covering it up.

Signs are everywhere. A boarded-up Wellington St. on Canada Day. The near disappearance of our national anthem. A decline in the appearance of the Canadian flag. Every bit of it exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. Who knew the dissemination of the virus from China was to be instrumental in Canada’s replication of their social model?

Our Liberal government has transitioned Canada Day into Anti-Canada Day. Is this the end of the road for calculated punitive damages toward society?

Not a chance. For Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Singh and those backing them, an end-game lingers in the distance. Can it be that the most extreme transformation in our history is one giant coincidence? Is there no goal inherent within the continuum of Canadian historical development?

It is here that the great divide comes to call. For CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star consumers, this thinking falls into the conspiratorial. The leftists, the woke and their type scoff and jeer at such a suggestion.

Only thing is, they could be dead wrong. As could our side– possibly. Only time can reveal the true circumstances. As such, CAP is forced to speculate:

Canada is being led along a path toward a comprehensive re-making of our country. Our historical English/French foundation is going to be buried for all-time. Along with it,  democratic governance itself.

Out of the rubble will emerge the Canada of Justin Trudeau’s dreams: socialist-communist, 3rd World dominant, Anglophones and Christians as second-class communities.

This is, in fact, what our PM alluded to back in 2016– an establishment of a post-modern society. Covid from China is assisting Trudeau and his backers in emulating China’s political condition. Media breath not a word about it.

All of which bring us to a critical question: is there anything that can be done to stop it? We point to what may be a defining factor– the next federal election. At a risk of over-simplification, we outline a binary scenario:

If the Conservative Party form the next federal government, our transfer to dictatorship status may not occur. It could still happen, but chances would be lessened. If the Liberals win– it’s game over. Four elections in-a-row. Media working at their behest. Immigration to continuously boost Liberal voter numbers.

Such an accomplishment is foreboding. In 2022, the deck is stacked so high you can see Mount McKinley from its peak.

The Conservative Party of Canada versus:  Liberals, Media, United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, China, and additional global players.

Here we discover the essence of the globalist ethos. It is, in reality, a “David and Goliath”  scenario. Will the best people-kind win? Never has there been a more critical question in the history of our nation.

10 thoughts on “Trudeau Cancels Canada Day, Is Cancelling Canada Next?”

  1. ”In response, right-wing political pundit Aaron Gunn gathered supporters for an “Un-cancel Canada Day” party in B.C. and gave a patriotic speech to onlookers.”

    If British Colombia wants to celebrate ”Canada Day” with Canadian flags. Go for it!

  2. It’s about time we did the opposite for Canada
    we are Canadian
    we have to celebrate Canadian day
    we missed it for two years
    too long we need to gather in our street
    and celebrate this day
    and make it the biggest day of her
    even here in Edmonton Alberta Canada
    Edmontonian we also need to celebrate
    regardless of what Trudeau said
    we need to go to those street and have a good time
    and everywhere else in Alberta
    we cannot miss it this year
    it’s too important

  3. Next step: Disinter P. Trudeau. Let the reconstructionists get to work. When finished; Put their finest work on permanent display–In a glass coffin; a la Lenin. won’t work; too much time has passed since his death? no problem; this is the Age of Magic. Shine a giant; virtual reality P/. Turdo hologram over the the Peace Tower. Replete with P. Turdeau’s voice; telling all and sundry of the joys of communism. Hie alleged spawn weeps w/ joy at this life-like; surreal manifestation of all that’s wrong w/ Canada. Unhappy Kanada Day!

    This July the first; Let a day of serious self flagellation begin. Woe to all those reviled; White; Euro colonialists–(who gave the non-Western nations multiple life saving; labor saving blessings. The airplane/jet engine/diesel engine/steam locomotive/Who built the first automobile? That distinction belongs to two men; the Europeans Benz and Daimler/the telephone/radio/TV/Internet/cell phones/GPS/ Nathaniel Bowditch; USA–The Founder of Modern Maritime Navigation/The Scientific Method/revolutionary scientific discoveries/Einstein/life saving INSULIN/pain free surgery= ANESTHESIA/most of the major dental procedures/medical procedures/instruments/veterinary medicine & surgery/MRI/X-rays/antibiotics (penicillin; etc.)/hospice/British Common Law/hospitals/universities/printing and free; world-wide distribution of the Bible; in multiple languages/great literature/renowned paintings (The Masters)/The DNA double helix/human genome/Genetics (Mendel’s peas)/major scientific discoveries/labor saving devices/The first heart transplant (Cardiac surgeon Dr. Christiaan Barnard; the first human-to-human heart transplant/motion picture camera (movies)/cameras/the microscope/the electron microscope/the bicycle/Charles Babbage–The “father” of the modern computer/pendulum/electric clocks–Invented by Europeans.

    The aforementioned is only a small sample of European achievements; shared with the other nations. Without the West; modern civilization–and all of its comforts–would not exist. Why have so many people flocked to the West? The question just about answers itself. Smearing the Euro people is a foul act; falsifying their history will not change the truth about them. It’s particularly insidious coming from people w/ White ancestry. Our ancestry is something to be celebrated; not dissed. Shame; shame; shame on malevolent; ill informed; spiteful people like the Euro descended Trudeau. Happy Dominion Day! “He shall have dominion; from sea to shining sea, and from the rivers unto the ends of the earth” (Psalm 72:8.) That verse is enshrined inside Canada’s Parliament Buildings. It applies to the Lord God; not Trudeau–In case the godless narcissist thinks he’s the Subject.

  4. Canada: The first of July; in the Current Year: AT 2022; (Not AD)–aka in the year of our Trudeau. Justeen becomes the first “leader” in Canadian history–To cancel (the insipidly named) “Canada Day”–and host a version of Burning Man on Parliament Hill. Flames from the twenty feet high Burning Man leap high into the dark; starless Canadian night; symbolizing the incineration of “racist/misogynistic/homophobic/Islamophobic/transphobic/anti-science/anti-communist/all around hateful Canada/European Man”, and his ancestor’s unparalleled; awe inspiring rise to world prominence–and their enviable achievements.

    Anti-Canada=Burning Man–Representing both the Trudeau’s “greatest achievements.”

  5. Fly your Canadian flag proudly today. At 11:00 AM turn it upsidedown for 60 seconds to symbolize a country in distress. Return your flag to the proper upright postion to tell Trudeau/Singh you will fight to restore this country after their assault.

  6. what a damn dog trudeau is! He can never be held accountable and that makes him a slippery damn dog. I wait for the wheels of our creaky democracy to turn and Turdo and Jughead can be booted out.

  7. The Dishonerable crime minister turdeau is causing dissension purposely to try to Re-Inact the emergency war measures act all those aiding turdeau to do this each and everyone of them is in breech of protection of the public as well as breech of the public trust and they all need to be charged for crimes against the people they are sworn to protect jail them all and freeze their bank accounts !!!!


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