Trudeau Brings “Totalitarian Time” To The Internet In Canada

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“Always after the fact.”

If there is one trend entrenched in Canadian media that gets CAP’s goat, it’s the phenomenon of hiding critical socio-political issues from Canadians until it’s too late to do anything about it.

Take, for example, the government of China’s infiltration of our society:

‘Vancouver Authors Pour Out Books On China’s Impact’

August 10th, 2023: These authors are “digging into how China is influencing Western politics, academia, media, business and culture and distorting the concept of human rights.”

Upon which concerned Canadians may wonder for how long the government of China’s assault on democracy in Canada has been going on:

‘Canadian Intelligence Flagged Chinese Meddling 37 Years Ago: Newly Released Report’

“A newly released document shows intelligence officials have been tracking China’s attempts to meddle in Canadian affairs for more than one-third of a century.”

The outcome is that a smattering of us now understand the longevity and impact of China’s meddling in Canada’s affairs.

A smattering– as opposed to the concept reaching the consciousness of general society. Just to think– if these facts had been exposed to Canadians even twenty years ago, it may have been possible to have prevented, or at least minimized, China’s infiltration of our country.

It didn’t happen, for good reason. The Liberal Party of Canada and the government of China have  engaged long term in a tacit political partnership, beginning with the placement of ex-PM Pierre Trudeau on Canada’s political throne in 1968.

Due to the Liberal’s influence on media, Canadians have been kept in the dark. As a result of coordination between government and media, exposure of the Liberal-China pact never reached general society.

It may well be true of a brand new move by PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Social media is presently awash in consternation regarding inability to access news on Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Is there a hidden aspect to this which follows the “too late to do anything about it” dynamic? No one will be surprised to know that Cultural Action Party believe there is.

This we call the “Great Canadian Firewall,” in tribute to internet accessibility in PM Trudeau’s preferred nation of China.

“The Great Firewall is the combination of legislative actions and technologies enforced by the People’s Republic of China to regulate the internet domestically.”

The Firewall’s  role in internet censorship in China is to block access to selected foreign websites, as well as slow down cross-border internet traffic.

Individuals are prohibited from using the Internet to: 

“Harm national security; disclose state secrets; or injure the interests of the state or society.”

“Users are prohibited from using the Internet to transmit information that incites resistance to the PRC constitution, laws, or administrative regulations; promoting the overthrow of the government or socialist system; undermining national unification; distorting the truth, or destroying social order.”

We add a caveat: in the same manner that our Liberal government’s brand of communism isn’t an exact replica of Chinese communism, their move to restrict news dissemination isn’t identical either.

Yet, what may result is something akin to China’s Great Firewall. It will a Canadian version, unique to our country, just like Liberal-Communism exists as a variation on a theme.

So…will Canadians be waking up one day to discover our ruling government has yet again emulated a standard of Chinese communism– in this case a censorship of freedom of speech?

Quick Answer: it may not happen. Possibly, the Liberals will be removed from office, replaced by Conservative Party government. Trudeau is gone, Pierre Poilievre is in.

Possibly. Not that this will bring a full-stop end to internet censorship. But it could. Point being, this is how critical Canada’s next federal election will be.

Naturally, the CBC will reflect none of what is suggested within. Globe & Mail, anti-Anglophone Toronto Star— forget about it.

As it is in China, legacy media in our country are being paid by government to tow the Liberal line. In 2023, media function as a branch of the Feds. In typical style, responsibility for internet censorship is being placed on the shoulders of social media CEO’s, when in reality, it’s the Feds who are responsible.

We stand aghast. The parallels are many; the influence profound. By way of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, Canada is taking on fundamental characteristics of an authoritarian state.

The signs are there, but media is silent. They want what government want, believing that Liberal leadership will keep them “in the money.”

Difficult to say with accuracy whether this will be the case. Far easier it is to state that Justin Trudeau is working to inject elements of totalitarianism into the fabric of Canadian society.

The more of Justin Trudeau, the more Liberalism, the greater the loss of individual freedoms, as well as an erosion of true democracy.

The government of China wouldn’t have it  any other way.

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  1. china which makes all your phones, all your mobile video games, all your clothes, most of your pills and the list is endless is = bad

    but christian jesus, a god who happens to be white, and supposedly jewish, we definitely can’t have any other type of god because that would be closed minded = going to save canada from every problem this world has


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