Trudeau Boosts Elderly Immigrant Intake While 10,000 Die From Euthanasia

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“I am very excited to invite my parents to Canada. I will be emotionally benefited from their presence,” says Surrey, B.C. resident Amritpal Singh in an interview conducted in Punjabi.

Raghbir Singh Bharowal, an immigration consultant based in Surrey, says the super visa plays a vital role in the reunification of families. 

Yes, the Liberal government of Canada are very interested in bringing families together. That is, if they are potential 3rd World immigrants. For those qualifying as Canadian-born, the opposite is the case.

Is it not true that the age of Covid has brought family disunity to the average Canadian household? Stringent pandemic-related government measures have resulted in family fragmentation within our society.

Liberal government-endorsed LGBT and transgender policies are fragmenting our families in an unprecedented manner. Inner-family conflict results from divergent attitudes toward Covid vaccines.

Fear of illness resulted in cancellation of holiday celebrations– particularly Easter and Christmas, when Covid Queen Dr. Theresa Tam ramped up the fear factor. In short, family life in Canada has never been as divisive as it is at present.

A calculated agenda? Some believe it to be true, as the family unit represents a cornerstone in western society, as derived from Judeo-Christian heritage. In communist countries such as China, the state takes precedent over the family unit.

“As per the tradition and culture in many South Asian countries, people tend to stay together. This program reunites them in Canada. Now, more people will apply for the visa,” says immigration consultant Raghbir Singh Bharowal.

“A spokesperson for Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada said the new rule was implemented to recognize the importance of families being together. They also said that around 17,000 super visas are being issued every year.”

At which point CAP contrast the situation with the experience of elderly “Old Stock” Canadians:

‘Trudeau Makes Canada Worldwide Leader With 10,000 Euthanasia Deaths’

More citizens are ending their lives with a medically-assisted death, says a report on medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Canada. The data shows that 10,064 people died in 2021 under the Liberal government’s Euthanasia program– an increase of 32 per cent over 2020.

“Canada has been garnering less than savoury international attention because of the dark side of one of its recent ‘progressive’ accomplishments, namely the assisted suicide regime that has been created since the Supreme Court struck down prohibitions on assisted suicide.”

Let CAP understand this correctly: while 10,000 Old Stock citizens are being bumped off annually, the Trudeau government are importing tens of thousands of elderly migrants from countries such as India, China, Iran, Philippines and Pakistan.

The details of the Canadian government’s Family Reunification program are something PM Trudeau and the Liberals hope Canadian-born citizens do not understand. The breadth of the program is  astonishing. Exactly who can be sponsored and how many family members they can sponsor has never been properly articulated by Canadian media. Big surprise that is.

Persons who can be sponsored under Family Reunification include:

Spouses, common-law partner, same-sex partner, conjugal partner, uncles, aunts, dependent children, parents, grand-parents, adopted children from abroad, and other relatives in special circumstances.

Whoa! What–no accomodation for the family’s pet budgie bird? The wonders never cease.

There is no requirement for parents and grandparents to be employed after arrival, nor is there a requirement to speak an official language. Soon after gaining office in 2015, Justin Trudeau cancelled a requirement to speak English or French, Canada’s official language.

Stop the press. CAP wish to reiterate a vital point. According to our federal government, media and academia, Canada is a country laced with “white privilege.”

To what extent do these circumstances support such a narrative? The answer of course, is zero percent. In reality, the oppose is the case, as 10,000 Canadian-born, generational citizens walk the assisted dying plank on an annual basis.

Meanwhile, Trudeau’s Liberal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser opens the doors of Canada wide for unemployable, elderly, non- english speaking migrants to fill federal election voting booths once every four years.

All of it calculated for a singular purpose? CAP believe it to be true, as part of a covert, untold story of demographic manipulation by way of our Liberal government.

To the doghouse with you, Old Stock Canadians. Unless you are Quebecois, your culture and identity are headed for the dust-bin of existence. Justin Trudeau and his globalist practitioners wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Boosts Elderly Immigrant Intake While 10,000 Die From Euthanasia”

  1. “[T]he new [IRC] rule was implemented to recognize the importance of [Muslim] families being together.” This is teeth gnashing stuff. Turdo’s hatred of Christians/Christianity–The (weakened) bedrock of the West–Knows no bounds. This “Muhammadan” wannabe is hyper-hypocritical; beneath contempt; sickening. Beyond words. Similar to the Woke “vocabulary;” we need new words to describe our utter; utter contempt for this satanic disciple. Keep going Trudeau. Your final end will be judgement according to your trail of viscious; [evil] deeds. There will be a recompense. The human wreckage you have caused will be a witness against you.

  2. Well what I have been saying since the 80’s has and continues to come to fruition. Nobody listened and I was laughed at. Yet here we are on the verge of being a minority in our country that our grandparents, great grandparents fought, died and spilled blood for…

    Before the first Trudeau, when Canada was 95-96% White Canada was a safe prosperous affordable first world country now on the verge of being third world, especially in larger cites. These unwanted guests do not integrate into Canadian society or what it was and have enclaves. Most big cities are gone.

    Too many old stock are sheep and only care about the drive thru and sports. Many still scoff when I say 10-20 years they will be a minority. Some with self hatred (thanks to the Marxist teachers) say we deserve it.

    People with young old stock kids will have no future. Old stock are already discriminated against for jobs, post secondary, social housing and even banks have ‘specials’ for the non old stock etc. Their kids will grow up as a hated discriminated minority and will be the subject of revenge.

    Were way past the point of no return. Tossing Trudeau will not change things as the cons support this mass immigration and parties to scared to say anything about this due to being called ‘racist’ and losing out on the new stock vote.

    Canadians will not vote for real change but like to vote safe by voting the other guy out and staying with the two same old parties. Both parties are responsible for this but many are clueless who can not put two and two together and many more are demoralised.

    Too bad the west did not leave in the 80’s when the first Trudeau brought in NEP. Now with all the Pinko’s and immigrants it will never happen. The last 40 years of Marxist brainwashing in public schools has and is paying off.

    The only reason Quebec is still in Canada is because of the immigrant vote.

    Not just Canada either but we are doing it the fastest as Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and USA are hell bent on becoming third world countries with all the crime that goes with it. Funny politicians do not seem to mention who is doing the crime, violent and otherwise in these countries.

    If I am forced to live in a third country maybe I should move to a warm one? Seems many have left Canada for Mexico and elsewhere…

    Just so depressing as Canada used to be so great but the eastern vote ruined it for the rest of us with their ballot choices. Mulroney was bad too and so was Harper as he brought in back door immigration with so called temp workers….


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