Trudeau Authorizes Convicted Sexual Predators To Remain At Home

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According to a recent article published by the National Post, “Canada is now a country where someone can rape a woman and serve out his sentence in relative comfort at home.”

This disturbing trend results from legislative changes introduced by Canada’s Liberal government last year.  PM Justin Trudeau’s move away from mandatory minimum sentencing via Bill C-5 received royal assent in November, 2022.

CAP attempt to understand the decision in proper context. Within a general framework of minimum sentencing augmentation, Federal Justice Minister David Lametti “forgot” to exclude rapists and other sexual predators.

“The shockingly light sentence is just one in a trend of sexual assault cases across Canada ending with no prison time for offenders.”

In October, 2022, a Canadian man “convicted of molesting two young girls — just seven and 10 years old — received a conditional sentence that he will serve at home.”

Upon which CAP try to wrap our head around the state of criminal law in Canada. We doubt that other observant political followers have failed to notice a disturbing trend:

Our Liberal government are so very forgiving of sexual predators and Middle Eastern terrorists. At present, the Liberals are working to hustle ISIS terrorist “Jihadi” Jack Letts in our country. Last year, a member of the Toronto 18 Islamic terror cell became a certified Canadian lawyer. In 2017, convicted terrorist-murderer Omar Khadr was awarded $10.5 million dollars from the Liberal government.

In a legal case from 2017, Syrian migrant Ibrahim Ali was charged with the murder of 13-year old Marrisa Shen of Burnaby, B.C. Six years later, the case still hasn’t gone to trial.

Back in 2016, in coordination with Liberal government Pride Month, PM Trudeau informed a homosexual news agency that his government would  lower the age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16 years of age.

Degree of media consternation regarding the whole she-bang? Next to nothing. Pray-tell, has Justin Trudeau created a terrorist/pervert friendly society out of his “post-modern” Canada?

It certainly appears this way. Why would he do so? And what of the stark contrast with the Liberal’s assault on innocent Canadian gun owners. 99% of them have committed no crime, yet fall victim to Trudeau’s punitive measures against members of his nemesis community.

Isn’t it all butts-backwards? Of course it is– under the iron-clad grip of Mr. Trudeau, government can deal in political, social and legal hypocrisy until the cows come home, and no negative fallout doth transpire.

As published by the National Post, Bill C-5 was “advertised as a bill to remove mandatory minimums for many drug and firearm offences, which contributed to the disproportionate imprisonment of Black and Indigenous people.”

“Bill C-5 contained another dangerous clause that largely flew under the radar: it allows judges to issue community sentences for those convicted of sexual assault or kidnapping.”

What really went down here? How about the following: in the name of so-called “anti-racism,” Trudeau’s Liberals snuck through a bill to permit convicted rapists to spend their days at home watching Rambo movies.

And what of those who gave consent to this piece of political disgrace? Obviously, King(or Queen) of Feminism, Justin Trudeau did so. To achieve royal assent, Governor General feminist Mary Simon had to give the go-ahead The chances that LGBT pusher feminist Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, voted “nay” is minimal.

“While Conservative Quebec Sen. Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu — whose own daughter was kidnapped, raped and murdered — attempted to push back on the clause, the government refused his amendment.”

Well, he’s a Conservative. Who cares what we he has to say? Does this entire scenario not reek of the vile form of “progressivism” Justin Trudeau pretends to adhere to?

Like most other forms of political hypocrisy, Cultural Action Party bet the nitrogen-saturated farm that forces outside Canada lare pulling the strings. It’s always this way in Trudeau-land. United Nations, World Economic Forum, geo-political Islam, China–one or all of these is bound to be found at the root of the matter.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:  Justin Trudeau, champion of international rights for women and girls, has not a care if convicted sexual predators spend not a microsecond in jail.

CAP isn’t sure what constitutes a bigger crime. The reality of this situation, or the fact that media say nothing while Justin Trudeau continues his program of social degeneration toward Canadian society.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Authorizes Convicted Sexual Predators To Remain At Home”

  1. It is so bad now a days in town that I am scared to walk the streets alone when I go to town because of all the “predators” out there.
    I feel like I need a body guard with me at all times!
    I am only in gr. 11, and I have been even more worried to go to town because of how out to lunch the cities are with all the freaks.
    That is not right at all.


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