Trudeau Approves Official Policy Of Prejudice Against Anglophone Canadians

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Kathy Hogarth, Professor of Social Work at University of Waterloo, says an approach based in critical race theory is crucial in order “for things to be different moving forward.”

The woke professor, ubiquitous within Canadian academia, issues a nebulous statement regarding anti-Anglophone Critical Race Theory within academic institutions in Canada.

It really does look like things will “be different moving forward.” In an act of vengeance against an identifiable Canadian community, so-called “educators” are pushing for a form of social inversion.

The concept is basic in conception. To pay for the “crimes of Canadian history,”  professors want Anglophone-Canadians to move to the back of the woke Canadian bus. The fact that those who created so-called systemic racism are no longer among the living makes not a spot of difference.

For woke professor cult members, present-day Anglophones will suffice. “We will inflict the greatest of pain upon the descendents of the founders of our nation. Innocent of charges, the distinction between historical and contemporary citizens will be blurred.”

Thus rationalizing the branding of Canadians of European heritage as bigots and racists. A quick glance at the government of Canada’s recent anti-racism materials informs us that PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Cabinet feel the same:

“While assumptions and stereotypes about white people do exist, this is considered racial prejudice– not racism.”

A presumptuous pile of tosh it is. Consider the propaganda at hand. With no basis in reality, the Trudeau government white-wash the contentious issue of racism within our society.

What right does Mr. Trudeau and his globalist gang of woke practitioners have to make such a claim? CAP want to understand this properly.

IMAM Ayman Elkasrawy: “I wish to apologize unreservedly for misspeaking during prayers last Ramadan…I sincerely regret the offence that my words must have caused.”

“Elkasrawy was suspended from his Mosque and fired from Ryerson University, where he worked as a teaching assistant. Toronto police opened a hate crime investigation and condemnations rained down.”

Despite the blatant apologetics of the Toronto Star toward IMAM Elkasrawy in the original September, 2017 article, the “religious leader” was suspended from his mosque, and fired from Ryerson University. Toronto police opened a hate crime investigation as condemnation rained down. The fundamentalist preacher was never convicted.

Do tell, fellow patriots? Is this not an act of racism toward an identifiable community, as defined by the Canadian criminal code?

According to Mr. Trudeau, it doesn’t make the cut. Pourquoi? Because racism is a one-way street. According to Liberal government logic, it is impossible for racism to be perpetrated by non-Christian religious communities toward whites, Jews or Christians.

“This new focus in Ottawa’s training material has made headlines and drawn criticism that the material only deals with a political agenda.”

“Myth #1 Reverse racism exists, BIPOC can be racists towards white people. Some critics took issue with the point that it implies if you aren’t White, then you can’t be racist.”

We turn to persecution of Christian communities in the Middle East.

“Although Christians have lived in the Middle East – the birthplace of Christianity – for nearly two thousand years, as a result of years of persecution and discrimination, especially in the past 15 years, they now constitute no more than 3-4% of the region’s population, down from 20% a century ago.”

Do tell, Justin Trudeau— does this not constitute bigotry and racism? “Go ask your mother,” being the anticipated response. It’s all so absurd, but what else should we expect from a federal government which rules our country by way of woke globalist ideology?

We return to our Liberal government’s “Anti-Racism” program:

“Racial prejudice refers to a set of discriminatory or derogatory attitudes based on assumptions derived from perceptions about race and/or skin colour, but is not considered racism[when applied to whites] because of the systemic relationship to power.”

What a croc this is. CAP set the record straight: racism can be perpetrated by any human being or group, regardless of identity, toward another human being or group.

To attempt to propagandize our society into an exclusive “white against non-white” must be called out for what it is:

An insult to Canada’s Anglophone communities. The railroading of these people into a vilified community of bigots and racists. Not that this is breaking news. From day one in office, our Liberal government has been working the prejudice against Anglophone ticket.

It’s an exclusive- Canadians of European heritage are the singular community sanctioned for designation as hateful citizens within society. Trudeau’s coveted 3rd World voter community are protected right down the line.

After which Canada’s Multicultural industry whine and complain about so-called “white supremacy.” 

“When backed with power, prejudice results in acts of discrimination and oppression against groups or individuals. In Canada, white people hold this power due to Eurocentric modes of thinking rooted in Colonialism.”

Witness as Justin Trudeau and his anti-Anglophone Liberals strip the dignity from Canada’s Anglo-European communities. In no manner does he apply the same to contemporary or historical French-Canadians. He’s one of them, therefore they remain exempt.

Such is the state of our country under the pseudo-dictatorship of PM Justin Trudeau.

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  1. “While assumptions and stereotypes about white people do exist, this is considered racial prejudice– not racism.”

    Here’s the “logic” of the latter half of the sentence: “While assumptions and stereotypes about white people do exist, this is considered [feces]– not [poop.]” Racial prejudice against Whites is not racism–In Turdo’s delusional Clown World.


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