Trudeau Brands Canada Racist On Chinese Head Tax Anniversary

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“Along with the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, which imposed a head tax on Chinese newcomers to Canada, the racist 1923 legislation almost completely prevented people from China from entering Canada for 24 years.”

For PM Justin Trudeau, that pretty much wraps up the issue. It’s been his habit all along. Distill the situation down to its most base element, eschew historical context,  present the most superficial of conclusions.

Like our PM’s Komagata Maru proclamation regarding racism against South Asians, the fine art of over-simplification has its purposes. It’s completely irresponsible, but what does it matter? PM Trudeau has elevated race to the top of our socio-political totem pole for a purpose. That the purpose is a pre-conceived advancement of social division in Canada is lost within the neo-communist narrative.

The Chinese Head Tax came into being in the late 1800’s. Long before the advent of Human Rights legislation, well before the Civil Rights movement in North America. Previous to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights(1948) came the Head Tax.

Trudeau doesn’t care. Instead, he leverages a tactic utilized to vilify our country and its peoples. The formula is basic: an application of contemporary social values to  historical incidents dating back over one hundred years.

This way, Mr. Trudeau can successfully indulge in his favourite hobby: trashing Canadian identity, particularly as it relates to his nemesis communities– Anglophones, Christians, Heterosexuals.

Beyond communist affectations, another point must be expressed. The implementation of the Chinese Head Tax had a practical purpose. Chinese worker wages consistently undercut wages for local workers. Modelled on a1881 poll tax passed in New Zealand, the intention of the head tax was to discourage Chinese labourers from coming to Canada.

That’s “labourers” — as opposed to “people.” Trudeau wouldn’t make a distinction between the two for all the farms in Cuba. Forever aiming at the jugular of society, our PM paints a portrait of eternal damnation.

Never do Canadians hear a pip-squeak about these factors. You certainly won’t hear it from Justin Trudeau by way of his personal plan of attack upon Canadian society:

CAP lay the methodology on the line: “No matter how erroneous, never let an opportunity to run down your country and brand Canadians racist go to waste.”

Conflating historical circumstances with contemporary life, Trudeau makes his move:

“Chinese communities in Canada deserved better – they still do. That’s why, 100 years since this terrible legislation was enacted to fight anti-Asian racism, violence, and hate. 

“The Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, was a dark time in Canada’s history that has lasting impacts today.”

Hate to break it to you, Justin, but government has a right to make decisions on who can, and cannot, emigrate to a country. Is this not true of China? For crying out loud, they don’t even have a proper immigration policy.

“The term ‘immigration’ is hardly associated with foreign nationals living in China, whose stay is assumed to be temporary.”

United Nations figures estimate that out of a total population of 1.3 billion people, about one million foreigners lived in China in 2017. Barely a drop in the bucket it is. Turns out that the Chinese government is infinitely more discerning about who enters their country than Canada. Justin Trudeau has not a problem with the fact.

The New York Times reports that “levels of xenophobia in China are alarming. According to WVS Wave 7 data, 26 percent of Chinese respondents select foreigners as a category of people they would not want living next to them.

A problem for Justin Trudeau? Of course not. CAP so fervently want to understand. China is every bit as racist as Canada– in fact, more so– yet our PM gives them a pass, while branding our nation and its peoples bigoted racists.

Whose side is Trudeau on? Cultural Action Party believe that a more relevant question regarding national loyalty of a Canadian politician cannot be found.

Media say nothing. No context, no comparison of racism within the two societies. Devoid of historical context, along with a casting off of critical details.

All for the purpose of branding our country a racist society. What a friend we have in Justin Trudeau, eh? Of course, there’s a method to his anti-Canadian madness.

Tasked with converting our country from democracy to dictatorship, our Liberal government play the “race card” to facilitate the outcome.

A friend to no one apart from 3rd World, Homosexual and Quebecois communities, Trudeau continues to drive social division within a dying Great White North.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Brands Canada Racist On Chinese Head Tax Anniversary”

  1. “The Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, was a dark time in Canada’s history that has lasting impacts today.” Yes indeed. They’ve certainly “impacted” Vancouver–especially Richmond. Richmond is now almost exclusively Chinese; from road signs; to menus. Shove off; White man.

  2. Chinese workers were indentured laborers during the construction of our railroads along with my great great grandfather from Norway! Now where is my apology with reparation payments!!! I never heard my grandfather ever complained about racism in the Dominion of Canada. It was a job at the time which the whole family was grateful for. I come from several generations of rail workers I.e. CN/CP rail as a result.


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