Trudeau-Brand Loyalty: Liberals SIDE WITH CHINA Over Sceptics In Covid-19 Death Count

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“Canadian Health Minister Patty Hadju says the federal government has no reason to believe the Chinese government is hiding the full extent of novel coronavirus infections and deaths in that country.”

If this doesn’t encapsulate the messaging Cultural Action Party of Canada have espoused regarding the Liberal Party of Canada’s relationship with China, what does?

CAP began as a “watchdog” activist group focusing upon the covert, under-exposed relationship between Canada and China— particularly as it relates to the Trudeau “Dynasty’scovert interaction with the behemoth communist nation.

Therefore, we feel qualified to properly assess said relationship. Now, fellow patriots–if you were to choose one nation which you would perpetually distrust in terms of media reporting, what might be a top contender?

A sensible Canadian would choose a communist nation such as China. Within said nations, media report what government permit them to report. For example, if China’s politburo tells Chinese media to inform the public that 10,000 died, and media defy the order–then they are in deep “doo-doo.” Jail-time, anyone?

So if the average Canadian can deduce this logically, why can’t Liberal Minister of Heath, Patty Hadju? A reasonable question, no?

Therefore, one which will never be posited by CBC, Globe & Mail and the remainder of Trudeau’s post-modern media slaves.

Is a recap of events signalling the intelligence of mistrusting China necessary? Hardly– over the past five years, CAP has exposed countless examples of why a lack of trust should be front-and-centre.

Yet, unfathomably, Justin Trudeau, Patty Hadju, oily Liberal Foreign Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne stick like glue to the “benevolence” of the behemoth nation.

Any other patriots notice this disturbing trend? Throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star and National Post have not once placed any degree of blame or responsibility for Coronavirus at the feet of China’s government, and society in general.

How many times has CBC dissed the communist nation for awful eating habits which may well have led to the export of the pandemic throughout western nations?

Try a grand total of ZERO. Think this irrelevant? CAP does not. Rather, this lends credence to a fundamental CAP concept: Justin Trudeau, Patty Hadju, Bill Morneau and the rest actually work for China.

Or at the least, they are politically controlled by the pariah-nation. CBC say nothing. They are in on the action–and so are all other establishment media outlets within Justin Trudeau’s dying democracy.

“The health minister was asked whether she trusts China’s statistics and how Canada can be assured it has accurate pandemic modelling if Beijing has been low-balling its data.”

“She said Canada has not seen any evidence that China has under-reporting the impact of the virus.”

“There is no indication that the data that came out of China in terms of their infection rate, and their death rate, was falsified in any way,” she told reporters at an Ottawa briefing Thursday.”

Three cheers for Trudeau’s hero-nation! Apparently Ms. Hadju is such a specious thinker that she believes that just because she hasn’t seen evidence with her own eyes, there is no way in Hades the Chinese government could have “fudged” the numbers.

Talk about giving a colossal “break” to Pierre Trudeau’s hero-country. Talk about a superficial approach to one of then most socially oppressive communist regimes on earth.

China persecute Christians en masse– Trudeau says nothing. China oppress their Muslim minority by the millions. Liberals say nothing. Fact is, ever since Papa Pierre Trudeau ingratiated Chairman Mao Tse Tung in the year 1971, Canada has maintained a “master-slave” type relationship with China.

It goes like this: Import China’s citizens to Canada by the hundreds of thousands. Attempt a free trade agreement(Justin–it failed). Never condemn any aspect of their society. Never point out the extent of their human rights abuses.

Give China the benefit of the doubt at all times. Media are not to write about any aspect of what is being conveyed herein. Establish the Canada-China Business Council(a Pierre-production) to facilitate China’s government buying up Canadian corporations.

Never allude to the “love-fest” of the Trudeau family toward China. Do not breathe a  single word of information such as this from Papa Pierre:

“The experience of that superb strategist Mao Tse-tung might lead us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country[Canada], the possibility of establishing socialist strongholds in certain regions is the very best thing.”

Never expose the fact that brother Alexandre Trudeau wrote a book praising the communist nation, or the fact that he spent years as a film-maker for the government of Iran.

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Do all this, Canadian media–do exactly as the globalist ethos commands, and guess what?

One day Canada will trans-ition into a emulation of the Trudeau boy’s home-boy nation. Any examples of this within 2020 society? Of course there are– media working the will of government to deceive the public into submission.

This is what the politburo in China with their media, and it is exactly what Justin Trudeau has done within Canadian media.

A Trudeau Canada is a nation in transition from democracy to dictatorship. The catalyst was Pierre Trudeau, and the contemporary conduit is Justin Trudeau.

All mainstream media output is an effort to obscure this reality from the 37.7 Million Citizens of the expiring Great White North.


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  1. When will the remaining Liberal government and the remaining other parties in power finally get together and remove this idiot the shame the stigma from our Canadian government that’s Trudeau the moron

  2. I for one. I can not understand how those who voted for this inept liberal government can not see what is happening to Canada. Trdueau has cause more problems and disruptions in Canada than any Prime minister ever.


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