Trudeau APPROVES $14 Billion Saudi Arms Deal, EXEMPTS From Carbon Tax

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While an unprecedented  crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic decimates  the Canadian economy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has lifted a moratorium against new arms exports to Saudi Arabia.
Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne quietly made the announcement to resume the approval of export permits.  Mr. Champagne said an internal review of arms exports to Saudi Arabia had concluded there was “no substantial risk” that current exports of military goods would be used by the Saudis to commit  violations of human rights.
Watch and witness as the uber- human rights activists– the Trudeau government of Canada, place trust in the  Saudi Arabian government. Is this a singular, one-time “benefit of the doubt” for the Saudis by way of PM Trudeau?
Of course not–in fact, many a political pundit has stated that because the Trudeau family(grandfather’s original oil Investments) personally benefit from Saudi Oil importations, Mr. Justin “takes it easy” on the theocratic Islamic government of their nation.
 Check out what the Toronto Sun has to say about Justin Trudeau giving Saudi Arabian oil a “pass” on his draconian Carbon Taxation policy:

“If you’re serious about standing up to Riyadh(Saudi Arabia), how come you are stilling giving their oil a free pass? How come you have exempted it from your upcoming carbon tax and are not subjecting Saudi oil to the same environmental regulations you have imposed on Western Canadian oil?”

“It couldn’t be because most Saudi oil is destined for Quebec?”

“You’re[Trudeau] supposed to be in a battle with the Saudis, yet an objective outside observer might think you’re at war with Alberta instead.”

Ah, yes– the Trudeau-Liberal-Quebec- Saudi Arabian oil connection in all its glory. Remember the in-depth CTV News report on this little-known piece of Canadian foreign policy?

No worries–CAP missed it too–because it never existed in the first place. See how Canadian establishment media, like Justin Trudeau–work on behalf of the despotic, human-rights violating Saudi government?  Just think what would occur if 90% of Canadians understood this rather than 10% of our population.

So PM Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist Cabinet do not believe Saudi Arabia to be a threat, nor do they believe Covid-19 spreading China is a threat.

Great judge of character, eh? But you know who is a threat by way of the post-modern totalitarian-pandering Liberal government? The United States of America.

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Come on, fellow Canadian patriots–is this NOT a perfect example of a traitorous Canadian federal government? Does this situation not spell out in tangible terms exactly which nations–as well as what form of governance –– Justin Trudeau is personally dedicated to?

Of course it does–the precise reason why CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, Montreal Gazette and the blind, naive Chronicle Herald of Halifax, N.S.  never expose these facts in lucid terms.

So whose side are media on? When establishment media work for a ruling government rather than deliver essential news material, it is a sign of pseudo-communism “at play.”

This, folks, is the real and trueLiberal Government of Canada. Keep all this in perpetual forward motion — totalitarian government pandering, media obfuscation— and this will be the long-term outcome:

The Liberal Party of Canada successfully trans-itions the dying “Great White North” from democracy to dictatorship.

Justin Trudeau, MP Francois Phillipe-Champagne, powerhouse 3rd World-devoted MP Ahmed Hussen and Health Minister Patty Hadju will BURY Canadian democracy in the political sands-of-time.

All that our citizenship  has to do make this occur? Exactly what they are doing now–not speaking up or protesting for fear of being labelled…your guessed it– racist Canadians.


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