Trudeau APPROVES CHINA For Security Contract In 170 Canadian Embassies Worldwide

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“The government of Canada has awarded an estimated $6.8 million contract to a state-owned Chinese company to supply security equipment for 170 embassies, consulates and high commissions around the globe.”

Conservative Canadian political writer Spencer Fernando speaks to the development:

“Not only are we putting our own security at serious risk – as the contract includes significant pieces of Chinese technology pieces of Chinese technology sitting in every Canadian embassy,” – we are also enriching a ruthless Communist State that is committing genocide within their own country, and holding Canadians hostage.”

What Should Occur: This outrageous betrayal of Canadian security practices should outrage every red-blooded Canadian citizen. It’s a decision by the Trudeau government to empower China not only within Canada, but on a world-wide basis. Canada has 170 foreign embassies around the world.

What Will Occur: Nothing at all– except for the government of China moving forward with their geo-political agenda in Canada courtesy of PM Justin Trudeau. This fellow will not be removed from office for this treasonous act. The whole thing will blow over, Trudeau will win, China will win, and Canadian sovereignty will be compromised in the process.

It’s the same pattern as seen with SNC-Lavalin, Admiral Mark Norman, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Aga Khan, WE Charity, Truckers Convoy, and the rest. As in, zero negative repercussions for the King of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

What does this say to common-sense Canadians? For CAP, the answer is obvious:

From Canada to Canadastan– courtesy of the man placed on a national throne by the United Nations, China, Saudi Arabia, Punjab, in addition to the World Economic Forum and billionaire George Soros’ media/banking empire.

These are the entities that the current PM of Canada works for. In order to believe otherwise, continue to listen to CBC, watch Global News,  and read The Globe & Mail and Toronto Star– roughly in that order.

26 thoughts on “Trudeau APPROVES CHINA For Security Contract In 170 Canadian Embassies Worldwide”

  1. This is on top of giving the Communist Chinese government the right to install a standing army in Canada, without the knowledge or consent of the People and municipalities.

    An invasion by the communists without firing a bullet. Let us not forget that the UN and China are welded at the bellybuttons.

  2. You couldn’t pay the Chinese government enough money to convince them to allow another foreign country to install security equipment in any secure facility, embassy or not. If it is true that Trudeau approves of this, it simply proves he is still wearing political diapers, because the decision is down right foolish and proves of his complete lack of wisdom…

  3. Does this mean that there are MORE canadian zzzzzzombies, than American ones?? Holey shyte .. . And I’m STILL stuck up here, cheeses.. .

  4. If this article is legitimate, every single Member of Parliament, Senator, Premier and Canadian citizen should demand Justin Trudeau’s resignation. This is a pure act of treason!

    Darrell Johnson
    Chilliwack, BC

  5. This could be one of the reasons he wants to confiscate all firearms. The Government and people of Ukraine fight for and believe in their country. Our Liberal / NDP Government doesn’t.

    Forward this article to your local MP and MLA. The Liberals and NDP hate Canada, free speech, and democracy. Print it out and mail it to their offices, both local and in Ottawa. Free. Demand a written response.

  6. Trudeau continues to sell us out!
    The big question is… How much money has Trudeau put in his Bank accounts… How much money has the Chinese paid him to sell us out?
    Trudeau is a seriously sketchy individual. We need him gone!

  7. Trudeau is an exceptionally greedy and selfish individual! He wants to be very powerful and wealthy. He has no interest in working for Canadians.
    We need him gone


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