Trudeau Buries Canadians In Taxes While Financing Illegal Migrants

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Nearly HALF of all Canadians are less than $200 AWAY from not having enough money to pay their bills.   Canadians are struggling to make ends meet and, meanwhile, asylum seekers to Canada — including people who came into the COUNTRY ILLEGALLY — are being given the royal treatment.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau Buries Canadians In Taxes While Financing Illegal Migrants”

  1. There are legal immigrants whom Trudeau like to mix with and there are illegals whom Justin Trudeau will not mix with because he knows it is wrong. However, with legal immigrants, are free to vote which ever parties that suits them nevertheless, with the illegals , he knows that they have no rights but be used to re-elect him to government which they have no choice or they will face deportation. In other words, these illegals are his slaves.

  2. This is exactly the situation that Trudeau wants Canadians to be in not being able to afford to live no matter how hard they work and having to depend on government hand outs to make ends meet.This situation would make him look like our saviour and he would rule Canadians with an iron fist,and should he be elected in October this is exactly what Canada will be up against.He is destroying all the sale of our natural resourses by stopping Canadians from building pipelines and purchasing our oil from Saudi Arabia,our wood industry and he is going against many of our trading partners in the attempt to starve us financially.He is even importing his followers by crossing our borders illegally so he has them voting for him in October.We canadians must show up in number to vote against these imposters if we want to keep our country,otherwise all will be lost to his prefered race and it’s not Canadians as most of you know already.


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