Trudeau Blames Pipeline Woes, Truck Convoy on Former PM Harper

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Trudeau said, “We share the frustration felt by many in Western Canada due to the lack of market access for our oil and gas. After TEN YEARS OF INACTION UNDER STEPHEN HARPER, 99 PER CENT of our oil exports are sold at a discount to the United States.


7 thoughts on “Trudeau Blames Pipeline Woes, Truck Convoy on Former PM Harper”

    • John, do you realize that you, me and all Canadians are Trudeau’s bosses. He is just an employee and so are his lousy mps.
      Unfortunately, many Canadians would rather be insulted, ignored, blamed and lied too by their employees, Justin and the liberals mps. rather than hold him to account for the mess Justin is leaving them with.

  1. John, just remember, you and Canadians are Justin and his mps bosses. He is your employee. He answers to you. Unfortunately, too many Canadians would rather be ordered around , insulted and be blamed for their employee’s disaster.

  2. Trudeau will blame anything on Harper, when Harper left, those folks were all working at th oil Patch, the Dickead justin go be the head Honcho and fucked up everything, so just tell me how the hell is Harper at fault for that.


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