Trudeau-Approved National Anthem Change To Maximize National Guilt

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s “not opposed to the idea of changing the lyrics of Canada’s national anthem, but said rewrites will only come after consultation with Canadians.”

Of course he’s not opposed, considering the ramifications of the proposed lyrical transition. The outcome being a permanent black mark on Canadian identity design to maximize national guilt regarding the colonial founding of our nation. Our PM loves this kind of thing– “progressive” politician that he is.

“Calls are growing to change the words “home and native land” to “home on native land” after singer Jully Black sang the latter while performing O Canada at the 2023 NBA all-star game. The Assembly of First Nations honoured Black in response to the lyrical tweak.”

Now there’s a loaded deck if CAP’s ever seen one. Beyond the perma-guilt element, there’s the coming together of Black and First Nations communities.

Justin Trudeau must be in seventh heaven. His love of running down Canada is legendary. Any opportunity to whittle away at our national identity, and Trudeau will come running with rainbow-coloured shoes on— tedious purveyor of woke politics that he is.

Our PM’s approach to politics is more communist agitator than national leader. Thankfully, general society is less-than-thrilled with a lyrical change designed to maximize national guilt:

“A new poll suggests only a third of Canadians support a proposal from Mississauga, Ont., to ask the federal government to change the lyrics of the national anthem.”

The proposal came from Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie, another in a collection of woke globalist commandos. You know the type– they’re the only form of politician permitted to attain political office in “post-modern” Canada.

Cultural Action Party has to wonder for how long Canadians will continue to be pushed around by leftist trouble-makers. Have we not had our fill of denigration toward our country as advanced by politicians like Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Bonnie Crombie and the rest of the Canada-bashers?

“Juno-winning R&B singer Jully Black made the one-word change during a performance of the NBA All-Star Game in February, to acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who lived on the land before European settlers.”

A one-word change from a pop singer resulting in a permanent change in O Canada for the purpose of cultivating guilt among non-racialized Canadians.

You can’t get more “woke” than that–or can you? We anticipate a hypothetical outcome. Ten million Canadians hate the change, refusing to sing the augmented version.

Think it impossible that Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of Liberal-Communists oppose such an outcome?

CAP don’t, and here is why:

When a premeditated agenda exists to tear a western nation away from its democratic foundation, an “eating away” of tradition is an essential. Canada’s national anthem proposal, along with myriad attacks on national heritage, are weapons in an unspoken woke war upon society.

Rising out of the ashes of Justin Trudeau’ socialist-inspired “Woke Revolution” will be a brand new Canada. While we can’t predict an exact outcome, there is one area in which CAP believe to be an inevitability:

In jocular terms, we call it “the running of the Anglophone.”  

We tune-in to implications resulting from Trudeau’s woke war on society. A primary goal remains unspoken: a transition of Canadians of European origin to second-class citizenship status.

Reading between the lines of the national anthem change, we discover the actual agenda at hand. Incrementally, step-by-step, our Liberal government is in the process of denigrating, and ultimately disempowering, Anglo-Canadians communities.

While mainstream media scream “Islamophobia,Chinese Head Tax and Komagato Maru, the true assault remains covert. Railroading whitey into a demonized community, government and media are facilitating Canada’s transition toward an anti-Anglophone society.

Vengeance is the name of the game. Meaning that in truth, Canada is at war. Aligning the troops to malign Anglophone communities, the bashing of Old Stock Canada continues to roll.

While one-third of those polled may want the anthem change, astute Canadians should keep one point in mind. Canada is today a false democracy. If Justin Trudeau wants the change in lyrical content, he can get it done. Dictatorships are like that.

Either way, our destiny appears carved-in-stone. The momentum of the woke globalist agenda is vast, while opposition remains sporadic at best.

Designed decades in advance, as first established by communist-leaning Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. Some 50-years later, so-called son Justin Trudeau is brought in to hammer the final nails into the coffin of Canadian democracy.

6 thoughts on “Trudeau-Approved National Anthem Change To Maximize National Guilt”

  1. Notice that he delivered a prerecorded message from the safety of his own “office” on Canada Day? Like we were a bunch of schoolchildren? He’s never changed his attitude towards those that take issue with his ways.

  2. What a pantload. Prior to rugged; industrious Euro settlers arriving; this country was an empty wasteland. The “First Nations” were basically squatters. How many were there? A few smallish; widely scattered warring tribes. A solved equation: 200,000 “Indigenous”/3.8 million sq. miles = 0.05 “Indigenous”/Sq. mile. So sick of all the endless; bogus propaganda. BTW–Message to the execrable Bonnie Crombie: The wokest of the Woke position has already been filled. Find some other way to virtue signal.

    Google: “An estimated 200,000 First Nations people (Indians) and Inuit were living in what is now Canada when Europeans began to settle there in the 16th century.” A miniscule number; living in the untamed bush; certainly not worthy of being called “nations.” Then again; in Trudopia–Words are quite elastic; taking on new meanings to suit the narrative. Therefore; a nation can now be any smallish group of nomadic people living in portable animal hides. They had no nation then, and do not constitute a nation today. That’s just the way the ball rolls.

  3. Did he get authorization from the songwriter to change the lyrics? Is the anthem not copyrighted? It will be sung the way it was written you disgusting twerp.


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