Trudeau Brands Canada Systemically Racist, Approves $3 Billion Loan To China

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Blacklock’s Reporter recently revealed that Export Development Canada has  approved more than $3 billion worth of loans  to companies in China. Being a communist nation, the government control nearly all  corporations within their borders.

An Access to Information Act request reveals that Canada provided $3,209,673,392 in loan guarantees to China, as well as various forms of insurance in 2020.

While polls verify Canadians do not trust and want little to do with China, PM Trudeau continues to defy the democratic principle of acting on behalf of the majority of the public.

There is great irony to be found in the fact that as prime minister, Justin Trudeau positioned himself as an international advocate of human rights. In spite of this–as well as the Liberal’s branding of Muslims in China as a genocide– our PM has further integrated the Canadian and Chinese economies.

In January, 2021, Trudeau approved a $200 billion yuan currency swap between the Bank of Canada and Bank of China.  Valued at 39.38 billion Canadian dollars, it is valid for a five-year period and can be extended upon mutual consent.

While PM Trudeau plays the great reset game with China, he has not forgot about one of his favourite hobbies: the branding of Canada as an evil racist society.

Trudeau was recently questioned by a CBC reporter on his feelings about the British monarchy, as this relates to Canada’s “legacy of colonialism.”

“There are many institutions that we have in this country, including that big building, right across the street from us, Parliament, uh, that has, and is built around a system of colonialism, of discrimination, of systemic racism in all of our institutions.”

No doubt about it, Justin Trudeau is a post-modern prime minister–the first in history to despise the country he has been appointed to lead.

Why does this man push the “self-hatred” agenda so hard within our nation? The only thing CAP maintain as a certainty is that a fundamental, nation-changing development is coming to a Canada near you.

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What appears obvious is that our nation is headed toward an official separation from the Crown. More and more, the Governor General-Julie Payette debacle appears as if it was a  pre-meditated appointment to disparage both the position, and Canada’s connection to Britain.

The ultimate purpose in all of this remains speculative. As CAP readers well know, we believe Canada’s days as a democratic nation are numbered. In its stead, Justin Trudeau will transition our country into a form of pseudo-dictatorship.

Trudeau’s embracement of communist China– coupled with a decimation of Canada’s connection to Britain provide evidence that an end to democratic governance is certainly possible.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(2016)

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Brands Canada Systemically Racist, Approves $3 Billion Loan To China”

  1. This actually, just like O’Toole’s behaviour, says they both know what is coming. These crazy actions are just like the US Military actions in the USA scaring the crap out of people with globalist Biden regime.

    Election fraud was real but in Canada the real Trudeau did it in the Conservative leadership starting with Scheer-Biden. They infiltrated the CPC and used Dominion Voting machines to subvert the vote. Whether Scheer knew I know not but he had a handler. Same with O’Toole.

    No matter, Reid’s globalist Canada cannot stand so a continental republic is coming. The fractional bankers will be gone and they already know it. A better life awaits us !!


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