Trudeau Appoints Islamic Fundamentalist MP As His Parliamentary Secretary

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s love-affair with the Nation of Islam takes on many different forms. From importing ISIS terrorists to Canada, over to tens of millions gifted to Islamic non-profits. From billions of dollars sent to despotic Middle Eastern governments, to entrenching an Islamic ethos within he Canadian federal government, Trudeau is all-over-it.

Yet few relationships within the Trudeau government are as sketchy as Justin’s relationship with MP Omar Alghabra. For some reason, our PM just seems to love this guy. 

Interesting thing is, few Canadians share this infatuation. MP Omar Alhagbra is arguably the person next to Trudeau most responsible for the Nation of Islam’s giant surge in political power since seizing control of society in 2015.

Did you know? It was this half-Canadian citizen(the other half is Saudi Arabian) who arranged a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques in 2014 on behalf of boss-man.

The result was a political power-grab of magnanimous proportions–which CBC and the rest buried with aplomb. In other words, it is arguable that MP Alghabra is the person most responsible for Islam’s giant surge within Canadian society.

How did Justin Trudeau pay him back? By giving him the Deputy Foreign Affairs file. This meant that Alghabra was in charge of every foreign embassy in the world. Imagine a what a religious fundamentalist of this ilk can accomplish by holding this position?

That’s some serious power placed in the hands of the man who allegedly shouted out “it’s a win for Islam” upon Trudeau’s election victory in 2015.

Of course, Alghabra is absolutely correct— as witnessed by his community’s power-play subsequent to Justin’s seizure of Canadian society.

Now, it turns out the religious supremacist is the right-hand man of the Prime Minister of Canada. Favouritism much? Of course it is–Justin Trudeau top priority has nothing to do with improving or optimizing Canadian society. Rather, the Nation of Islam, United Nations, Saudi Arabia and Sikh Nationalism trump any aspect of domestic concern.

Trudeau family members are always like this. China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan–these are the top government priorities within Justin’s “No Core Identity” Canada.

As it happens, one particular rumour(media eschews it) which has dogged MP Alghabra is that he is an alleged ex-member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Alghabra commended Trudeau’s vision to engage with Iran and told Al Jazeera: “On the issue of Iran, Trudeau has clearly stated that he is for engagement.” Alghabra also credited Trudeau with having values “in sync” with his own.

In 2013, Alghabra criticized the Harper government’s decision to cancel relief money sent to Syria via Human Concern International (HCI), which has offices in Beirut, Somalia and Pakistan. HCI was also investigated by U.S. officials, and under the Jean Chretien government in 1997, funding was cut off from HCI, for what official documents called “the group’s terrorism connections.”

  • Alghabra served as President of the Canadian Arab Federation in 2004, a group that once issued a press release entitled Listing of terrorist organizations must be put in perspective which opposed the designation of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terrorist entities by the Government of Canada.
  • In 2014, a federal court upheld the government’s decision to end funding to the Canadian Arab Federation over its support for terrorist organizations. 74% of a CAF budget for training new immigrants was from taxpayers. 

What a wonderful fellow this Alghabra fellow is. His resume seems tailor-made for a position as the right-hand man to the prime minister of Canada, eh?

It’s all so insane. CBC and establishment media say nothing about any of this not a word. Therefore, they so obvious complicit in the entire affair.

CAP Opinion: We have followed the behaviour of this ethnocentric, myopic half-Canadian MP for years. For one thing, this miscreant keep wining over and over in his Mississauga ridingthree times in a row, for a total of 12 straight years in office. Other than MP Irqa Khalid and MP Ahmed Hussen, CAP will sate that this guy is one of most hated politicians in Canadian history.

It’s a win for Islam, indeed. All Mr. Omar cares about is the Nation of Islam. It’s his number one passion in life–nothing comes above his drive to entrench Islamic ideology within Canadian society.

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Upon the death of one of the worst jihad terrorists ever, Yasser Arafat,Alghabra’s CAF put out a press release mourning the terrorist’s death with ‘sorrow and regret.’

“Our concern then as community members was that the Anti-terrorism Act was the wrong response to the events of September 11, 2001. I’ll tell you why it’s wrong. It’s wrong because it trades fundamental Canadian values, such as the rule of law, respect for human dignity, and fairness, to gain a false sense of security. It’s wrong because it’s motivated and conceived out of fear.”

This is the man that the Prime Minister of Canada personally selected as his Personal Secretary. Just think of all the insider information Alghabra can glean from this position. The man is still a Saudi Citizen(it could be Syrian actually)– so what stops him from “reporting back” to the Syrian or Saudi government regarding the inner workings of the Canadian government.

How about…nothing at all. Talk about an ominous situation. Yet, this is the true Canada–as in, the Trudeau-Canada. It appears more than obvious that a pre-planned agenda has captured Canadian society by way of Justin Trudeau and his Middle Eastern MP cabal.

Expect more–much, more more— as King Justin continues to walk Canada down a path toward full-on Islamic power within the fading, former “Great White North.”



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