Trudeau Brands Protestors Racists, Women-Haters After Gravel Thrown In Protest

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According to media reports, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and his security detail were pelted with rocks on Monday at a campaign stop in London, Ontario. 

In response, Trudeau told reporters that he will not “back down in the face of anti-vaxxer mobs.”

“There is a small fringe element in this country that is angry, that doesn’t believe in science, that is lashing out with racist, misogynistic attacks,” Trudeau stated.

In what manner does throwing stones(small rocks, described as pebbles) at a prime minister constitute an act of racism? In terms of misogyny– a hatred of women– how does the incident qualify?

It is not the first time Justin Trudeau has branded public acts racist out of context. In August, 2018, a woman at an event in Quebec asked him when his government was planning to repay the province $146 million it had cost to settle refugees.

Trudeau responded by saying “your racism has no place here.” Asked about the incident after the fact, he refused to apologize.

One has to wonder how any Canadian prime minister retains a right to brand whatever they see fit as an act of racism. Is this not a tad irresponsible? Yet, in many ways, the behaviour serves as a defining factor of Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister.

Does this man understand the definition of racism? Has Mr.Trudeau taken the opportunity to read up on hate laws as defined in the Canadian criminal code? Or are these examples of hi-jacking the meaning of racist behaviour to score political points?

No Canadian with powers of observation can deny Justin Trudeau’s dedication to women’s rights. He has served as an evangelist of the movement since day one in office. Back in 2016, the prime minister stated the following:

“I will continue to say I am a feminist until it is met with a shrug.”  On this basis, it can be expected that our prime minister would have a firm understanding of what constitutes misogyny.

Throwing small stones at Justin Trudeau does not qualify. Now, it is possible that racist or misogynist comments have been expressed at his recent campaign stops. But to make it appear as though racism and women-hating are part of  personal attacks on our prime minister must be considered unacceptable.

Mr. Trudeau— not every behaviour in society constitutes an act of racism. It well appears that in a state of panic, our PM has fallen back on cliches that once sustained his image as champion of racialized and female Canadians.

Those days are gone. All that seems to remain is a political automaton using pre-fabricated talking points in hope of winning a third term in office.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

9 thoughts on “Trudeau Brands Protestors Racists, Women-Haters After Gravel Thrown In Protest”

  1. Justin can rest assured no one is holding his half-Cuban racial background against him, nor his effeminate affect, though regarding the latter, easing off the eyeliner and eyelash tinting and extensions might boost his electoral prospects. With women that is.

  2. I am none of the things that Trudeau called those protestors today! But he doesnt want to face people like me whos lives have been destroyed by inept doctors in ou r wonderful health system!

    Tell him to call me personally, make him listen to how my hell began in 2004, and continues today! With my condition a vaccine would kill me! But according to him this morning, my health condition doesn’t fall within the two reasons he cited for not getting the vaccine! This pompous, spoiled rotten fucking rich kid should learn two basic communicatuon skills. A) There is a time to fucking just shut up, you don’t know everything. B) If you follo wed through on your repeated promise to get me a doctor, I wouldn’t fear going to sleep at night because when u suffer from my condition you just might not wake up! Never mind the 50,000 other promises you make and don’t keep!

    I am not indigenous however, he fails to acknowledge that his own father committed atrocities that caused those kids to die! Can’t wait until the carbon date on one of those graves points to the time of that pricks reign of terror! Its sad that the son is so much more evil then the father! Sick, sick sick! How many people who are indigenous , or who are concerned for their basic human rights will vote this prick back in! Wake up Canada he’s a total liar, he had his chance!

  3. I don’t think angry, deceived and fed-up taxpayers qualify as racists or woman-haters.

    Citizens will simply not tolerate his corruption and lies any longer!! Canadians are done with him. His actions over the past six years have caught up to him and it’s his own fault people display extreme disdain, especially when he arrogantly campaigns as if Canadians are ignorant to his destruction of Canada! He can label as he likes, but we are all aware he will never take responsibility for his actions. Things like this are always someone else’s fault, never his. He is a spoiled, bratty child, end of story!

  4. Of course, anyone who disagrees with his thinking is labelled. Shame the gravel thrown wasn’t bigger and a decent sized one didn’t hit him in the head, may have knocked some sense into him.


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