Trudeau Buries Canadians In Taxes While Financing Illegal Migrants

Nearly HALF of all Canadians are less than $200 AWAY from not having enough money to pay their bills.   Canadians are struggling to make ends meet and, meanwhile, asylum seekers to Canada — including people who came into the COUNTRY ILLEGALLY — are being given the royal treatment.

One thought on “Trudeau Buries Canadians In Taxes While Financing Illegal Migrants

  1. There are legal immigrants whom Trudeau like to mix with and there are illegals whom Justin Trudeau will not mix with because he knows it is wrong. However, with legal immigrants, are free to vote which ever parties that suits them nevertheless, with the illegals , he knows that they have no rights but be used to re-elect him to government which they have no choice or they will face deportation. In other words, these illegals are his slaves.

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