Trudeau Selects MP Arif Virani To Censor The Canadian Internet

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Arif Virani  is a Canadian lawyer and politician who has served as the minister of justice and attorney general of Canada since July 2023.

“Prior to his appointment as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, he held a number of parliamentary secretary portfolios, including to the Minister of Immigration from 2015 to 2017, and to the Minister of Canadian Heritage (Multiculturalism) from 2017 to 2018.”

A model of perfection the man is. Liberal MP Arif Virani is everything Canada’s woke globalist contingent can ever hope for, or for that matter, pray for.

“Justice Minister Arif Virani Says Online Harms Bill ‘An Absolute Priority’”

“Virani’s roots are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat[India], though he was born in [Uganda]. Virani is an Ismaili Muslim who originally came to Canada as a refugee.”

Thanks to PM Justin Trudeau, Virani is the most powerful legal figure in our country. Now, the PM adds an additional portfolio: “Chief Officer Of Internet Censorship.”

It’s hard to believe that even with a Pierre Poilievre-Conservative Party victory, enough time could exist to revise the Liberal government’s transition of society to a  pseudo-authoritarian state.

This time out, Trudeau is leveraging the trouble in the Middle East to clamp Canadians mouths shut on the internet. Here’s what Virani has to say regarding the Liberal’s systemic erosion of freedom of speech:

“My hope is that it’s tabled soon, because I’m hearing that from stakeholders and I’m hearing that from concerned Canadians,” he said.

Who are the stakeholders?

Jewish and Muslim organizations have said it is crucial the Liberals get it right when it comes to defining what constitutes online harm. Prominent Jewish groups have argued such a law is needed to force social-media giants to remove anti-semitic comments.”

So for the sins of the Middle East and their impact on diaspora communities in Canada, the Feds are going to scrub the internet clean of so-called “hate speech.”

“The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and the National Council of Canadian Muslims both said they have been talking with the government about the bill.”

No doubt they have. Currently, the Jewish population of Canada stands at approximately 350,000 individuals. Muslim-Canadians, our country’s fastest-growing “minority” community, come in at around 1.3 million citizens.

Doing the math, it tells us that the two communities comprise approximately 3.7% of the Canadian demographic. How “post-modern” it is.

Well, in fact, it’s not as post-modern as most would believe. CBC won’t tell you, but the roots of minority control over the majority is found in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms[1982].

Founded during former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau prime ministerial run, the Charter has profoundly transformed Canadian society. Eroding of the power of majority rule– a democratic fundamental– political power transitioned away from Parliament, and toward lawyers, judges and the legal industry in general.

Pierre Trudeau, communist-infatuated lawyer, pushed this onto Canadian Premiers with the inclusion of Section 33, known as the “Notwithstanding” clause. Without it, the Premiers may not have agreed to an entrenchment of Charter rights into our constitution.

We stand witness as Canadian society shifts on its axis. Will of the majority, fundamental to Canadian democracy previous to Charter invocation, became all but null-and-void.

This is how our nation arrived at a status whereby slivers of society– for example, transgendered citizens(less than 1% of our population), became empowered to a degree that they could push around the majority.

Now, if all goes well for the liberal left, the process will repeat, as those who value the democratic staple of freedom of speech will be on the receiving end of draconian censorship legislation.

Justin Trudeau:

“There is such hurt, there is such grief, there is such anger across the country because of what’s going on in the Middle East, that people are forgetting a little bit that we’re a country that protects the freedom of expression, that protects liberty of conscience, that respects and supports people even when we disagree with them,” he said.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn pathetic. In the name of a country that “protects freedom of speech,” Justin Trudeau is working to erode freedom of speech.

Hypocrisy being intrinsic to Trudeau’s neo-socialist woke revolution in Canada. What could follow this piece d’ resistance may be speculation, but under the circumstances, thinking Canadians should not count it out.

Any patriots up for censorship of public criticism of government? Who says Trudeau won’t take us there. That’s the way society rolls in China, Cuba and other authoritarian states.

Has our PM not expressed his admiration of said societies? Was founder of Multiculturalism Pierre Trudeau not cut from the same cloth?

We shudder in anticipation of what will be coming down the censorship pipe should the Liberals remain in power.

“Speaking to reporters before the cabinet meeting Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the rise of antisemitism and Islamophobia in Canada and around the world is really scary.”

Sure thing, Justin. Far more scary is the Canada that PM Trudeau and the rest of the Liberal posse are unilaterally imposing on our country and its people.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Selects MP Arif Virani To Censor The Canadian Internet”

  1. justin trudeau said we are a post-national country, which made his “cabinet” write bills about censoring the internet in the hopes of protecting our “culture & identity”. how does that make any sense? what is our identity? is it the everything free for all except christianity?

    religious or not, an atheist or secular person will admit that the war against christianity in favor of promoting judaism and islam is kind of… backwards logic. the “communist” and/or “socialist” is supposed to be atheist, not pro islam or judaism.

    they lost their whole voting block, because the reds are alienated by the “left-liberals” and the “right-conservatives”, brad thinks this is cultural marxism (that doesn’t exist anywhere in socialist studies its a made up term by republicans in US)

    this isn’t socialism, except for the destruction of tradition.

    no socialist/communist is a fan of western liberals, i wonder when the christians and conservatives will figure this out. this is just neo-liberalism hell bent on “social justice”

  2. ‘Any patriots up for censorship of public criticism of government? Who says Trudeau won’t take us there.’

    Hmmmm. Trucker convoy rings a bell here. Hasn’t Justin already taken us there? Trucker convoy publicly criticised the government, and the government hit them back with frozen bank accounts and the war measures act.


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