Trudeau Brands Canada Racist In Response To Chrystia Freeland Incident

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“We are seeing increasingly people in public life and people in positions of responsibility, particularly women, racialized Canadians, people of minority or different community groups, being targeted because of the increasing strength of your voices,”  Trudeau said in an address this week.

In a televised statement, the prime minister said that Canada needs “more women and racialized Canadians in media.”

PM Trudeau addressed the incident during an announcement on funding for an action plan to support LGBTQ2S+ communities. He said what Freeland faced isn’t isolated and is being seen with increasingly by people in public life, “particularly women and minorities.”

“Threats, violence, intimidation of any kind, are always unacceptable and this kind of cowardly behaviour threatens and undermines our democracy and our values and openness and respect upon which Canada was built,” Trudeau said.

Several takeaways are in order. Firstly, Canadians must recognize a profound truth: Justin Trudeau is never going to change. His brain is locked into a way of thinking designed to divide Canadian from Canadian.

Part of his modus operandi is found in accusations toward society which apply to his personal behaviour as prime minister. Who has undermined democracy in Canada more than Trudeau? The answer is no one. Over the past six-plus years, our PM has instituted a social dynamic best described as “victim culture.”

There are the sufferers, and there are the perpetrators. The lines are clearly defined. The suffering are communities Trudeau backs in perpetuity: LGBT, Transgender, Muslims, Sikhs and various 3rd World migrant communities.

The perpetrators are everyone else. Not their predecessors, forefathers or any particular segment of Old Stock Canadian society. Justin Trudeau has branded our entire nation guilty. At all times, forever and a day, Canadians should be wallowing in the guilt the PM says is exclusively ours.

An article printed in the Toronto Sun this week speaks to the social dynamic:

‘Canada’s Divider-In-Chief is Trudeau, Not Poilievre’

“Justin Trudeau– repeat violator of Canada’s conflict of interest law, smearer of political opponents as racists and white supremacists.”

Do tell– what is the result of stirring up animosity among identifiable Canadian communities? The result is an increase in social division. In response to public frustration by way of verbal attacks against racialized journalists, Trudeau called for an increase in racialized journalists.

And this will resolve the situation how? What is Trudeau really after here? Is it a coincidence that the advent of a second Trudeau family PM resulted in the greatest fragmentation in modern Canadian history? Can it be that the elevation of race to the pinnacle of social issues is a random, spontaneous development?

Yes– if a Canadian lives under a rock, or is a daily follower of CBC News.

Why the clean demarcation amongst pluralist communities into oppressor and oppressed? There has to be a reason, doesn’t there? Such a circumstance never occurred previous to Trudeau’s installation upon the throne of Canada.

Expect not a darn thing to change. While the Liberals preach “progressive” social politics, no federal government has ever before been locked into an ideological agenda like the current Trudeau government.

“A group of reporters for weeks have been publicly sharing a series of private and anonymous emails that they have received and which contain targeted threats of violence and sexual assault, along with racist and misogynistic language.”

Government and media blame those who dislike the direction government is taking our country. In an authentic democracy, public opinion is taken into consideration by a ruling government. Within a false democracy, majority opinion means nothing.

This latter is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. What of this targeting of Canadian journalists? Is it not a matter of media existing as proxy for collective animus toward government? Of course it is. Why on earth would media say as much? Media in 2022 do not speak out against “his master’s voice.” The press are not in a position to defy Trudeau– he signs their pay-cheques.

We arrive at a dynamic infused within non-democratic societies. In perpetuity, the fault lies with “the people.” In Canada’s case, racist and misogynist folk, exclusively comprised of citizens of European heritage, according to Justin Trudeau.

What good does all this do for our country? If nothing, why does our government continue with policies proven to divide society? The answer is simple: because it is government’s intent.

For what reason? CAP call it the Woke Revolution. Justin Trudeau is in the process of revolutionizing Canada. At the core of its ideology is a pursuit of vengeance. Our PM wants an inversion of society. It’s fundamentals are found in a “divide and conquer” strategy rooted in Marxist revolutionary theory.

Divide and conquer, Justin Trudeau. It worked for the communist revolutions of history. Now, our PM is applying the strategy to Canadian society.

19 thoughts on “Trudeau Brands Canada Racist In Response To Chrystia Freeland Incident”

  1. Well written article, I guess the big question is how do we fix it even after he is gone, there is going to be a lot of damage already done

    • Just my opinion and past experience from the old trudeau years who tried to divide the country in the 70’s and 80’s. Once he lost and was out of politics it was an amazing feeling of relief and people started to come back together quickly.

      People felt like they were no longer divided. Yes there will always be a few who cling to the division but on the most part people are good and kind hearted. What happened in Alberta is a result of a Federal government treating Albertans and Canadians like they less and destroying their livelihoods.

      People are done with their pompous attitude and condescending bs. We have all watched the whole country, businesses, families, people being bankrupted, medically injured or killed by these so called officials. We are in a sad state in this country and this action is the result.

    • The way we fix the problem is get rid of EVERY politician Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green etc. that is tied to the WEF and the Globalists that want to change Canada.

  2. Trudeau has destroyed the liberal brand. When he’s gone I’m sure the liberals will experiance their worst defeat in the history of the liberal party. I truly hope they lose party status as they should!

  3. “Threats, violence, intimidation of any kind, are always unacceptable”.
    Yeah, unless you refuse to take the experimental gene therapy, then it’s open season for the Liberals to harass, mock, threaten, punish, segregate and mercilessly punish you to the umpteenth degree. Turdeau is such a POS hypocrite!

  4. These self appointed commie terrorists need to be treated like varmints on a farmers yard, trapped, skinned and thrown on a burning brush pile. And the beautiful thing is, that time is almost here.

  5. How convenient for Trudeau. “[Canadians] are (implied) racists!” Yawn. Trudeau; the Christian hating; White; therefore (self) hating racist; has his racist; White hating half-Canadian “Minister of Whatever” Hussen–Hire a racist; jew hating pillar of the Arab(?) community to head his “anti-racism” pseudo-job. Let me see now; have I got this straight: One lone man pours out his justifiable; although il advised rage; at Turdo–by vicariously yelling at the bilious; smarmy; C. Freeloader. Trudopian “logic”: ONE angry man = Racist; misogynist; genocidal; White supremacist = ALL of Euro descended Canada.

    How fortunate for Trudeau! This incident fortuitously takes the spotlight off of Ahmed Hussen’s racist; bogus; “Anti-Racism” department new hire. In the following; I’m not comparing Trudeau to any real father; but imagine if a father (PM in this case) constantly told anyone who would listen–That his children (Canadians) were a bunch of degenerate; hateful; genocidal; racist losers.

    WOW!! Say what?? Most of his neighbors (The West) would quickly notice the truth, and slap down the evil; lying; horrid “father.” Like a household sh*t fly; he’s still buzzing around; dodging all the flyswatters. He’ll go splat–eventually.

  6. Trudo is just following directives from his masters. He is no more than a boot licking wimp! But the price he pays for his misdeeds will be squarely on his shoulders…and even tho these leaders have been cloned and we don’t know from one day to the next which freakazoid we are looking at…the names of these r*ts will echo forever as we the people and victors of this war will never let this greatest battle of all time be forgotten!

  7. WOW, this clown doesn’t seem to get it does he!! She was being harassed for being a fascist/communist, hell bent on destroying the fabric of Canadian society. She isn’t a patriot, as are the majority of Liberals. Is it any wonder that Western Canadian politician are coming up with a new plan, one where being a Canadian patriot isn’t looked down upon

  8. I believe we are in a transformational stage of the story of the human race.
    You and I are responsible for our own safety and well being. Cooperation will help us solve our personal and local problems.
    Federal government is responsible for federal issues. Local government controlled by you and I allows us to build society that is supportive and allows for creative solutions by us the people. Thank you for coming together and for caring ❤️

  9. What a collosal pile of BS! She was yelled at because she is almost the most diabolical government employee we have! Not because she’s a strong woman. She is an evil traitor and I would call her that to her face! Guess I am racist too 😉

  10. It wouldn’t of mattered whether it was a man or woman black or white oriental or otherwise when people are fed up with all the stupid politics being uttered by anybody in power they will voice it in their own ways. Quit making everything racist or bigoted or sexist etc. etc. etc. it’s all a load of crap because they are dealing crap. They want to continue to divide this country so they can take it over. Quit letting them do it


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