Trudeau “Blocking China Inquiry” Says Opposition Party Leader

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“I’ve made my suggestions and I’m now waiting for him,” Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre told reporters.

“You almost wonder if Trudeau doesn’t want the truth to come out about Beijing’s interference in our democracy before the next election so that he can allow that interference to happen all over again.”

Canadians familiar with CAP media output can anticipate our reaction to Poilievre’s statement on a Liberal-China election connection.

We don’t “almost wonder”-– we believe it implicitly. We also believe that millions of Canadian voters would be in agreement, if not for media’s cover-up of a decades-long “partnership” between the Liberals and the government of China.

Has Canada progressed to the point that Chinese government can influence federal Canadian politics to the extent that they, rather than Canadian voters, are selecting which party will win, as well as the individual who becomes our prime minister?

It’s a major call, but in truth, not as out-of-sight as most would imagine.

Quite obviously, the slow and steady “China-creep” into Canada has by this point in time permeated our nation’s fundamental institutions. Government, academia, media, as well as immigration and multicultural policy.

Salient Question Time:

Why has it taken 50 years from conception– Pierre Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister– for the Liberal-China connection to reach the consciousness of Canadian society?

CAP will go first: because back-in-the-day, there was no internet. The advent of the world wide web, and “diversity” of expression that arrived with it, opened a door to a deeper understanding of the worldwide geo-political arena. All may not be based in fact– far from it. Still, the net result has been a broadening of perspectives on socio-political issues.

Unfortunately, diversity of opinion is not a popular concept within authoritarian societies like China. As a result, their government established the Great Internet Firewall, which at present functions as a propaganda vehicle for their government.

PM Justin Trudeau loves diversity of peoples[exclude Anglophones here], but loathes diversity of opinion. The doors of perception opened by the internet will not do for Canada’s neo-authoritarian leader.

“He didn’t introduce a foreign influence registry to identify those paid agents who work for foreign dictators to manipulate our politics,” Poilievre said. “It seems to me Trudeau is fine to allow the foreign influence to continue as long as it benefits him.” 

No wonder CBC and corporate media in Canada label Mr. Poilievre “far right.” Can you imagine? Speaking the truth on the Trudeau-Quebec-Liberal-China cabal?

It’s nothing less than an open invitation for media to label the CPC leader a racist, bigot and/or white supremacist. These are the tactics PM Trudeau’s paid-off media puppets are using to slander the Conservative Party leader.

“Trudeau has yet to commit fully to a public inquiry, although in June Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic Leblanc said that he hasn’t ruled out appointing another special rapporteur to replace former governor general David Johnstone.”

Cultural Action Party hasn’t ruled out the idea that obfuscation tactics utilized by the Liberals are drawn from classic tenets of communism. Rule # 8: draw out the time-line of the controversy until the “sting” has fully diminished.

“Good family friend” David Johnson wasn’t selected to resolve the China interference scandal. Rather, the purpose of his appointment was to draw out the time-line for, let’s say, a four-month period.

After which Trudeau’s backroom schemers would find as excuse to delay the inquiry for two additional months. By the time the Feds find their China-man,—if they ever do— all the juice will have been sucked out of the controversy.

“According to the sources, the Chinese government oversaw a campaign to undermine the chances of a Conservative victory in the 2021 election.”

True, or not true: within a healthy western democracy, a scandal of this nature would likely bring down the government. Failing that, it would shake the foundation of an authentic democratic nation to the core.

In Trudeau-land, it will likely function as a blip on the political radar. This is what can happen when a half-century of pre-meditated political collusion exists away from the knowledge of general society.

This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Are we to transition to nothing less than a pilot-project for the communist government of China? If so, who is ultimately responsible?

Looks as if Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has drawn his conclusion.

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